Las Vegas Aces vs Conneticut Sun Prediction WNBA Picks 7/1

Las Vegas Aces vs Conneticut Sun Prediction WNBA Picks 7/1

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WNBA Prediction: Aces vs. Sun



The highly anticipated matchup between the Connecticut Sun and the Las Vegas Aces is set to take place on July 1, 2023, at the Michelob ULTRA Arena in Las Vegas, NV. As the two teams face off, fans can expect a thrilling game filled with intense competition.


Team Analysis

Connecticut Sun

The Connecticut Sun enter this game with a solid 12-4 record, showing their dominance in the Eastern Conference. With a 7-1 away record, they have proven their ability to perform well on the road. Led by standout player D. Bonner, who averages 17.6 points per game, the Sun have a strong offensive presence. Additionally, A. Thomas contributes significantly on both ends of the court, averaging 10.4 rebounds and 8.0 assists per game. Despite a recent loss, the Sun have displayed consistency throughout the season.


The Sun's offense operates efficiently, with D. Bonner leading the charge. Her scoring prowess, combined with a shooting percentage of 41.9%, poses a significant challenge for any defense. Alongside her, A. Thomas facilitates the offense with her impressive passing skills, averaging 8.0 assists per game. The Sun's ability to move the ball and find open shots will be crucial in their matchup against the formidable Aces defense.


Defensively, the Sun have shown their tenacity. With an average of 78.2 points allowed per game, they possess the ability to limit their opponents' scoring opportunities. A. Thomas anchors the defense with her rebounding prowess, averaging 10.4 rebounds per game. The Sun's ability to control the boards and disrupt the Aces' offensive flow will be vital in their quest for victory.


Fortunately for the Sun, they have managed to remain relatively injury-free. With their key players in good health, they can field their strongest lineup and pose a significant challenge to the Aces.


Las Vegas Aces

The Las Vegas Aces enter this game with an impressive 14-1 record, establishing their dominance in the Western Conference. They boast a perfect 8-0 record at home, which has been a fortress for them. Led by the dynamic duo of J. Young and A. Wilson, who average 19.5 and 9.0 rebounds per game respectively, the Aces have been unstoppable. With a scoring average of 93.1 points per game, they possess one of the most potent offenses in the league.


The Aces' offense has been firing on all cylinders this season. J. Young's scoring ability, combined with A. Wilson's dominance on the boards, creates a formidable combination. The team's shooting percentage of 50.3% showcases their efficiency in converting scoring opportunities. With C. Gray orchestrating the offense and averaging 6.5 assists per game, the Aces pose a constant threat to any defense they face.


Defensively, the Aces have been exceptional. Allowing an average of 77.7 points per game, they have consistently stifled their opponents' scoring efforts. With A. Wilson's shot-blocking ability and the team's ability to force turnovers, they create a disruptive defensive presence. The Aces' ability to limit the Sun's offensive production will be crucial in securing another victory.


The Aces have been fortunate to avoid any significant injuries so far. With their key players in good health and their home-court advantage, they are well-positioned to continue their winning streak.



Considering the statistics and the performances of both teams, the Las Vegas Aces have a clear advantage in this matchup. With their undefeated record at home and an average winning margin of 16.7 points per game, they have shown their dominance throughout the season. The Aces' potent offense, led by J. Young and A. Wilson, is likely to overpower the Sun's defense.

Furthermore, the Aces' ability to control the game's pace and exploit scoring opportunities should enable them to cover the -11.5 points spread. Although the Sun are a formidable team, the Aces' home-court advantage and their overall dominance make them the favorites in this matchup.

Ultimately, the Las Vegas Aces are predicted to come out on top, continuing their winning streak and further solidifying their position as one of the top teams in the WNBA.


Pick: Aces -11.5

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