Giants vs Panthers Prediction NFL Preseason Picks 8/18

Giants vs Panthers Prediction NFL Preseason Picks 8/18

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New York Giants vs. Carolina Panthers Preseason Preview


Week Two Preseason Battle: Giants vs. Panthers

The NFL preseason marches on with an enticing matchup between the New York Giants and the Carolina Panthers. These two teams are slated to face each other in an electrifying week two preseason showdown on Friday evening.

As the preseason momentum builds, both the Giants and the Panthers are determined to showcase their improvements and evaluate their talent before the regular season commences.


Giants' Preseason Performance

The New York Giants faced a close loss in their opening preseason game against the Detroit Lions, with a final score of 16-21. Despite the outcome, quarterback T. DeVito displayed promise, completing 15 of 24 passes for 155 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception.

In addition, running back J. Corbin shined with 40 yards in just 3 carries, showcasing his explosive speed and agility. The Giants' offense aims to capitalize on these positive performances and build cohesiveness as they prepare to take on the Panthers.

Defensively, the Giants allowed 328 total yards in their first preseason game. The team is committed to tightening their defensive strategies to counter the Panthers' offensive plays effectively.


Panthers' Offensive Struggles

The Carolina Panthers had a challenging start to the preseason, facing a shutout against the New York Jets with a score of 0-27. The Panthers' offense struggled to find their rhythm, raising concerns about their ability to score effectively.

Quarterback M. Corral completed 15 of 22 passes for 126 yards and 1 interception in the first preseason game. The Panthers' running game was limited to just 52 rushing yards, and the receiving corps faced difficulty in making significant gains.

Given their lackluster offensive performance, the Panthers are under pressure to regroup and address their offensive strategies before facing the Giants.



Based on recent performances and expert analysis, the New York Giants are poised for victory and are likely to cover the -3 points spread against the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers' struggling offense, coupled with the Giants' potential to capitalize on both sides of the ball, positions the Giants for a favorable outcome. With ir without their best players the Giants are the better team overall so expect them to get a comfortable win.

Anticipate a game where the Giants' offensive and defensive efforts align to create a winning formula. The Panthers' offensive struggles offer the Giants an advantage, making them a strong contender to secure victory in this preseason matchup.


Pick: Giants -3


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