Michelle Waterson-Gomez vs Luana Pinheiro Prediction UFC 4/8

Michelle Waterson-Gomez vs Luana Pinheiro Prediction UFC 4/8

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Fight Preview: Michelle Waterson-Gomez vs Luana Pinheiro

The UFC 287 event on April 8, 2023, will feature a highly anticipated fight between Michelle Waterson-Gomez and Luana Pinheiro. Michelle Waterson-Gomez has a record of 18-10-0, standing at 5'3" and weighing 115lbs, while Luana Pinheiro has a record of 10-1-0, standing at 5'2" and also weighing 115lbs. Waterson-Gomez has a striking accuracy of 48%, a takedown average of 1.43, and a takedown defense of 67%. She has registered three wins and three losses in her last six fights, showing inconsistency in her performances. Her most recent win came against Angela Hill, while her most recent loss came against Amanda Lemos. On the other hand, Pinheiro has a striking accuracy of 41% and an impressive takedown average of 4.76, with a takedown accuracy of 77%. She has never been taken down in her UFC career but was disqualified in her most recent fight against Randa Markos due to an illegal upkick. Pinheiro is coming into this fight with two consecutive wins, with her most recent win coming against Sam Hughes. Waterson-Gomez's experience in the octagon and striking ability will be tested against Pinheiro's strong takedowns and submission skills. It will be interesting to see how Waterson-Gomez deals with Pinheiro's relentless takedowns, as well as how Pinheiro handles Waterson-Gomez's striking. Overall, this fight has the potential to be a close match-up, with both fighters having their own strengths and weaknesses. The winner of this fight could be propelled into the top rankings and secure more significant fights in the future.


Michelle Waterson-Gomez

Michelle Waterson-Gomez is known for her striking skills that have helped her secure victories throughout her career. With a record of 18-10-0, "The Karate Hottie" has a striking accuracy of 48%, landing an average of 3.60 significant strikes per minute while absorbing 4.09 significant strikes per minute. She also has a significant strike defense of 50%. Waterson-Gomez's takedown skills cannot be ignored either. She has an average of 1.43 takedowns landed per 15 minutes with a takedown accuracy of 33%, as well as a takedown defense of 67%. Her average submission attempts per 15 minutes are 0.8. In her recent fights, Waterson-Gomez faced opponents such as Amanda Lemos, Marina Rodriguez, Angela Hill, and Carla Esparza, among others. While she has faced some losses, Waterson-Gomez's skills and experience make her a formidable opponent. She will be facing Luana Pinheiro in an upcoming matchup in UFC 287, and it will be interesting to see how her striking skills compare to Pinheiro's takedown skills.

She stands at 5'3" and weighs in at 115lbs. With a reach of 62", Waterson-Gomez is known for her striking skills and her ability to secure takedowns. Her career statistics show that she has a significant strike accuracy of 48% and a takedown accuracy of 33%. Waterson-Gomez's last fight was against Marina Rodriguez on May 8, 2021, where she lost via unanimous decision. On the other hand, Luana Pinheiro is a rising star in the strawweight division with a record of 10-1-0. Standing at 5'2" and weighing in at 115lbs, Pinheiro is known for her impressive grappling skills. Her career statistics show that she has a takedown accuracy of 77% and is yet to defend any takedowns. Pinheiro's last fight was against Sam Hughes on November 20, 2021, where she won via unanimous decision.

The matchup between Waterson-Gomez and Pinheiro is an interesting one. Waterson-Gomez has more experience and striking skills, while Pinheiro has better grappling skills with a higher takedown accuracy. It will be interesting to see how Waterson-Gomez will defend against Pinheiro's takedowns and how Pinheiro will deal with Waterson-Gomez's striking abilities. In the end, it could be a close fight, but Waterson-Gomez's experience and striking skills may give her an edge in this matchup. However, Pinheiro should not be underestimated, and if she can get the fight to the ground, she could secure a victory via submission. It will be an exciting matchup to watch, and it could go either way.


Luana Pinheiro's Striking Ability

Luana Pinheiro, with a record of 10-1-0, is a skilled striker with an impressive striking record. She has a significant striking rate of 4.49 strikes landed per minute, with a 41% accuracy. Pinheiro's striking defense is strong, with her opponents landing only 60% of their strikes. What makes Pinheiro stand out is her takedown ability, with an average of 4.76 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, and an outstanding takedown accuracy of 77%. Pinheiro's takedown defense is untested so far, with a 0% record in defending against takedowns from her opponents. In her most recent fight against Sam Hughes, Pinheiro showcased her striking power and ended the match with a unanimous decision victory. Pinheiro's quick strikes and strong defense proved too much for Hughes to handle. In her upcoming matchup against Michelle Waterson-Gomez, Pinheiro's striking ability will be put to the test. Waterson-Gomez, known as "The Karate Hottie," is a skilled striker herself and has a significant striking rate of 3.60 strikes landed per minute, with a 48% accuracy. The matchup promises to be an exciting match where both fighters will showcase their striking abilities. With her impressive striking record and takedown ability, Pinheiro has the potential to come out on top in this matchup.

She has shown in the past that she has the power and technique to knock out opponents or submit them on the ground, and will likely seek to do the same in this fight. Despite her relatively short professional career, Pinheiro has already established herself as a top prospect in women's MMA. If she can continue to perform at a high level, there is no doubt that she has the potential to become a champion in the UFC or other major organizations. Fans should definitely keep an eye on this rising star in the years to come.


How Michelle Waterson-Gomez Can Win

Michelle Waterson-Gomez can win by utilizing her karate fighting style and staying mobile in the octagon. She should focus on her striking accuracy and defense, landing significant strikes while avoiding getting hit by her opponent Luana Pinheiro. Waterson-Gomez should mix in takedowns and use her takedown defense to keep the fight standing where she can excel. Additionally, she should look to capitalize on any submission opportunities and use her experience in high-pressure fights to stay composed throughout the bout. By implementing this game plan, Michelle Waterson-Gomez can secure a victory over Luana Pinheiro and move closer to the title.


How Luana Pinheiro can win 

Luana Pinheiro can win against Michelle Waterson-Gomez by leveraging her strong takedown skills and grappling expertise. With an impressive average of 4.76 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and a Takedown Accuracy of 77%, Pinheiro can take Waterson-Gomez down to the mat and impose her ground game. She also has an average submission rate of 0.7 submissions attempted per 15 minutes, which is a testament to her submission skills. Pinheiro's striking game is also noteworthy, with an average of 4.49 significant strikes landed per minute. If she chooses to stand and strike with Waterson-Gomez, Pinheiro can use her reach advantage and accuracy to land clean shots while avoiding Waterson-Gomez's counter-attacks. On the other hand, Waterson-Gomez has an impressive striking defense of 50% and Takedown Defense of 67%, which could make it difficult for Pinheiro to take her down and keep her there. Hence, Pinheiro may need to mix up her attacks, feinting her takedowns to set up strikes and vice versa. Overall, with her ground game and accurate striking, Luana Pinheiro has the tools to win against Michelle Waterson-Gomez. She should aim to impose her game plan early in the fight and maintain a constant pressure to secure a win.


Prediction: Michelle Waterson vs. Luana Pinheiro

This is going to be a fascinating fight. Michelle Waterson is a veteran who has always been a tough out for anyone she's faced. Luana Pinheiro is a relatively new face in the UFC, but she's shown a lot of promise in her brief time in the Octagon. Pinheiro will be looking to use her strength and athleticism to overwhelm Waterson, while Waterson will try to use her experience and technique to pick apart Pinheiro. While Pinheiro certainly has the potential to win this fight, I'm going to pick Michelle Waterson to come out on top. Waterson has a lot of experience in big fights, and she's faced and beaten some very tough opponents over the years. I think she'll be able to use her technique and experience to avoid getting overwhelmed by Pinheiro's aggression, and she'll ultimately come away with a decision victory.


Pick: Michelle Waterson ML +140

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