Philipe Lins vs Maxim Grishin Prediction UFC Fight Night 6/3

Philipe Lins vs Maxim Grishin Prediction UFC Fight Night 6/3

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Philipe Lins vs Maxim Grishin: Fight Preview

Two powerful light heavyweights will face off at UFC Fight Night: Kara-France vs Albazi on June 3, 2023, when Philipe Lins takes on Maxim Grishin. Lins, with a record of 16-5-0, has a significant striking accuracy of 47% and a takedown defense of 100%. He will look to use his reach advantage of 78" to keep Grishin at bay and capitalize on his striking ability. Grishin, with a record of 32-9-2, has a significant striking accuracy of 52%. He will bring his power and striking skills to the table and look to land significant strikes on Lins. Both fighters have a high takedown defense percentage, which could mean the fight will primarily stay on the feet. With Lins' significant striking and Grishin's power, this fight has all the makings of an exciting battle. The winner of this bout could potentially move up the rankings in the light heavyweight division and bring themselves one step closer to a title shot. Fans can expect a highly entertaining and competitive fight between these two skilled athletes.


Philippe Lins Striking Analysis

Philippe Lins, also known as "Monstro," is a Brazilian mixed martial artist with a record of 16-5-0. Lins has a striking accuracy of 47% and lands an average of 3.85 significant strikes per minute, while absorbing 4.18 strikes per minute. His significant strike defense is at 43%, which means that he can improve his defense against opponents' strikes. Lins's striking style is very aggressive, with a forward-moving stance that allows him to pressure his opponents. He often throws powerful hooks and uppercuts to knock out his opponents. His reach advantage of 78 inches also gives him an advantage in striking range. In his last five fights, Lins has won two and lost three bouts. His most recent victory was against Ovince Saint Preux, where he won via knockout in the first round. Lins's upcoming fight is against Maxim Grishin, who has a record of 32-9-2. Grishin's striking accuracy is slightly higher than Lins at 52%, while his significant strikes landed per minute is at 3.40. Grishin also has a better significant strike defense at 59%. Grishin prefers to strike from a distance and uses his long-range kicks and jabs to control the fight. He also throws powerful right hands that can end the fight in an instant. Lins and Grishin both have a similar reach of 78 inches, which means neither fighter will have an advantage in striking range. It will come down to who can land significant strikes accurately and avoid absorbing too many. In conclusion, Lins needs to improve his striking defense to avoid absorbing too many significant strikes, while Grishin needs to close the distance and pressure Lins with his long-range strikes. This fight has the potential to be a stand-up war, with both fighters looking to knock each other out.

Philipe Lins wrestling

Philipe Lins is a Brazilian mixed martial artist with a professional record of 16-5-0. He stands at 6'2" and weighs 205lbs with an orthodox stance. Lins has a reach of 78" and was born on August 17, 1985. In terms of career statistics, Lins has a significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) of 3.85 with a 47% significant striking accuracy (Str.Acc.). His significant strikes absorbed per minute (SApM) is 4.18 with a significant strike defence (Str.Def) of 43%. Lins has an average takedown landed per 15 minutes (TDAvg.) of 1.79 with a takedown accuracy (TDAcc.) of 36% and a takedown defence (TDDef.) of 100%. His average submissions attempted per 15 minutes (Sub.Avg.) is 0.0. Looking at Lins' past fights, he has won his match against Maxim Grishin, Ovince Saint Preux, and Marcin Prachnio, while losing against Tanner Boser and Andrei Arlovski. In his upcoming match against Maxim Grishin on UFC Fight Night: Kara-France vs. Albazi, Lins will need to utilize his wrestling abilities to secure a victory. While he has a higher takedown average compared to Grishin, he will need to focus on his takedown accuracy to ensure he secures a successful takedown. Additionally, Lins has a solid takedown defence, which will be beneficial in preventing Grishin from taking him down. Overall, Philipe Lins' wrestling skills will be crucial in his upcoming match against Maxim Grishin, and he will need to use his strengths to secure a victory.


Maxim Grishin Striking: 

With Maxim Grishin has established himself as a fierce striker in the world of MMA. With a significant striking accuracy of 52%, he has impressed fans and critics alike with his striking prowess. The Russian fighter has an impressive record of 32-9-2 and has some notable wins under his belt. Let's take a closer look at his striking game. Grishin is a powerful striker who can knock out his opponent with his heavy hands. He lands an average of 3.40 significant strikes per minute, and his striking defense rate stands at an impressive 59%. He has proven to be a tough nut to crack for his opponents, often slipping their shots and returning with counter-strikes. The 6'3" fighter has a reach of 78", which he uses to his advantage by keeping his opponents at bay and landing strikes from a safe distance. He is also proficient in leg kicks and hooks, which he uses to destabilize his opponent's game plan. Grishin's takedown defense is also impressive, standing at 66%. He is difficult to take down and gets back to his feet quickly if his opponent manages to get him down. This allows him to keep the fight standing and go back to his striking game. In his last five fights, Grishin has a record of 3-2. He has shared the octagon with some well-known fighters, including Marcin Tybura and Gadzhimurad Antigulov, and has proven to be a tough opponent for anyone. Grishin's upcoming fight against Philipe Lins promises to be an exciting one. It will be interesting to see how he utilizes his striking game plan against his opponent. While Lins is no slouch when it comes to striking, Grishin's striking defense and power give him the edge in the fight. In conclusion, Maxim Grishin's striking is a force to be reckoned with. He has a well-rounded striking game with a high accuracy rate and good defense. He has proven himself to be a tough opponent for anyone who steps into the octagon with him. As fans, we can expect to see some great performances from Grishin in the future. Maxim Grishin is a Russian mixed martial artist who competes in the light heavyweight division. With a professional record of 32-9-2, "Maximus" has proven himself to be a talented fighter with a diverse skill set. Grishin is known for his striking ability, landing an average of 3.40 significant strikes per minute with a striking accuracy of 52%. He also has strong defensive skills, with a striking defense rate of 59%. Grishin's takedown average is at 0.27 per 15 minutes, with a takedown defense rate of 66%. In his most recent fight at UFC 271, Grishin faced William Knight and won via unanimous decision. Prior to that, he suffered a loss against Dustin Jacoby at UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik vs. Gane. Grishin's upcoming fight is against Philipe Lins at UFC Fight Night: Kara-France vs. Albazi on June 3, 2023. This matchup is sure to provide an intense battle between two talented light heavyweight fighters. Overall, Maxim Grishin has proven himself to be a formidable opponent in the octagon. With his striking prowess and solid defense, he will undoubtedly continue to make waves in the world of MMA.


How Philipe Lins can win against Maxim Grishin

1. Utilize his significant striking accuracy: Lins has a higher striking accuracy than Grishin, which can give him an advantage in standing exchanges. He should focus on landing clean, significant strikes to score points and potentially finish the fight. 2. Use his takedown defense: Lins has a 100% takedown defense rate, meaning he could frustrate Grishin's attempts to take the fight to the ground. If he can stuff Grishin's takedowns, Lins can keep the fight standing and use his striking skills to dominate. 3. Establish his range: Lins has a longer reach than Grishin, which means he can keep Grishin at bay with jabs and leg kicks. By establishing distance, Lins can avoid getting caught in Grishin's range and control the pace of the fight. 4. Stay patient and composed: Lins has had a mixed track record in his career, but his recent win against Ovince Saint Preux showed that he can stay composed and grind out a victory. If he can maintain his focus and avoid getting caught up in Grishin's aggression, Lins can edge out a win. Overall, Lins should look to use his striking accuracy and takedown defense to keep the fight standing and control the pace. If he can stay patient and weather Grishin's attacks, he has a good chance to come away with the victory.

How Maxim Grishin Can Win Against Philipe Lins

Maxim Grishin, with his impressive record of 32-9-2, should look to utilize his striking accuracy and defense to take down Philipe Lins. Grishin has a higher striking accuracy compared to Lins and can use that to his advantage by landing significant strikes at a higher rate and wearing down Lins over time. Moreover, Grishin's takedown defense is also better than Lins and can prevent Lins from taking him down and controlling him on the ground. Grishin's takedown accuracy is also decent, and he can potentially take Lins down and ground and pound him, or go for a submission. In addition, Grishin should look to use his height and reach advantage to keep Lins at bay and not allow him to get too close. Grishin can use his jab and kicks to keep Lins at a distance and pick him apart from the outside. Overall, Maxim Grishin should rely on his striking accuracy, defense, and takedown defense to win against Philipe Lins. If Grishin can maintain his distance, land significant strikes, and prevent takedowns, he can potentially finish Lins with strikes or win a unanimous decision.



This fight is likely to be a closely contested battle between two very game fighters. Philipe Lins has a slightly better record recently and has been more active in the octagon. He is also much more efficient in his takedowns, landing an average of almost 2 per 15 minutes with a 100% takedown defense. Maxim Grishin has a more well-rounded striking game with a higher significant striking accuracy and defense, but he lacks the same level of takedown efficiency. In the end, I believe that Philipe Lins will utilize his superior grappling skills to control the pace of the fight and limit Maxim Grishin's striking opportunities. If Lins can avoid big shots on the feet and secure takedowns consistently, he should be able to grind out a victory.


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