Timberwolves vs Knicks NBA Picks Expert Predictions for 3/20

Timberwolves vs Knicks NBA Picks Expert Predictions for 3/20

Timberwolves vs Knicks - NBA Game Preview - March 20, 2023

As we gear up for another exciting NBA matchup, experts and computer predictions alike are closely examining the upcoming Timberwolves vs Knicks game. The Minnesota Timberwolves, currently sitting in eighth place in the Western Conference with a record of 35-37, face off against the New York Knicks, who are in fifth place in the Eastern Conference with a record of 42-30. The Knicks are coming into the game after winning seven of their last ten games and are currently 20-16 in home games this season. Their opponents, the Timberwolves, are on a three-game losing streak and have a record of 15-20 on the road. As the two teams go head-to-head for the second time this season, basketball betting enthusiasts are placing their best NBA bets today on either the Timberwolves or Knicks. But with injuries on the Timberwolves' side, including Karl-Anthony Towns, Jaylen Nowell, and Anthony Edwards, the odds may be in favor of the Knicks. Regardless of the odds, both teams will be looking to make a statement in this game and secure a much-needed win. So, stay tuned for the full-length prediction article to get the latest nba picks and parlay from the top NBA picks experts and their NBA picks computer before the game tips off.

Timberwolves: Offensive Analysis

The Minnesota Timberwolves have been struggling on the offensive end lately, losing their last three games. However, they have some key players who can turn things around and get them back to their winning ways. Leading the Timberwolves' offense is Rudy Gobert, who has been averaging 13.8 points and 11.5 rebounds per game. He is a force inside the paint and can dominate the boards, making him a tough matchup for the New York Knicks. Mike Conley is another player to watch for the Timberwolves, as he has been averaging 2.6 made 3-pointers over the last 10 games. He can shoot from beyond the arc and spread out the Knicks' defense. However, the Timberwolves will be missing key players in Karl-Anthony Towns, Jaylen Nowell, and Anthony Edwards, which will hurt their offensive production. They will need their remaining players to step up and make up for their absence. The Timberwolves have been averaging 115.3 points per game over their last 10 games, shooting 48.0% from the field. They will need to maintain their shooting efficiency and limit their turnovers to stay competitive against the Knicks. NBA picks experts and computer predictions may not be favoring the Timberwolves in this matchup, but they have the potential to upset the Knicks if they can execute their offense effectively. Look for Gobert and Conley to lead the charge and make some big plays for the Timberwolves. Overall, the Timberwolves' offensive production may be hindered by the absence of key players, but they still have some weapons that can keep them in the game. It will come down to their execution and ability to limit their turnovers to secure a win against the Knicks.

Timberwolves: Defensive Analysis

In a game where the Minnesota Timberwolves are looking to break a three-game losing streak, they will have to rely on their defense to come through against the New York Knicks. While the Knicks have struggled with their shooting and assists, the Timberwolves will still need to lock down on defense to secure a win. One area that the Timberwolves can capitalize on is turnovers. Minnesota averages 14.9 turnovers per game and has a winning record of 20-12 when committing fewer turnovers than their opponents. If the Timberwolves can disrupt the Knicks' offense and force turnovers, they can create scoring opportunities and gain an advantage. In terms of rebounding, the Timberwolves will have to defend against the Knicks' second-ranked offensive rebounds per game. This means minimizing second-chance opportunities for the Knicks and limiting their scoring chances. The Timberwolves also rank fourth in total rebounds per game, which can help them control the boards and prevent the Knicks from getting easy baskets. Additionally, the Timberwolves' strength in shot-blocking can play a key role in disrupting the Knicks' offensive flow. Minnesota ranks fourth in blocks per game and sixth in block percentage. By forcing the Knicks to take contested shots and limiting their opportunities near the basket, the Timberwolves' defense can stifle the Knicks' offensive game and frustrate their players. Overall, the Timberwolves' defense will need to step up and be a driving force behind their bid to break their losing streak. With their prowess in turnovers, rebounding, and shot-blocking, the Timberwolves can neutralize the Knicks' offense and claim a much-needed win. Keywords: nba picks experts, nba picks computer, nba picks em predictions, nba today experts, nba picks, nba picks and parlay, nba experts picks today, best nba bets today, nba picks with spread,nba predictions today, nba picks for today, nba picks odds, nba, nba picks and parlays, nba picks today, defensive analysis, Timberwolves, New York Knicks.

Knicks: Offense Analysis

The Knicks offense has been struggling this season, especially when it comes to assists. They rank last in the Eastern Conference with an average of 22.3 assists per game, which is concerning for a team that wants to make a deep playoff run. Jalen Brunson has been the lone bright spot for the Knicks in terms of passing, averaging 6.1 assists per game. However, the Timberwolves defense has been inconsistent this season, which could work in the Knicks' favor. Minnesota ranks 18th in the league in points allowed per game, giving up 116.0 points per game. If the Knicks can take advantage of the Timberwolves' defensive struggles, their offense could have a strong showing. It's also worth noting that the Knicks have been performing well in their last 10 games, averaging 117.2 points per game and shooting 48.2% from the field. Julius Randle has been leading the Knicks in scoring, averaging 25.3 points per game during this stretch. While the Knicks may not be known for their passing game, they have been effective at rebounding and getting to the free throw line. The team ranks fourth in the league in total rebounds per game, and they rank seventh in free throws attempted per field goal attempted. Overall, while the Knicks' offense may not be the strongest aspect of their game, they have the potential to put up strong numbers against a struggling Timberwolves defense. If Randle and Brunson can continue their strong performances, the Knicks could come away with a win. As always, it's important to consult with NBA picks experts, computer models, and em predictions to make your NBA picks and parlays, especially in such a closely-matched game.

Knicks: Defensive Analysis

The New York Knicks will face the struggling Minnesota Timberwolves in their upcoming game. As the fifth team in the Eastern Conference, Knicks' defense will play a crucial role in maintaining their lead in the conference. According to NBA picks and computer predictions, the Knicks' defense value is ranked seventh in the league, allowing only 112.2 points per game, which is lower than their average score margin of 115.1 points per game. This positive difference demonstrates that the Knicks' defense is effective in holding their opponents in check. Moreover, the Knicks' defense ranks first in the Eastern Conference when it comes to points in the paint allowed per game, which is only 45.5 points per game. This is a significant advantage, especially when facing a team that ranks seventh in the league for points allowed in the paint. The Knicks' rebounding game is also strong, ranking fourth in the league for total rebounds per game with 55.9 rebounds, while their opponents' total rebounds per game are 51.5. This difference in rebounding can translate to more second-chance opportunities for the Knicks, resulting in more points. The Knicks also have a good record for turnovers, ranked fourth in the league when it comes to turnovers forced, averaging 12.6 turnovers per game by their opponents. This is an advantage, especially facing a team such as Minnesota, which averages 14.9 turnovers per game. In summary, the Knicks' defense has a significant advantage against the Timberwolves in several key areas such as points allowed, points in the paint, rebounds, and turnovers. These defensive strengths can turn the tide of the game in favor of the Knicks and make them the best NBA bets today.

Injury Report Analysis for Minnesota Timberwolves vs. New York Knicks

Injuries could play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the Minnesota Timberwolves vs. New York Knicks matchup on March 20, 2023. Here's a detailed analysis of the injury reports for both teams: The Knicks have no players listed on their injury report, which bodes well for their chances of winning the game. On the other hand, the Timberwolves have three key players listed as out for the game. Karl-Anthony Towns will miss the game due to a calf injury, Jaylen Nowell due to a knee injury, and Anthony Edwards due to an ankle injury. These three players account for a significant portion of Minnesota's production on both ends of the court. They have averaged a combined 62.9 points, 18.6 rebounds, and 8.4 assists per game this season. Without them, the Timberwolves may struggle to keep up with the Knicks' offense. Furthermore, Minnesota's bench will have to step up and contribute more than usual to make up for the absence of their star players. This could put extra pressure on players who don't normally get as much game time, and they may struggle to perform under the added responsibility. Overall, the injury report favors the Knicks for this matchup. They have no significant injuries to worry about, while the Timberwolves will have to make adjustments to cope with the absence of their key players. That being said, anything can happen in the NBA, and experts, computers, and predictions can only do so much in predicting the outcome of a game. It'll be up to the players on the court to determine the eventual winner.

Betting Trends

In terms of NBA picks and predictions, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the New York Knicks both have had mixed results in their recent games. The Timberwolves have lost three games in a row, while the Knicks have won seven of their last ten games. The Knicks have been performing well at home, with a record of 20-16, but they have struggled with passing, ranking last in the Eastern Conference with 22.3 assists per game. On the other hand, the Timberwolves have a 15-20 record on the road and tend to struggle with turnovers, averaging 14.9 per game. Looking at the previous meeting between these two teams, which the Knicks won 120-107, Julius Randle had a standout performance with 31 points. In the last ten games, Randle has been averaging 25.3 points. Meanwhile, Jalen Brunson has been the Knicks' top scorer, averaging 23.8 points and 6.1 assists per game. For the Timberwolves, Rudy Gobert has been averaging 13.8 points and 11.5 rebounds, while Mike Conley has been making 2.6 three-pointers per game in the last ten games. In terms of betting trends, the Knicks have a solid record against the spread, while the Timberwolves have struggled in that department. The Knicks are 37-34-1 ATS, while the Timberwolves are 33-39-0 ATS. As for the over/under, the Knicks have gone under in 48 of their 73 games this season, while the Timberwolves have gone under in 37 of their 72 games. The total has gone under in the last five games between these two teams. Overall, based on these betting trends and NBA expert picks, the Knicks may have an edge in this matchup, particularly if they can take advantage of the Timberwolves' turnover issues.


The New York Knicks will continue their impressive run in the Eastern Conference, defeating the Minnesota Timberwolves to extend their winning streak to four games. Led by Julius Randle and Jalen Brunson, the Knicks will take advantage of the Timberwolves' recent struggles and come out on top. While the spread might be a bit high for some, the Knicks' dominance at home and strong defensive play will be enough to cover. So take the Knicks to cover and add them to your NBA picks and parlays for today's games.

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