Karine Silva vs Ketlen Souza Prediction UFC Picks 6/3

Karine Silva vs Ketlen Souza Prediction UFC Picks 6/3

Fight Preview: Karine Silva vs Ketlen Souza

On June 3, 2023, two of the top flyweights in the UFC will go head-to-head in a highly anticipated matchup. Karine Silva, with a record of 15-4-0, will take on Ketlen Souza, who has a record of 13-3-0. Karine Silva, known as "Killer," is a skilled striker with an orthodox stance. She boasts an impressive SLpM of 2.49 and a TDAvg. of 1.29, demonstrating her versatility in both striking and grappling. With a significant striking accuracy of 26%, Karine Silva is an extremely accurate fighter, who can inflict serious damage on her opponents. She also has a Sub. Avg. of 3.9, indicating her proficiency in submissions. On the other hand, Ketlen Souza, known as "Quebradinha," is predominantly a striker but lacks the statistics to back it up. She has shown no significant striking accuracy, with an SLpM and SApM of 0.00, indicating that she may struggle against an accurate striker like Karine Silva. In terms of grappling, Ketlen Souza has not attempted any takedowns in her UFC career, and her TDAvg. and TDAcc. stats are both 0.00, suggesting that she may not be comfortable with grappling. 


Karine Silva Striking: 

Karine Silva's striking abilities have been nothing short of impressive throughout her MMA career. With a record of 15-4-0, the Killer has proven time and time again that she is a force to be reckoned with in the octagon. Looking at her career statistics, Karine Silva has an average of 2.49 significant strikes landed per minute with a striking accuracy of 26%. Her ability to land punches with precision and power has earned her multiple wins by KO/TKO. In her most recent fight against Yan Qihui, Karine Silva showcased her versatility by submitting her opponent with a guillotine choke, proving that she is not just a one-dimensional fighter. Leading up to her next fight against Ketlen Souza, Karine Silva's striking will be crucial in securing a victory. Souza has a record of 13-3-0 and is known for her grappling abilities, making it important for Karine Silva to keep the fight standing and utilize her striking skills. With a reach of 67 inches, Karine Silva has an advantage over Souza and will need to use it to keep her opponent at bay. She will also need to be cautious of Souza's takedown attempts and use her takedown defense to keep the fight standing. Overall, Karine Silva's striking will be the key to victory against Ketlen Souza. If the Killer can land significant strikes and keep the fight standing, she will likely come out on top.

Karine Silva Wrestling: 

When it comes to the wrestling abilities of Karine Silva, there's no doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with. With a record of 15-4-0, Karine Silva has proven time and time again that she has what it takes to dominate her opponents on the ground. In terms of statistics, Karine Silva's SLpM (significant strikes landed per minute) is at 2.49, while her Str.Acc. (significant striking accuracy) is at 26%. On the other hand, her SApM (significant strikes absorbed per minute) is at 3.95, while her Str.Def (significant strike defence) is at 35%. These numbers show that while Karine Silva is not necessarily the most accurate striker, she is still capable of landing significant strikes and defending herself well in order to set up a takedown. Speaking of takedowns, Karine Silva's TDAvg. (average takedowns landed per 15 minutes) is at 1.29, while her TDAcc. (takedown accuracy) is at 33%. Interestingly, Karine Silva has a TDDef. (takedown defence) of 0%, which means that opponents have been successful in their takedown attempts against her. However, Karine Silva's Sub.Avg. (average submissions attempted per 15 minutes) is at 3.9, which shows that she excels in her submission game once the fight hits the ground. Looking at Karine Silva's past fights, one can see that she is not afraid to go for the takedown early and often. In her most recent fight against Yan Qihui at DWCS 5.9, she was successful in securing a first-round submission victory via guillotine choke. In another notable fight against Poliana Botelho at UFC Fight Night: Volkov vs Rozenstruik, Karine Silva was able to secure a second-round submission victory via D'Arce choke. Up next for Karine Silva is a highly-anticipated matchup against Ketlen Souza at UFC Fight Night: Kara-France vs Albazi. While Ketlen Souza may not have any statistics available, she is a fellow Brazilian fighter with a record of 13-3-0. Given Karine Silva's impressive wrestling skills, it will be interesting to see how she fares against Souza's striking abilities. Overall, Karine Silva's wrestling game is one to watch out for. With her strong takedowns and submission skills, she has the potential to dominate opponents on the ground and earn herself another victory in the octagon.


Ketlen Souza Striking Preview

Ketlen Souza, also known as Quebradinha, is a Brazilian UFC fighter with an impressive record of 13-3-0. Although she does not have any statistics for significant strikes landed per minute or striking accuracy, she has shown great potential in previous fights. Souza has a background in Muay Thai and has demonstrated her striking abilities in past fights, often utilizing her strong kicks to control the distance and keep her opponents at bay. Her punches are also powerful, often landing with precise accuracy, disrupting her opponent's rhythm and causing damage. In her upcoming fight against Karine Silva at UFC Fight Night: Kara-France vs. Albazi on June 3, 2023, Souza will need to showcase her striking skills to secure a victory. Silva has a higher significant strikes landed per minute, striking accuracy, and significant strikes absorbed per minute. This means that Souza will need to use her striking prowess to gain an advantage in the fight. Overall, Souza is a formidable fighter with the ability to showcase her striking abilities in the octagon. As she continues to develop her skills and gain experience, she has the potential to become a dominant force in the UFC's flyweight division.

Ketlen Souza: The Brazilian Queen of Wrestling

Ketlen Souza is a Brazilian mixed martial artist who currently competes in the UFC's women's flyweight division. She is known for her exceptional wrestling skills, which she has honed through years of training and competition. Souza has a professional record of 13 wins and only 3 losses, with her last fight being a unanimous decision loss to Viviane Araujo in September 2020. Despite this setback, many MMA fans and analysts still consider Souza to be one of the most promising up-and-comers in the flyweight division. Her wrestling background has been a significant contributing factor to her success in MMA. Souza is a former world champion in freestyle wrestling and was also part of the Brazilian national team for several years. With her technical proficiency and explosive takedowns, she has managed to out-grapple and out-muscle many of her opponents. In her upcoming fight against Karine Silva at UFC Fight Night: Kara-France vs. Albazi on June 3, 2023, Souza will have a chance to showcase her grappling skills once again. Silva is a talented striker who has won her last two fights via submission, so it will be interesting to see how Souza approaches the fight. If she can take Silva down early and impose her wrestling game, Souza will be in a commanding position to earn a victory. However, if she struggles to close the distance and get the fight to the ground, Silva's striking prowess could be dangerous. Overall, Souza's grappling skills make her a formidable opponent for anyone in the flyweight division. If she continues to improve her striking and stay active in the octagon, she has the potential to become a title contender in the near future.


How Karine Silva Can Win Against Ketlen Souza

To win her upcoming fight against Ketlen Souza, Karine Silva needs to utilize her significant striking and takedown abilities. With a record of 15-4-0 and a 33% takedown accuracy, Silva should aim to take Souza down to the ground where she can control the fight and potentially secure a submission victory. Her average of 3.9 submissions attempted per 15 minutes showcases her ability in this area. Additionally, Silva should rely on her striking accuracy of 26% to land significant strikes on Souza. Souza has a 0% striking accuracy and defense, which gives Silva an advantage in this area. If Silva can effectively mix up her striking and takedown attempts, she has a strong chance of winning the fight by either decision or submission.

How Ketlen Souza Can Defeat Karine Silva:

Despite her lack of statistics, Ketlen Souza has proven to be a formidable opponent in the flyweight division. To win against Karine Silva, she should focus on the following: 1. Utilize her wrestling skills: With Karine Silva's Takedown Defense at 0%, Souza should take advantage of this weakness and try to take the fight to the ground. 2. Be patient: Karine Silva has a higher striking accuracy than Souza, so it's important for her to choose her moments and not rush in without a clear strategy. 3. Improve her striking defense: Souza's striking defense is only 35%, which could be detrimental when facing someone like Silva. To counter this, she should work on her footwork and head movement to avoid being hit. 4. Look for submissions: Souza has a higher submission average than Silva, so she could try to take the fight to the ground and look for an opportunity to submit her opponent. Overall, Ketlen Souza can win by using her wrestling skills, being patient and strategic, improving her striking defense, and looking for submission opportunities.


In this matchup between two talented flyweights, Karine Silva appears to have the edge. Silva has more experience and a better track record than Souza, with a record of 15-4-0 compared to Souza's 13-3-0. Silva also has a higher significant strike rate and takedown accuracy, which should help her control the fight. However, Souza is a skilled fighter in her own right and could certainly pull off an upset. She'll need to stay aggressive and look for opportunities to finish the fight early.


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