Neil Magny vs Phil Rowe Prediction UFC Fight Night 6/24

Neil Magny vs Phil Rowe Prediction UFC Fight Night 6/24

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Neil Magny vs Phil Rowe: Fight Preview

On June 24, 2023, two welterweight fighters will face off in the octagon: Neil Magny and Phil Rowe. Magny, also known as the Haitian Sensation, boasts a record of 27-11-0 and has a height of 6'3" and a reach of 80". He is known for his orthodox stance and has an impressive accuracy with significant strikes. Rowe, also known as the Fresh Prince, has a record of 10-3-0 and shares the same height and reach as Magny. He also fights with an orthodox stance and has a strong takedown defense. Both fighters have a history of knockouts and submissions, with Magny's last win in November 2022 coming from a D'Arce Choke submission, and Rowe's last win in December 2022 coming from a series of punches. This fight is sure to be an exciting matchup between two skilled welterweights who are hungry for a win. Will Magny's experience and accuracy overpower Rowe's takedown defense and power, or will Rowe be able to land the knockout punch? Tune in to find out.


Neil Magny's Striking Abilities

Neil Magny is known for his striking abilities, especially his efficient use of his long reach. At 6'3" with an 80" reach, Magny has a significant advantage over many of his opponents in terms of striking range. His significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) is at an impressive 3.59, with a 46% significant striking accuracy (Str.Acc.). He absorbs about 2.25 significant strikes per minute (SApM) and has a significant strike defense (Str.Def.) of 54%, indicating that he is elusive and difficult to hit. Despite his striking prowess, Magny has an average takedown average per 15 minutes (TDAvg.) of 2.40 but makes up for it with a 42% takedown accuracy (TDAcc.) and a takedown defense (TDDef.) of 56%. He also has an average submission attempt per 15 minutes (Sub.Avg.) of 0.3. Overall, Magny's striking abilities are a key component of his fighting style and play an important role in his success in the Octagon.

Neil Magny's Wrestling

Neil Magny has proven himself to be a well-rounded fighter, and his wrestling skills have been an important factor in his success. His takedown average of 2.40 per 15 minutes and takedown accuracy of 42% show that he is skilled at taking his opponents down and controlling them on the mat. Magny's wrestling was on full display in his win over Kelvin Gastelum in 2015. He was able to take Gastelum down multiple times throughout the fight and control him on the mat, ultimately winning a split decision. However, Magny has also shown vulnerability to submissions in the past. He was caught in a rear naked choke by Demian Maia in 2015 and an arm triangle choke by Michael Chiesa in 2021. Despite this, Magny's wrestling remains an important part of his game and allows him to dictate where the fight takes place. In his upcoming fight against Phil Rowe, Magny's wrestling could play a key role in determining the outcome. Rowe's takedown defense is 52%, so Magny may look to take advantage of that and control the fight on the ground. Overall, Magny's wrestling skills make him a dangerous opponent for anyone in the welterweight division and could be a key factor in his future fights.


Phil Rowe's Striking

Phil Rowe, also known as "The Fresh Prince," has a high-output striking style with a wide variety of strikes in his arsenal. His significant strikes landed per minute stands at an impressive 4.39 with a striking accuracy of 52%. Rowe also absorbs significant strikes at a rate of 4.97 per minute but has a solid significant strike defense of 53%. Rowe is comfortable both leading and countering in striking exchanges, and he will often switch stances to throw his opponents off guard. He has power in both his hands and feet, and he is not afraid to throw spinning or flying strikes. His opponents need to be careful not to get caught with a big strike, as Rowe has finished four of his ten wins by knockout. In his UFC debut against Leon Shahbazyan, Rowe showed off his striking skills by finishing the fight with a well-timed right hook that knocked his opponent out cold. However, in his most recent fight against Gabe Green, Rowe struggled to find his range and was outstruck by his opponent, resulting in a decision loss. As Rowe continues to gain experience and develop his striking game further, he has the potential to be a dangerous striker in the welterweight division. It will be interesting to see how he adapts and improves in his future fights.

Phil Rowe Wrestling

Phil Rowe, also known as "The Fresh Prince," has a wrestling background that he has utilized in his MMA career. With a record of 10-3, Rowe has shown that he is a well-rounded fighter, but his wrestling skills have been instrumental in his victories. Rowe's average takedown rate is 0.81 per 15 minutes, with a takedown accuracy of 37% and a takedown defense of 52%. While these stats may not seem impressive, Rowe has shown that he knows when to utilize his wrestling skills to control the pace of the fight and secure the victory. In his UFC debut, Rowe faced Leon Shahbazyan on Dana White's Contender Series and secured a knockout victory in the second round with a flurry of punches. Rowe also showed his wrestling skills in the fight, taking Shahbazyan down multiple times and controlling the ground game. Rowe's wrestling skills were also on display in his fight against Orion Cosce, where he utilized his grappling skills to secure a TKO victory in the second round. With his wrestling skills and striking abilities, Rowe has the potential to be a standout fighter in the UFC and could pose a threat to any opponent. As Rowe prepares to face Neil Magny at UFC Fight Night on June 24, 2023, fans can expect to see him utilize his wrestling skills to control the fight and secure the victory. While Magny has an impressive record and statistics, Rowe's well-rounded skill set could be the key to securing the win.


How Neil Magny can win

Neil Magny has a well-rounded game with excellent striking and takedown skills, as well as exceptional defensive capabilities. To win his upcoming fight against Phil Rowe, Magny should utilize his strengths to dominate the fight. Firstly, Magny should use his significant striking accuracy to outmatch Rowe on the feet. He should aim to land more strikes and utilize his reach advantage to keep Rowe at bay. If Rowe does try to close the distance, Magny can use his defensive skills to evade and counter, landing effective strikes in the process. Secondly, Magny should look to take Rowe down and control him on the ground. Magny’s takedown accuracy is impressive, and he should capitalize on this to score points with the judges. If Magny can control Rowe on the ground and prevent him from getting up, he can dominate the fight and potentially secure a submission victory. Lastly, Magny should remain composed and patient throughout the fight. He should not rush into anything and wait for the opportune moments to strike or take Rowe down. Magny should also be aware of Rowe’s striking power and avoid taking unnecessary risks. Overall, Magny can win this fight by using his striking, takedown, and defensive skills effectively while remaining composed and patient throughout the fight.

How Phil Rowe Can Win: Analysis and Strategies

Phil Rowe has a record of 10-3-0 and is also known as "The Fresh Prince." He stands 6'3" tall and weighs 170lbs with an 80" reach. He has an orthodox stance and was born on July 18, 1990. To win against NeilMagny, Phil Rowe needs to focus on his striking accuracy and defense. He has a higher significant strikes landed per minute and striking accuracy compared to Magny, so he needs to use this to his advantage. However, Rowe needs to be careful as his significant strikes absorbed per minute is also higher than Magny's, indicating a possible vulnerability in his defense. Rowe also has a lower takedown average, accuracy, and defense compared to Magny, so he needs to avoid grappling exchanges with Magny. Instead, he can focus on keeping the fight standing and using his striking skills to score points and possibly finish the fight with a knockout. Another strategy Rowe can use is to pressure Magny and force him to fight off his back foot. Magny's reach advantage may be nullified in this situation, giving Rowe a better chance of landing significant strikes. In summary, Phil Rowe can win against NeilMagny by utilizing his striking accuracy and defense, avoiding grappling exchanges, pressuring Magny, and looking for a knockout opportunity.



Neil Magny has a significant advantage in experience over Phil Rowe, who is only 13 fights into his professional MMA career. Magny has faced some of the top welterweights in the UFC and has shown a well-rounded skill set with solid striking, grappling, and wrestling abilities. While Rowe packs a punch and has a strong ground game, he may struggle to keep up with Magny's pace and aggression. Therefore, the prediction is that Neil Magny will take the victory over Phil Rowe. 


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