Princeton Tigers vs Creighton Bluejays Prediction, Sweet 16

Princeton Tigers vs Creighton Bluejays Prediction, Sweet 16

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Game Preview: Princeton vs Creighton - Men's College Basketball - March 24, 2023

The Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Tournament will feature an exciting match between the Creighton Bluejays and Princeton Tigers. Creighton holds a 23-12 record, while Princeton boasts a 23-8 record. The Bluejays are the clear favorites, with a -10 spread and 139 over/under. To make accurate predictions on this game, bettors will need to consult ncaab picks experts, ncaab picks computer, and ncaab picks em predictions. Considering that this is an important game, we can expect plenty of expert predictions and best ncaab bets today. Princeton vs Creighton promises to be an intense matchup, but ncaab experts picks today and ncaab picks with spread suggest that Creighton is more likely to emerge victorious. Still, anything can happen in basketball, and nba ncaab picks and parlays may have some surprises in store. So how does the Princeton Tigers stack up against Creighton? The Tigers have a 10-4 record in Ivy League play and are third in the league at limiting opponent scoring, allowing just 67.9 points per game. Meanwhile, the Bluejays have gone 14-6 against Big East teams and have limited opponents to 68.5 points per game. The two teams' top performers are Ryan Kalkbrenner and Trey Alexander for the Bluejays, and Tosan Evbuomwan and Ryan Langborg for the Tigers. The last 10 games reveal that the Bluejays averaging 78.8 points and shoot at 46%, while their opponents average 73.7 points per game. On the other hand, the Tigers average 74.8 points at 41.5% and hold opponents to just 68.7 points per game. Ultimately, it's anyone's game, and only ncaab predictions today can accurately predict the outcome. One thing for sure is Princeton vs Creighton will be a game to look forward to, and ncaab picks and parlay can take advantage of the exciting betting opportunities.


Princeton: Offensive Analysis

When it comes to offensive power, the Princeton Tigers have been inconsistent throughout the season. Their offensive production varies from game to game, making it hard to predict their performance against Creighton in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Tournament. However, the Tigers have shown sparks of brilliance in some of their games this season, and they will need to bring their A-game against a strong Creighton team. Princeton's offense relies heavily on their starting guard Tosan Evbuomwan, who leads the team in scoring with an average of 14.8 points per game. He also contributes significantly to the team's rebounding and assists. His ability to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates will be crucial if the Tigers want to win against the Bluejays. Another key player to keep an eye on is Ryan Langborg, who is the team's second-leading scorer with an average of 11.9 points per game. Langborg is a sharpshooter from beyond the arc, and he can easily change the game's momentum with his three-point shooting. His ability to stretch the defense and create scoring opportunities for his teammates will be critical, particularly if the Tigers find themselves trailing in the game. Moreover, the Tigers need to improve their overall shooting, particularly from outside the arc, where they are shooting at a mediocre 34% this season, which ranks 176th nationally. Princeton's inconsistent 3-point shooting could hurt them against a stout Creighton defense that is limiting opponents to only 32.8% from beyond the arc. To sum up, Princeton's offense will need to bring their best game to have a chance against a strong Creighton team. They need consistency in their shooting and scoring production to put pressure on the Bluejays defense. The Tigers also need to rely on their star players and look for opportunities to score from beyond the arc. Nonetheless, it's hard to predict their offensive performance against a team like Creighton. NCAAB picks experts, NCAAB picks computer, and NCAAB picks EM predictions have a tough task ahead of them to predict this game.

Princeton: Defensive Analysis

Princeton Tigers are known for their elite defensive skills, and this is going to be a crucial factor in the game against the Creighton Bluejays. The Tigers have allowed only 67.9 points per game, which ranks them third in their conference, the Ivy League. They have held their opponents to 42.1% shooting, which is a testament to their defensive prowess. The key to Princeton's defensive success has been their ability to get stops when it matters the most. In the last 10 games, they have averaged 4.6 steals and 3.7 blocks per game, which showcases their ability to disrupt the opposition's offense. Their efficiency in protecting the rim can be attributed to the towering presence of Tosan Evbuomwan, who is averaging 1.2 blocks per game. Moreover, the Tigers have gone 8-2 in their last 10 games, which is a testament to their consistency on the defensive end. They have held their opponents to an average of 68.7 points per game, which is remarkable, given their average points allowed per game. In contrast, the Creighton Bluejays have had a mixed bag on the defensive end, allowing an average of 68.5 points per game. The Tigers should exploit this defensive weakness of the opposition and look to pick up easy baskets. The Bluejays have allowed their opposition to shoot at 42.2%, which will further boost Princeton's chances of scoring efficiently. In conclusion, Princeton's defensive skills will play a pivotal role in the game against the Creighton Bluejays. They are well-versed in getting stops when it matters the most, and their consistency on the defensive end is a cause for concern for their opposition. It will be interesting to see how the Bluejays try to overcome Princeton's defensive prowess. However, based on the stats and the form, Princeton is most likely to come out on top in this game.


Creighton: Offense Analysis

Looking at Creighton's offense, it's hard to imagine them not dominating the upcoming game against Princeton. The Bluejays have been consistently putting up solid numbers all season, and the matchup against Princeton seems to favor them. Creighton has an exceptional perimeter game, and they've been connecting on three-pointers at an impressive 38.4% rate this season. If they continue to shoot well from beyond the arc, it will be challenging for Princeton to keep pace. Ryan Kalkbrenner has been a force in the paint for Creighton. He's averaging 15.7 points and shooting an incredible 70.6% from the field. His size and aggressiveness on the boards will make it tough for Princeton to limit the Bluejays' second-chance opportunities. Overall, the statistics suggest that Creighton is the much stronger offensive team. However, they'll need to execute well and avoid making careless mistakes, as Princeton has shown they can take advantage of opponents' lapses in focus. It's no surprise that ncaab picks experts are likely predicting a Creighton win in this game. The ncaab picks computer models also give them an edge, and ncaab picks em predictions seem to be in favor of the Bluejays as well. Their consistent performance this season makes them a solid pick for ncaab today experts. The Creighton offense should have no problems covering the Creighton -10 spread, and ncaab picks and parlay enthusiasts may want to consider taking Creighton straight up as part of a multi-game parlay. All things considered, Creighton seems to be one of the best ncaab picks with spread for this round of the tournament. In conclusion, Creighton's offense has been excellent all season, and they will likely continue to dominate in the upcoming game against Princeton. Their balanced attack and exceptional perimeter game give them an edge over their opponents. Expect the Bluejays to put up plenty of points and secure a comfortable win in this game.

Creighton: Defensive Analysis

Creighton Bluejays have been consistent with their defense throughout the season, and this will be their key strength against the Princeton Tigers. The Bluejays have limited their opponents to an average of 68.5 points per game, ranking fifth in the Big East. They have defended well against their conference opponents, and their non-conference record of 9-6 demonstrates their defensive prowess. In the last 10 games, the Bluejays have averaged 73.7 points per game, with their opponents struggling to match up, averaging only 78.8 points. Creighton's defense has been effective in limiting their opponents' ability to score, which will be crucial against the Princeton Tigers. Princeton Tigers have a strong offense, averaging 74.8 points per game in their last 10 games. However, Creighton's defense has proven its ability to hold its opponents to a low field goal percentage of 42.2%. This could be a considerable challenge for the Tigers, and they will need to execute efficiently to match up against Creighton's defense. Tosan Evbuomwan is the key player leading Princeton's offense with 14.8 points on average, 6.3 rebounds, and 4.7 assists per game. However, the Bluejay's defense has a range of players capable of effectively marking and shutting down the Tigers offense. Overall, with their strong defensive record, the Creighton Bluejays will be a challenging opponent for Princeton Tigers. The key to victory for the Bluejays will be their ability to limit the points against the Tigers, and their proven ability to do this throughout the season makes them the strong favorite in this match up. NCAAB picks experts and computer predictions also indicate that the Creighton Bluejays defense will be the deciding factor in this game. NCAAB experts' picks today and the best NCAAB bets today favor the Bluejays, and NCAAB picks with spread and NCAAB predictions today also support this prediction.


Injury Report

Both the Princeton Tigers and the Creighton Bluejays come into this sweet 16 matchup with relatively clean injury reports. The Tigers' junior guard Ethan Wright missed a couple of games in the regular season with a lower-body injury, but he returned for the Ivy League tournament and has played in all of their NCAA Tournament games thus far. Similarly, the Bluejays have been fortunate to avoid any serious injuries this season. Junior forward Christian Bishop missed a game in February due to an ankle injury, but he has played in every game since then and has been an important contributor for Creighton's success this season. Overall, fans and bettors alike can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that both teams will be at full strength for what should be an exciting matchup. As always, it's important to stay up-to-date on any last-minute changes, but for now it looks like both squads will be healthy and ready to go come game time.


Betting Trends

When it comes to analyzing the betting trends for the Princeton Tigers and Creighton Bluejays matchup, several factors come into play. Here's a breakdown of some key trends to consider before placing your NCAAB bets: 

- NCAAB Picks Experts: According to various NCAAB picks experts, the Creighton Bluejays are favored to win against the Princeton Tigers. However, several experts also believe that Princeton has a good chance of covering the +10 point spread.

- NCAAB Picks Computer: The latest NCAAB picks computer projections favor the Creighton Bluejays to win but only by a margin of 7.6 points, which is lower than the current spread of 10.

- NCAAB Picks EM Predictions: The NCAAB picks EM predictions give the Creighton Bluejays a 75.2% chance of winning this game. - NCAAB Today Experts: NCAAB today experts are divided in their opinions on this game, with some leaning towards the Creighton Bluejays and others favoring the Princeton Tigers.

- NCAAB Picks and Parlay: When it comes to NCAAB picks and parlay bets, many bettors are choosing to include the Creighton Bluejays in their parlays, as they have been performing well recently.

- NCAAB Experts Picks Today: Some NCAAB experts picks today are recommending taking the under in this game, as both teams have solid defenses that could keep the scoring low.

- Best NCAAB Bets Today: The best NCAAB bets today for this game could be taking the Princeton Tigers and the points, as they have been playing well lately and could cover the +10 spread.

- NCAAB Picks with Spread: As mentioned earlier, taking the Princeton Tigers and the points (+10) could be a good NCAAB picks with spread strategy.

- NCAAB Predictions Today: Overall, NCAAB predictions today are suggesting a close game between the Princeton Tigers and the Creighton Bluejays, with a slight edge towards Creighton. - NCAAB Picks for Today: If you're looking for NCAAB picks for today, both the Princeton Tigers and Creighton Bluejays could be solid options, depending on your betting strategy.

- NCAAB Picks Odds: The current NCAAB picks odds favor the Creighton Bluejays to win at -500, while the Princeton Tigers are listed at +400.

- NBA NCAAB Picks and Parlays: While this game is not affiliated with the NBA, many bettors may be including it in their NBA NCAAB picks and parlays, given its significance in the NCAA Tournament. Overall, the betting trends for this game suggest a close matchup, with the Creighton Bluejays favored to win but the Princeton Tigers having a good chance of covering the spread. As always, be sure to do your research and consider your betting strategy before placing any NCAAB bets.



Despite being the underdogs, the Princeton Tigers have proven themselves throughout the season and have the ability to keep this game close. With their strong defense and balanced scoring, they have a chance to pull off an upset over the Creighton Bluejays. The Princeton Tigers may be underdogs, but they have a strong defense and the ability to keep this game close. 


Pick: Princeton Tigers (+10)

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