Movsar Evloev vs Diego Lopes Prediction UFC 288 Picks 5/6

Movsar Evloev vs Diego Lopes Prediction UFC 288 Picks 5/6

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Movsar Evloev vs Diego Lopes: Fight Preview

On May 6, 2023, UFC 288 will feature a featherweight bout between Movsar Evloev and Diego Lopes. Evloev comes into the fight undefeated with a record of 16-0-0. The 5'7" fighter has a reach of 72" and primarily fights in an orthodox stance. Evloev's stats speak for themselves, with a significant striking accuracy of 46%. He has an impressive takedown average of 4.83 per 15 minutes and a 71% takedown defense. Though his submission average is low at 0.3, this fighter knows how to dominate a fight. Lopes, on the other hand, has a record of 21-5-0. The 5'11" fighter has the same reach as Evloev and also fights in an orthodox stance. Lopes' significant strike accuracy is 50%, but his significant strike defense is lower at 40%. With an average of 4.4 submissions per 15 minutes, Lopes could potentially bring the fight to the ground. In his most recent bout on August 31, 2021 in DWCS 5.1, Lopes lost to Joanderson Brito by unanimous decision. This could motivate Lopes to come in strong and bring down the undefeated Evloev. This fight has the potential to go either way, with Evloev's impressive stats and Lopes' submission game. Fans can expect a high-energy fight with a lot on the line.


Movsar Evloev Striking: 

Movsar Evloev is one of the most promising prospects in the featherweight division of the UFC. A perfect record of 16-0-0 speaks volumes about his potential as a fighter, and much of that success can be attributed to his striking ability. Evloev's striking is characterized by a mix of technical prowess and raw power. His striking accuracy, listed at 46%, showcases his precise strikes, while his significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) of 4.36 points to his overall aggression in the octagon. In terms of striking defense, Evloev's record is impressive, with a defense rate of 63%. This means he is able to avoid a significant number of strikes thrown by his opponents, making it difficult for them to land clean shots. The Russian fighter's reach of 72" also adds to his striking game. He uses his long arms to keep his opponents at bay and set up his strikes from a distance. This range is also beneficial in defending against takedowns. One of Evloev's most significant strengths is his power. With a TDAvg. of 4.83, he is one of the best takedown artists in the division. He is also a proficient striker, with an average of 2.79 significant strikes absorbed per minute (SApM). Evloev has showcased his striking skills in many of his previous fights. In his last fight against Dan Ige, he controlled the pace of the fight with his offensive strikes and stifling defense, winning via unanimous decision. In another fight against Hakeem Dawodu, he displayed a balanced approach to striking, landing strikes from distance and up-close to eventually win the fight by unanimous decision. In his upcoming fight against Diego Lopes, Evloev will be looking to continue his striking domination. Lopes, who has a significant edge in submissions, will be looking to neutralize Evloev's striking with takedowns. However, given Evloev's high takedown defense rate of 71%, it will be difficult for Lopes to secure takedowns and control the pace of the fight. Overall, Evloev's striking is a force to be reckoned with, and he has displayed the potential to become one of the top fighters in the division if he continues to develop his overall skillset.

Movsar Evloev's Wrestling Prowess

Movsar Evloev has established himself as a rising star in the featherweight division with his impressive wrestling and grappling skills. The Dagestani-born fighter is undefeated in his professional mixed martial arts (MMA) career with a record of 16-0-0. Evloev's TDAvg. (average takedowns landed per 15 minutes) is an impressive 4.83, which showcases his wrestling proficiency. He also has a solid takedown defense of 71%, which means that he has successfully defended himself against the majority of his opponents' takedown attempts. In his previous fights, Evloev has exhibited excellent control on the ground, constantly looking to advance positions and attempting submissions. He has a low Sub.Avg (average submissions attempted per 15 minutes) of 0.3, but that is not reflective of his ability to submit opponents when the opportunity arises. Evloev's striking game is also noteworthy, with a SLpM (significant strikes landed per minute) of 4.36 and a Str.Acc. (significant striking accuracy) of 46%. He has a predominantly orthodox stance and can deliver powerful strikes from a range of positions. His upcoming fight against Diego Lopes will be an intriguing matchup between two talented fighters with different skill sets. It will be interesting to see how Evloev utilizes his wrestling and grappling to take control of the fight and potentially secure a finish. Overall, Evloev's wrestling and grappling skills make him a formidable opponent in the featherweight division. His ability to dictate the pace of the fight with takedowns and ground control gives him a significant advantage over his opponents.


Diego Lopes Striking: Analysis and Predictions

Diego Lopes is a Brazilian mixed martial artist who has a record of 21-5-0 and competes in the featherweight division. His striking statistics include a SLpM (significant strikes landed per minute) of 1.96 and a Str Acc. (significant striking accuracy) of 50%. His SApM (significant strikes absorbed per minute) is 4.31 and his Str Def (significant strike defense) is 40%. These striking statistics suggest that Lopes is not a volume striker but instead relies on landing accurate shots. Lopes absorbs more strikes than he lands, indicating a potential vulnerability in his striking defense. This could be a problem when facing a striker like Movsar Evloev, who has a higher striking accuracy and lands more significant strikes per minute. In Lopes' recent bout with Joanderson Brito, he lost by unanimous decision, with Brito outstriking him by a significant margin. If Lopes is unable to improve his striking defense, he may have a difficult time against Movsar Evloev, who is known for his striking accuracy and volume. Despite this, Lopes is a well-rounded fighter with a dangerous ground game, as evidenced by his average of 4.4 submission attempts per 15 minutes. If he is able to take the fight to the ground and control Evloev, he may be able to secure a submission victory. It is possible that Lopes could cause an upset by utilizing his grappling skills, but it seems more likely that Evloev will be able to keep the fight standing and outstrike his opponent. Therefore, the prediction for this matchup is a victory for Movsar Evloev by unanimous decision.

Diego Lopes Wrestling Analysis

Diego Lopes may have a record of 21-5-0, but his wrestling stats leave much to be desired. Throughout his career, he has averaged 0 takedowns landed per 15 minutes with a takedown accuracy of 0%. His takedown defense is also lacking with opponents successfully landing takedowns 75% of the time. This is not ideal when facing someone like Movsar Evloev, who boasts an impressive takedown average of 4.83 per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 50%. Evloev's grappling skills will likely give him a significant advantage in this matchup. Lopes' striking skills are also not particularly impressive, with a significant striking accuracy of only 50%, compared to Evloev's 46%. Additionally, Lopes has a lower significant strikes landed per minute average of 1.96, while Evloev lands an average of 4.36. Overall, it seems that Lopes' weaknesses in wrestling and striking may make it difficult for him to come out on top against someone as well-rounded as Movsar Evloev. Unless Lopes can significantly improve his skills in these areas, he may struggle to maintain an edge in this fight.


How Movsar Evloev Can Win Against Diego Lopes

Movsar Evloev has an impressive track record of 16-0-0 with a well-rounded skillset in both striking and grappling. To win against Diego Lopes, Movsar Evloev should utilize his strengths and capitalize on Lopes' weaknesses. Firstly, Movsar Evloev should focus on his striking game, which has an accuracy rate of 46%. He should use his significant striking to keep Lopes at bay and avoid getting taken down. Lopes has a low striking defense rate of 40%, so attacking him with precise strikes can be effective. Secondly, Movsar Evloev's takedown average is 4.83 per 15 minutes, with a 50% success rate. He should take advantage of Lopes' low takedown defense rate of 25% and use his wrestling to control the fight on the ground. Lastly, Lopes has an average of 4.4 submissions attempted per 15 minutes, so Movsar Evloev should focus on defending against any submission attempts. Though Movsar Evloev's submission average is only 0.3 per 15 minutes, he maintains a strong defense rate of 71%. In conclusion, to win against Diego Lopes, Movsar Evloev should focus on his striking accuracy, utilize his wrestling to take him down, and defend against any submission attempts. If he can execute these tactics successfully, he has a high chance of achieving victory.

How Diego Lopes Can Win Against Movsar Evloev

Diego Lopes has a tough fight ahead of him in his matchup against Movsar Evloev, who has an impressive undefeated record of 16-0-0. However, Lopes has some strengths he can play to in order to secure a win. Firstly, Lopes has a higher submission average than Evloev, with 4.4 submissions attempted per 15 minutes compared to Evloev's 0.3. If Lopes can take the fight to the ground, he can look to capitalize on this advantage and secure a submission victory. Additionally, Evloev's takedown defense is not as strong as his takedown accuracy. Lopes may be able to exploit this weakness and successfully take Evloev down to the ground, where he can work towards a submission. Furthermore, Lopes has a higher striking accuracy than Evloev, with 50% compared to Evloev's 46%. Lopes should look to keep his striking clean and precise in order to outland Evloev, score points, and potentially secure a knockout victory. Overall, Lopes has a chance to win against Evloev if he can capitalize on his strengths in grappling and striking, and exploit any weaknesses in Evloev's defense.



In this featherweight bout, we have an undefeated prospect in Movsar Evloev taking on Diego Lopes. Evloev has looked impressive in his UFC career so far, displaying a well-rounded game with solid striking and grappling skills. Lopes, on the other hand, has struggled to find consistency in the Octagon and comes into this fight off a loss in his last outing. It's hard to bet against Evloev in this matchup. He seems to have the tools to neutralize Lopes' offensive output and impose his own game. While Lopes has a decent submission game, Evloev's grappling defense is top-notch, so it's unlikely that he'll get caught in an unfavorable position.


Pick: Movsar Evloev

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