Karl Williams vs Chase Sherman Prediction UFC 287 Picks 4/8

Karl Williams vs Chase Sherman Prediction UFC 287 Picks 4/8

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Karl Williams vs Chase Sherman: Fight Preview

The upcoming bout between Karl Williams and Chase Sherman is set to be an explosive showdown. Williams comes into this fight with a record of 8-1-0 and stands at 6'3" tall, weighing in at 235lbs. His striking accuracy stands at an impressive 61%, and he boasts a takedown accuracy of 68%, making him a well-rounded fighter in the octagon. Sherman, on the other hand, has a record of 16-11-0 and stands at a towering 6'4" tall, weighing in at 250lbs. He has a significant strike landed per minute of 6.30, but his striking accuracy stands at 46%. However, he has a takedown accuracy of 50% and a respectable takedown defense of 66%. Both fighters have something to prove in this matchup, with Williams looking to cement himself as a rising star in the UFC and Sherman looking to redeem himself after a string of losses. With their contrasting styles, fans can expect an intense battle of wills in the octagon. It remains to be seen which fighter will come out on top, but fans can expect a thrilling fight between two skilled competitors. This is not one to be missed!


Karl Williams Striking

Karl Williams is a rising star in the UFC heavyweight division, and his striking game is a big reason why. With a record of 8-1-0, the 6'3" fighter from the United States has proven himself as a dangerous force in the Octagon. Williams' striking statistics speak for themselves. He lands an average of 2.07 significant strikes per minute, with a 61% accuracy rate. His opponents, on the other hand, only land an average of 0.90 significant strikes per minute, showcasing his impressive defense with a 53% strike defense rate. In addition to his striking accuracy, Williams also has an impressive takedown game. He averages 5.50 takedowns per 15 minutes, with a 68% takedown accuracy rate and a 100% takedown defense rate. These statistics highlight Williams' well-rounded skill set and make him a dangerous opponent for anyone in the heavyweight division. As Williams continues to climb the ranks in the UFC, his striking game will only improve. With his accuracy and power on the feet, he has the potential to become a top contender in the division and a true force to be reckoned with in the Octagon.

Karl Williams Wrestling

Karl Williams is a fighter to watch out for when it comes to his wrestling abilities inside the octagon. With a career statistics of 5.50 average takedowns landed per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 68%, Williams is a skilled wrestler who can take his opponents down to the mat with ease. His wrestling domination was showcased in his recent fight against Lukasz Brzeski where he secured a unanimous decision victory. Throughout the fight, Williams consistently took Brzeski down and controlled him on the ground, racking up a total of 10 takedowns. Williams’ wrestling abilities will be put to the test in his upcoming matchup against Chase Sherman. Sherman, who has a takedown defense of 66%, will present a challenge for Williams to take down. However, Williams’ 100% takedown defense will also make it difficult for Sherman to take him down. It will be interesting to see how the wrestling aspect of this matchup plays out and if Williams will be able to use his takedowns to control the pace of the fight. Regardless, Williams’ wrestling skills make him a formidable opponent in any fight he enters.


Chase Sherman Striking

Chase Sherman, also known as "The Vanilla Gorilla," is a striker through and through. With a significant striking rate of 6.30 strikes landed per minute, and an accuracy rate of 46%, he is always looking to throw heavy punches and kicks. He has a dangerous striking style, which is focused on timing, power, and accuracy. He is known for his excellent use of range and distancing, using his long reach of 78" to keep his opponents at bay and strike from the outside. In his upcoming fight against Karl Williams, Sherman will need to stay focused on his striking abilities to secure the win. He will most likely try to keep the fight on the feet and outstrike Williams from the outside. He will need to use his jab, kicks, and long-range straight punches to keep Williams at a safe distance and avoid his takedowns. However, Sherman's striking is not flawless. He absorbs an average of 6.85 significant strikes per minute, and his striking defence is only 51%. This makes him vulnerable to counter shots and leaves him open to be hit. Williams may exploit this weakness and look to hurt Sherman with his powerful punches. Overall, Sherman has a slight advantage on the feet due to his size, reach, and striking experience. If he can keep the fight standing, he should be able to outstrike Williams and secure the win. However, he needs to be wary of Williams' striking abilities and avoid taking unnecessary shots. It's going to be an exciting fight, and fans can expect a striking showcase from both fighters.

Chase Sherman Wrestling

Chase Sherman is primarily known for his striking skills, but he is no slouch when it comes to wrestling. With a takedown average of 0.10 and a takedown accuracy of 50%, he has the ability to take his opponents down to the mat and control the fight from there. However, his takedown defense is not as strong as his offense, with a 66% defense rate. This could be a problem against wrestlers who have a strong takedown game. In his last fight against Waldo Cortes-Acosta, Sherman was taken down twice but was able to get back up to his feet quickly. He was also able to stuff some of Cortes-Acosta's takedown attempts. In his upcoming matchup against Karl Williams at UFC 287, we could see Sherman utilize his wrestling more if he feels that Williams has the advantage on the feet. Sherman will need to be careful though, as Williams has a 68% takedown accuracy and could look to take the fight to the ground. Overall, while Sherman's wrestling may not be the strongest aspect of his game, it is still a tool he can use to control the fight and potentially secure a victory.


How Karl Williams Can Win Against Chase Sherman

Karl Williams, with a record of 8-1-0, has a good chance of winning against Chase Sherman if he plays to his strengths. Williams has an excellent takedown game, with an average of 5.50 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 68%. He should look to use his takedowns to control the fight and keep Sherman on the ground where he is less dangerous. Williams should also look to use his significant striking accuracy of 61% to his advantage. He should look to land his significant strikes with power and accuracy to wear Sherman down over the course of the fight. Williams' defense should also be a factor, as he has a significant striking defense of 53%, meaning he can absorb strikes from Sherman while minimizing damage. In contrast, Sherman has a low takedown defense of 66%, which Williams can exploit. He should look to take Sherman down and control the fight from there, limiting his opponent's striking ability. Overall, if Williams can effectively use his takedowns, striking accuracy, and defense, he has a strong chance of winning against Sherman.


How Chase Sherman Can Win Against Karl Williams

Chase Sherman, also known as "The Vanilla Gorilla," can secure a victory against Karl Williams by utilizing his significant striking skills. With an impressive SLpM of 6.30 and a Striking Accuracy of 46%, Sherman can overpower Williams with his heavy punches and kicks. Moreover, Sherman should focus on defending against Williams' takedowns, who has a Takedown Accuracy of 68%. With a Takedown Defense of 66%, Sherman can prevent Williams from taking him down to the ground and scoring points. Sherman should also use his reach advantage and keep Williams at distance to avoid getting hit by his opponent's significant strikes. With a Reach of 78", Sherman can land his strikes before Williams can counter. In summary, Chase Sherman can win against Karl Williams by relying on his superior striking skills, defending against takedowns, and maintaining distance to avoid getting hit.


Prediction: Karl Williams vs Chase Sherman

In this matchup between Karl Williams and Chase Sherman, Williams holds the advantage both in terms of record and statistics. With an 8-1-0 record and impressive stats in striking, takedowns, and defense, Williams has consistently shown himself to be a formidable fighter. Meanwhile, while Sherman has more experience, his record of 16-11-0 is not as impressive, and his striking and takedown stats are lower than Williams'. While Sherman is known for his power, Williams' striking defense may be enough to neutralize this advantage. Ultimately, we predict that Williams will come out on top in this fight, frustrating Sherman with his strong defense and landing clean strikes of his own. While the odds may favor Williams as the favorite, we believe that he is the better fighter in the matchup and is a solid pick to win. 


Pick: Karl Williams

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