Maple Leafs vs Kings Prediction NHL Picks Free 10/31

Maple Leafs vs Kings Prediction NHL Picks Free 10/31

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Los Angeles Kings vs. Toronto Maple Leafs - NHL Preview


Get prepared for an exhilarating NHL clash as the Los Angeles Kings face off against the Toronto Maple Leafs. In this detailed preview, we'll analyze both teams' recent performances and make a compelling case for our final prediction.


Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings enter this game with a record of 4-2-2, positioning them third in the Pacific Division.


Offensively, the Kings have been potent, averaging 4.38 goals per game. Kevin Fiala has been their primary point contributor with 11 points, including 1 goal and 10 assists.


Defensively, the Kings have shown some vulnerability, conceding an average of 3.50 goals per game. This suggests that their games often feature high-scoring affairs.


Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs hold a record of 5-2-1, placing them second in the Atlantic Division.


Offensively, the Maple Leafs have been impressive, averaging 3.50 goals per game. William Nylander has been their leading scorer with 12 points, including 6 goals and 6 assists.


Defensively, the Maple Leafs have held their ground, allowing an average of 3.00 goals per game. Their defensive efforts have contributed to their solid record in the early part of the season.


Player Comparisons

Let's take a closer look at key player comparisons between the Los Angeles Kings and the Toronto Maple Leafs:

Player Points Goals Assists
Kevin Fiala (Kings) 11 1 10
William Nylander (Maple Leafs) 12 6 6

Both teams have notable point contributors, and the presence of players like Nylander and Fiala can spark offensive fireworks in this upcoming matchup.


Recent Performances

Before making our prediction, let's consider the recent performances of both teams.

Los Angeles Kings

The Kings have experienced a mix of results in their recent games. Their last five matches include an overtime loss to the Vegas Golden Knights, a thrilling 5-4 victory against the Arizona Coyotes, a high-scoring win against the Arizona Coyotes, a loss to the Boston Bruins, and a dominant victory against the Minnesota Wild. This suggests that the Kings have been part of exciting, high-scoring games recently.

Toronto Maple Leafs

On the other hand, the Toronto Maple Leafs have also had varied results in their last five games. They experienced an overtime loss to the Nashville Predators, a solid 4-1 win against the Dallas Stars, another win against the Washington Capitals, an overtime victory against the Tampa Bay Lightning, and a loss to the Florida Panthers. These results indicate that the Maple Leafs have been involved in games with different scoring dynamics.



When assessing this game, the offensive capabilities of both teams cannot be overlooked. With the Kings averaging 4.38 goals per game and the Maple Leafs scoring at a rate of 3.50 goals per game, there's a strong likelihood that we'll witness a high-scoring contest.

Additionally, the recent performances of both teams, featuring games with multiple goals, further support the prediction of a high-scoring encounter. The over of 6.5 goals appears to be a well-justified bet for fans and bettors looking for an exciting, goal-filled game.


As the Los Angeles Kings face the Toronto Maple Leafs, the stage is set for a potentially high-scoring affair. Both teams have shown offensive firepower, and their recent performances indicate a penchant for games with numerous goals. For fans and bettors, this game promises excitement and a thrilling betting opportunity with the over of 6.5 goals.

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