UFC Picks and Parlays: Sedriques Dumas vs. Josh Fremd

UFC Picks and Parlays: Sedriques Dumas vs. Josh Fremd


UFC Fight Night: Sedriques Dumas vs. Josh Fremd 

On March 11, 2023, the UFC will feature a middleweight bout between two promising fighters, Sedriques Dumas and Josh Fremd. Dumas is a newcomer to the UFC, but he has an impressive record of 7-0-0 with a mix of submissions and knockouts. Fremd, on the other hand, has more experience with a record of 9-4-0, and he is known for his striking and grappling skills. 

In the following sections, I will provide a detailed preview of each fighter, looking at their past performances, notable skills, and potential game plans for the upcoming bout. Based on this analysis, I will then make a final prediction on the likely outcome of the fight. So buckle up and get ready for a detailed breakdown of what could be one of the most exhilarating fights of the year.


Sedriques Dumas

Sedriques Dumas is a rising star in the MMA world, and he is making his UFC debut with a perfect record of 7-0-0. Dumas has a mix of submission and knockout victories, showcasing his well-rounded skillset. In his last fight, he submitted Matej Penaz in just 47 seconds of the first round, displaying his quick and efficient fighting style.



It's important to note that Sedriques Dumas is a highly promising fighter who has been making waves in the MMA world with his impressive performances. Dumas has an all-round skill set, with a particular strength in grappling, which has allowed him to win several of his fights via submission. He also possesses powerful striking skills, which make him a formidable opponent for any fighter in the octagon.

Dumas' quick footwork and agility are another notable strength that sets him apart from his peers. He is able to evade strikes from his opponents with ease and get into positions to attack, making him a very difficult fighter to beat. His aggressive fighting style also makes him a crowd favorite, and his fans can always expect him to be on the offensive, looking to finish fights early.



Dumas has not faced any high-level opponents in his career. This lack of experience against top-tier fighters could prove to be a challenge for him when he faces Josh Fremd in the upcoming fight. Fremd is a seasoned fighter who has competed in various promotions, including Bellator and the UFC. He has faced high-level opponents and knows what it takes to win in the big leagues.

Another area of concern for Dumas is his tendency to be reckless at times, leaving himself open to counter-strikes. This has been evident in some of his previous fights, and it's an area that he will need to work on if he wants to avoid getting caught by an experienced opponent like Fremd.


Josh Fremd

Josh Fremd is a seasoned fighter with a record of 9-4-0. He is known for his striking and grappling skills, and he has fought in various promotions, including Bellator and the UFC. In his last fight, he lost to Tresean Gore via submission in the second round.



Fremd is a fighter with a reputation for his striking and grappling skills, and his experience in various promotions such as Bellator and the UFC make him a worthy adversary for any opponent in the octagon.

One of Fremd's biggest strengths is his striking ability. He is known for his powerful punches and kicks, which can cause significant damage to his opponents. Fremd is also proficient in grappling and has the ability to submit his opponents if the fight goes to the ground. Additionally, he is incredibly durable and can absorb a lot of punishment, making him a challenging opponent to finish.



However, Fremd's fighting style also has its weaknesses. He tends to be slow and less agile than some of his peers, and this can put him at a disadvantage when it comes to avoiding strikes from his opponents. Furthermore, his aggression can be his downfall as he has a tendency to leave himself open to counter-strikes from his opponents, which can turn the fight against him.

Another area of concern for Fremd is his record against high-level opponents. As seen in his recent loss to Tresean Gore, he has struggled to perform against fighters with a lot of experience in the big leagues. This could be an issue for him when he faces Sedriques Dumas in their upcoming fight, who will be making his UFC debut but has shown great promise in his previous fights.



Dumas' grappling skills are one of his greatest strengths, and he has a proven track record of submitting his opponents. On the other hand, Fremd's ground game is not as strong as Dumas', which could put him at a disadvantage if the fight goes to the ground. This could be a significant factor in the outcome of the fight, as Dumas has a clear advantage in this aspect of the game.

Another factor that works in Dumas' favor is his superior footwork. He is incredibly quick on his feet and has the ability to move around the octagon with ease. This could make it difficult for Fremd to land strikes, as he is not as quick or agile as Dumas. Fremd's tendency to be too aggressive at times could also be a problem for him, as it could leave him open to Dumas' counter-strikes.

In addition to his grappling skills and footwork, Dumas also possesses the power to knock Fremd out. This is an area where Dumas has an advantage over Fremd, as he has a proven ability to finish fights early. His aggressive fighting style could also be a factor in this fight, as he will look to take the fight to Fremd and finish it as quickly as possible.

Overall, while Fremd is a durable fighter with excellent striking skills and grappling ability, Dumas' superior grappling skills, footwork, and finishing ability make him the favorite in this fight. Fremd will need to be careful not to get caught by Dumas' counter-strikes and use his experience to counter Dumas' aggressive style. However, if Dumas can avoid making any mistakes and capitalize on his advantages, he has a good chance of coming out on top in this fight.


Pick: Sedriques Dumas ML -210


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