Karol Rosa vs Norma Dumont Prediction UFC Picks 4/22

Karol Rosa vs Norma Dumont Prediction UFC Picks 4/22

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Karol Rosa vs Norma Dumont: Fight Preview

On April 22, 2023, the UFC will pit two rising stars in the women's featherweight division against each other in Karol Rosa and Norma Dumont. Both fighters have impressive records, with Rosa boasting a 16-4-0 record and Dumont holding an 8-2-0 record. Rosa is a skilled striker, averaging 6.14 significant strikes landed per minute with a striking accuracy of 56%. She also has great takedown defense, with opponents landing just 28% of their takedown attempts against her. Dumont, on the other hand, is an efficient wrestler with an average of 1.19 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 53%. She also has an impressive striking defense, with opponents landing just 31% of their significant strikes against her. This matchup will likely come down to Rosa's striking prowess vs. Dumont's ability to control the fight on the ground. If Rosa can keep the fight standing and utilize her striking skills, she may be able to earn a victory. However, if Dumont can successfully take Rosa down and neutralize her striking, she could come out on top. Overall, this promises to be an exciting matchup between two talented fighters vying for a shot at the UFC women's featherweight title.


Karol Rosa's Striking Skills

Karol Rosa is known for her impressive striking skills in the octagon. With a record of 16-4-0, she has landed significant strikes at a rate of 6.14 per minute, with a striking accuracy of 56%. Her opponents struggle to land strikes on her, as she boasts a significant strike defense of 49%. In addition to her striking skills, Karol Rosa also has impressive takedown defense, with a rate of 72% and an average of 1.67 takedowns landed per 15 minutes. Her opponents will have to come up with a strong game plan to take her down. In her upcoming matchup against Norma Dumont, Karol Rosa's striking skills will be put to the test. Norma Dumont also has strong striking skills, with a significant strike accuracy of 49% and a defense of 69%. It will be interesting to see how Karol Rosa's striking skills fare against such a tough opponent.

Karol Rosa Wrestling: A Look Into Her Past Matches

Karol Rosa has had an impressive career record of 16-4-0 in the UFC, showcasing her skills as a well-rounded athlete. Her stats show that she has a significant striking accuracy of 56%, and a takedown accuracy of 50%. She has faced tough opponents in the octagon and has emerged victorious against them. One of her recent matches was against Norma Dumont, her upcoming opponent. This match took place in UFC Fight Night: Ladd vs. Dumont on October 16, 2021. Karol Rosa won this fight in a closely contested match that went to a split decision. She showed great takedown defense against Norma, who couldn't impose her game plan in the fight. Karol Rosa landed 119 significant strikes to Norma's 102, which gave her the edge to get the win. Karol Rosa also had a notable win against Lina Lansberg, who is known for her striking skills. This fight was held in UFC 280: Oliveira vs. Makhachev on October 22, 2022. Karol Rosa demonstrated her significant striking skills by landing 143 significant strikes, with an accuracy of 55%. She dominated Lansberg from the start of the fight and secured a unanimous decision win. However, Karol Rosa has also experienced losses in her career. One such match was against Sara McMann in UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Daukaus on March 26, 2022. In this fight, McMann's wrestling skills proved to be too much for Karol Rosa. McMann took Karol Rosa down multiple times, and her ground and pound proved to be effective. Karol Rosa tried to recover by striking from the bottom position, but it wasn't enough. McMann won the fight via unanimous decision. In summary, Karol Rosa has proven to be a skilled fighter in the UFC, with her significant striking and takedown defense being her potent weapons. Her upcoming fight against Norma Dumont will be a challenge, given Dumont's wrestling skills. However, Karol Rosa's ability to counter her opponents' game plan makes her a formidable opponent for anyone in the octagon. We can look forward to seeing how she fares against Norma Dumont in their upcoming match in UFC Fight Night: Pavlovich vs. Blaydes on April 22, 2023. Norma Dumont is known for her striking abilities and has showcased them in many of her fights. Her statistics show that she lands 3.64 significant strikes per minute with a striking accuracy of 49%. She also absorbs only 2.04 significant strikes per minute, displaying solid striking defense at 69%. In her previous fight against Aspen Ladd, Dumont displayed her striking skills and won the fight via unanimous decision. She landed 65 significant strikes in the fight and showcased her precision and timing on the feet. Dumont will be facing Karol Rosa in her next fight, who is also a skilled striker. This matchup can be a striking battle between the two fighters, and Dumont will have to be careful with Rosa's striking arsenal. However, Dumont's experience in the Octagon and striking abilities can give her the edge in the fight. Overall, Norma Dumont's striking abilities make her a dangerous fighter in the women's featherweight division. If she can continue to showcase her striking skills in her upcoming fights, she can climb up the rankings and earn a title shot in the future.

Norma Dumont Wrestling: An Overview

Norma Dumont is a Brazilian mixed martial artist who competes in the women's featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She has a professional record of 8-2-0, with 53% takedown accuracy and 70% takedown defense. Dumont's wrestling skills have developed significantly since her UFC debut in 2020, and she's become a rising star in the division. Dumont's grappling is based on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a martial art that emphasizes ground fighting and submissions. She has shown good timing and technique when taking her opponents down, often using trips and sweeps to bring the fight to the ground. Once on the mat, Dumont transitions smoothly between different positions and submission attempts, forcing her opponents to constantly defend against her attacks. Dumont's striking game is still a work in progress, but she has shown improvements in recent fights. Her striking accuracy is 49%, which is decent for a fighter with a background in grappling. She doesn't have a lot of power in her hands, but she makes up for it with her ability to control the pace of the fight and wear her opponents down with her wrestling. In her most recent fight at UFC Fight Night: Ladd vs. Dumont, Norma Dumont defeated Aspen Ladd in a unanimous decision victory. The fight was a showcase of her grappling skills, as she took Ladd down repeatedly and dominated her on the ground. Dumont's next opponent is Karol Rosa at UFC Fight Night: Pavlovich vs. Blaydes on April 22, 2023. Overall, Norma Dumont's wrestling skills make her a dangerous fighter in the women's featherweight division. While she still has room for improvement in her striking game, her grappling skills are among the best in the division, and she has the potential to become a contender in the future.


Karol Rosa's Path to Victory Against Norma Dumont

Karol Rosa has a strong record and impressive stats that make her a formidable opponent to anyone. To win against Norma Dumont, she should utilize her striking abilities and keep the fight standing. Karol Rosa has a higher significant striking accuracy and lands more strikes per minute than Norma Dumont, which gives her a significant advantage in standing exchanges. Furthermore, Karol Rosa has a higher takedown defense percentage, which she can use to keep the fight standing and avoid being taken down by Norma Dumont. If Norma Dumont tries to take her down, Karol Rosa should use her excellent takedown defense to avoid being taken down and keep the fight where she has the advantage. Finally, Karol Rosa can also use her reach advantage to keep Norma Dumont at bay and prevent her from closing the distance. Her strong striking abilities, takedown defense, and reach advantage combined give her a great opportunity to win against Norma Dumont. Karol Rosa should execute her game plan effectively and capitalize on her strengths to earn a victory.

How Norma Dumont can defeat Karol Rosa

1. Utilize her reach advantage: Norma Dumont has a two-inch reach advantage over Karol Rosa. She should use her reach to keep Rosa at bay, land jabs, and create openings for her strikes. 2. Improve her striking accuracy: Dumont has a lower striking accuracy than Rosa. She should work on her striking accuracy in training and aim to land more significant strikes during the fight. 3. Make use of her takedown skills: Dumont has a higher takedown accuracy than Rosa. She should look to take Rosa down, control her on the ground and look for submission opportunities. 4. Improve her ground-and-pound: If Dumont manages to take Rosa down, she should be aggressive with her ground-and-pound, aiming to inflict damage and possibly finish the fight. 5. Push the pace: Rosa has shown in her previous fights that she can slow down when pressured. Dumont should push the pace, keep up the pressure, and take advantage of Rosa's potential fatigue. Overall, Norma Dumont has a clear path to victory over Karol Rosa. She needs to utilize her strengths, work on her weaknesses, and be aggressive in the fight.



This is going to be an exciting matchup between two talented fighters. Karol Rosa has a slightly better record and has been more active lately, which could give her an advantage. However, Norma Dumont has a solid takedown defense and striking accuracy, which could make things difficult for Rosa.


Pick: Norma Dumont ML -115

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