Takashi Sato vs Themba Gorimbo Prediction UFC Picks 5/20

Takashi Sato vs Themba Gorimbo Prediction UFC Picks 5/20

Fight Preview: Takashi Sato vs Themba Gorimbo

On May 20, 2023, Takashi Sato and Themba Gorimbo will go head to head in a highly anticipated matchup at UFC Fight Night: Dern vs Hill. Sato currently holds a record of 16-6-0, with a height of 5'10" and weight of 170lbs. He is a southpaw fighter with a reach of 73". Gorimbo, on the other hand, has a record of 10-4-0, with a height of 6'1" and weight of 170lbs. He is an orthodox fighter with a reach of 77". In terms of statistics, Sato's significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) is 2.28 with a striking accuracy of 37%, while his significant strikes absorbed per minute (SApM) is 4.25 with a striking defense of 44%. His takedown average is 0.34 with a takedown accuracy of 50% and takedown defense of 60%. Gorimbo's SLpM is 0.91 with a striking accuracy of 60%, while his SApM is 1.06 with a striking defense of 58%. He has a high takedown average of 4.53 with a takedown accuracy of 100%, but his takedown defense is 0%. In their most recent fights, Sato suffered a loss to Bryan Battle via unanimous decision, while Gorimbo was defeated by AJ Fletcher via submission in a Guillotine choke. This fight has the potential to be an exciting one, with both fighters bringing their unique strengths to the octagon. Sato's striking abilities and takedown defense will likely play a vital role in his strategy, while Gorimbo's takedown average and high accuracy may prove to be advantageous for him. As the fight draws near, all eyes will be on these fighters as they prepare to go head to head and prove their worth in the octagon.


Takashi Sato Striking: A Formidable Force in the Octagon

Takashi Sato is known in the UFC for his impressive striking skills that have led to many victories in his career. With a record of 16-6-0 and a reach of 73", Sato is a formidable force in the welterweight division. Sato has a significant strike accuracy of 37%, meaning he lands almost 2.3 significant strikes per minute, while absorbing 4.25 significant strikes per minute. His striking defense is also notable, with a 44% success rate in avoiding opponent strikes. In addition to his striking, Sato has a decent takedown average of 0.34 per 15 minutes and a takedown defense rate of 60%. However, his ground game is not as strong, with an average of zero submissions attempted per 15 minutes. Sato's most recent fight was a loss to Bryan Battle in January 2022. Nonetheless, he has proven to be a tough fighter with incredible striking power and technique. With his next match against the skilled Themba Gorimbo scheduled for May 20, 2023, UFC fans are eagerly awaiting Sato's next performance in the Octagon.

Takashi Sato's Wrestling Skills

Takashi Sato, a Japanese mixed martial artist, has a well-rounded fighting style with strong wrestling skills. He has an impressive record of 16 wins and 6 losses, and his career statistics speak volumes about his abilities inside the octagon. Sato's significant striking accuracy is at 37%, and he lands an average of 2.28 significant strikes per minute. His significant strike defense, which is the percentage of opponent strikes that did not land, is at 44%. Sato also has a takedown accuracy of 50% and a takedown defense of 60%. These statistics show that Sato is a well-rounded fighter with strong defensive skills. When it comes to his wrestling skills, Sato has an average of 0.34 takedowns landed per 15 minutes. He has a strong wrestling accuracy of 50%, which means he can take down his opponents with ease. Additionally, his takedown defense is impressive at 60%, which shows that he can defend himself against takedowns. In his previous fights, Sato has showcased his wrestling skills by taking down his opponents and controlling the fight on the ground. His ability to dominate on the ground makes him a tough opponent to face and a fighter to watch out for. In his upcoming match, Sato will face Themba Gorimbo, who is also known for his strong wrestling skills. It will be interesting to see how Sato utilizes his wrestling skills against his opponent and whether he can come out victorious in the octagon.


Themba Gorimbo Striking: A Look into His Style and Skillset

Themba Gorimbo is a skilled fighter with a record of 10-4-0. His striking game is one of his strongest suits and he showcases this during his fights. Gorimbo has a significant striking rate of 0.91 strikes landed per minute with an impressive 60% accuracy, indicating that he lands more strikes than his opponents. He has shown remarkable striking defense with a 58% rate of avoiding significant strikes from his opponents. Gorimbo has a decent significant strike absorption rate of 1.06 strikes per minute, indicating that he can absorb some damage as well. However, his ground game is what makes him stand out. Gorimbo has a 100% takedown accuracy and lands an average of 4.53 takedowns per 15 minutes. His opponents have a 0% takedown defense rate against him, indicating that Gorimbo is a tenacious wrestler who can overpower his opponents on the mat. In his most recent fight against AJ Fletcher, Gorimbo showcased his ground game with a submission win via guillotine choke. Despite his impressive grappling skills, Gorimbo does not shy away from striking exchanges. He has a versatile striking arsenal that he employs during fights, including combinations of jabs, hooks, and leg kicks. In addition, Gorimbo has shown significant power in his strikes, as evidenced by his four knockout wins. In his upcoming fight against Takashi Sato, Gorimbo will need to continue to utilize his striking skills while being cautious of Sato's significant striking accuracy. Sato has a reach of 73 inches, which can give him an advantage in striking exchanges. However, if Gorimbo can close the distance and take the fight to the mat, he may have the opportunity to showcase his grappling skills and potentially secure a win via submission. Overall, Gorimbo's striking game is one of his biggest strengths. His striking accuracy and versatility, coupled with his impressive grappling skills, make him a formidable opponent in any fight. Fans can expect Gorimbo to continue to showcase his striking game and potentially secure another impressive win in his upcoming fight against Sato.

Themba Gorimbo Wrestling

Themba Gorimbo is a talented wrestler with a record of 10-4-0. He stands at 6'1", weighs 170lbs, and has a reach of 77 inches. Gorimbo uses his size and strength to take down opponents, with an average of 4.53 takedowns landed per 15 minutes. His takedown accuracy is also impressive, with a rate of 100%. Gorimbo's striking is not as potent as his wrestling, but he has shown improvements in recent fights. He lands an average of 0.91 significant strikes per minute, with a striking accuracy of 60%. His defense is also decent, with a 58% significant strike defense rate. In his most recent fight, Gorimbo suffered a submission loss to AJ Fletcher at UFC Fight Night: Andrade vs. Blanchfield. However, Gorimbo bounced back from losses before, showing resilience and determination to improve. Gorimbo's upcoming bout against Takashi Sato at UFC Fight Night: Dern vs. Hill will be a test of his wrestling skills. Sato is a seasoned fighter with a record of 16-6-0 and a takedown defense rate of 60%. If Gorimbo can utilize his wrestling and take down Sato, he may be able to control the fight and come out with a win. Overall, Gorimbo's wrestling skills make him a dangerous opponent for anyone in the octagon. If he can continue to improve his striking and grappling abilities, he will be a force to be reckoned with in his division.


Takashi Sato Can Win Against Themba Gorimbo

Takashi Sato has a significantly better record and stats compared to Themba Gorimbo. With a record of 16-6-0 and a Southpaw stance, Takashi Sato can use his significant striking accuracy of 37% and absorb Themba Gorimbo's strikes with his defense of 44%. Additionally, Takashi Sato's takedown defense of 60% can help him avoid Themba Gorimbo's takedowns. On the other hand, Themba Gorimbo has a record of 10-4-0 and an Orthodox stance with a relatively low significant striking accuracy of 60%. Although Themba Gorimbo has 100% takedown accuracy, his takedown defense is 0%, which can be a significant weakness that Takashi Sato can exploit. Based on these factors, Takashi Sato can win against Themba Gorimbo with his superior striking accuracy and defensive capabilities. To solidify his chances of winning, Takashi Sato can focus on avoiding Themba Gorimbo's takedowns and striking from a distance.

How Themba Gorimbo Can Win Against Takashi Sato

To defeat Takashi Sato, Themba Gorimbo needs to utilize his superior takedown accuracy and grappling skills. Sato's weakness lies in his takedown defense, as he has been taken down in the past. Gorimbo must take advantage of this and look to take Sato down and control him on the ground. Once on the ground, Gorimbo can use his top control and ground-and-pound to wear Sato down. He should also look for submission opportunities, as Sato's submission defense is not as strong as his striking defense. In terms of striking, Gorimbo should focus on his defense and counter-striking. Sato has a higher significant striking accuracy, but Gorimbo's significant strike defense is impressive. By staying patient and picking his shots, Gorimbo can out-strike Sato and inflict damage. Overall, Themba Gorimbo needs to play to his strengths and avoid Sato's powerful striking. By implementing a grappling-heavy game plan and staying composed on the feet, Gorimbo can come out on top and secure the victory.



In this welterweight bout, we have Takashi Sato facing off against Themba Gorimbo. Sato, with a 16-6-0 record, has proven to be a skilled striker with a significant striking accuracy of 37%. He also has a solid takedown defense of 60%, which could come in handy against Gorimbo's aggressive takedown approach. On the other hand, Gorimbo boasts a 10-4-0 record with a perfect takedown accuracy of 100%. However, his striking stats are not as impressive as Sato's, with a lower significant striking accuracy and a higher significant strikes absorbed per minute. Taking into account the stats and their fighting styles, the prediction is that Sato will come out on top with his superior striking and takedown defense. 


Pick: Takashi Sato (Moneyline) +105

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