Kai Kara-France vs Amir Albazi Prediction UFC Picks 6/3

Kai Kara-France vs Amir Albazi Prediction UFC Picks 6/3

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Fight Preview: Kai Kara-France vs Amir Albazi

On June 3rd, 2023, Kai Kara-France and Amir Albazi will go head-to-head in what promises to be an exciting matchup. With records of 24-10-0 (1NC) and 16-1-0 respectively, both fighters bring a wealth of experience and skill to the octagon. Kai Kara-France, with a height of 5'4" and reach of 69", is known for his striking accuracy and solid takedown defense. His opponent, Amir Albazi, stands at 5'5" with a reach of 68" and boasts an impressive takedown average of 2.47 per 15 minutes. With both fighters having a history of finishing fights, fans can expect non-stop action from start to finish. 


Kai Kara-France Striking

Kai Kara-France is known for his exceptional striking skills. The orthodox fighter has an impressive striking accuracy of 40%, landing an average of 4.70 significant strikes per minute. He has a solid striking defense with a percentage of 64%, which means he is skilled at avoiding his opponent's strikes. In terms of his takedown game, Kai Kara-France has an average of 0.51 takedowns landed per 15 minutes with a takedown accuracy of 25%. However, his takedown defense is exceptional, with a percentage of 87% which means he is difficult to take down. Kai Kara-France's last five fights have been noteworthy, with four wins and one loss. In his most recent fight, he lost to UFC Flyweight Champion Brandon Moreno in a closely contested match at UFC 277. Kai Kara-France's striking is expected to be a significant factor in his upcoming fight against Amir Albazi at UFC Fight Night on June 3, 2023. A win against Albazi could contribute to his position as a top contender in the flyweight division.

Kai Kara-France wrestling

Kai Kara-France is a talented wrestler known for his quick movements and strong takedown defense. The New Zealander has won 25 out of his 35 professional fights, with 10 of those victories coming by knockout. On June 3, 2023, he will face-off against Amir Albazi in a highly anticipated matchup. Albazi, who has 16 wins and only 1 loss, is a dangerous submission specialist who will look to test Kai Kara-France's wrestling abilities. Kai Kara-France's takedown average is 0.51 per 15 minutes, indicating that he prefers to keep the fight standing. However, he has a strong takedown defense of 87%, meaning his opponents have a hard time taking him down. In addition, his significant strike defense of 64% suggests he can effectively defend against striking attempts. On the other hand, Albazi has a high takedown average of 2.47 per 15 minutes and an equally impressive takedown accuracy of 50%. He also has a submission average of 0.8 per 15 minutes, showcasing his proficiency in the submission game. Overall, this fight promises to be an exciting matchup between two talented wrestlers with contrasting styles. With Kai Kara-France's strong takedown defense and Albazi's submission skills, it will be interesting to see which fighter comes out on top.


Amir Albazi's Striking: A Closer Look

Amir Albazi, also known as "The Prince," is set to face off against Kai Kara-France in an upcoming UFC Fight Night. A closer look at Albazi's striking abilities reveals that he has the potential to give Kara-France a tough challenge in the octagon. With a record of 16-1-0, Albazi has a significant striking rate of 43%, landing 3.54 significant strikes per minute. His opponents struggle to land significant strikes on him, with a striking defence rate of 61%. Albazi also averages 2.47 takedowns per 15 minutes with a takedown accuracy rate of 50%. In his most recent fight against Alessandro Costa, Albazi showcased his striking skills, knocking out his opponent with a punch in the third round. He also showed his grappling abilities by securing a rear-naked choke submission victory over Francisco Figueiredo. While Albazi may have less experience than Kara-France, his striking accuracy and ability to mix up his striking with grappling techniques makes him a formidable opponent. Kara-France will need to be on his A-game to come out victorious in their upcoming matchup.

Amir Albazi Wrestling

Amir Albazi is an accomplished wrestler, with a background in freestyle wrestling. He has represented Sweden in various international competitions and has won several medals in national and international tournaments. Albazi's wrestling skills have been on full display in his MMA career, where he has averaged 2.47 takedowns per 15 minutes with an impressive 50% takedown accuracy. His wrestling ability has allowed him to control the pace of his fights and dictate where the fight takes place. In his upcoming matchup against Kai Kara-France, Albazi's wrestling skills could be a deciding factor. Kara-France has a strong striking game but has struggled against opponents that can take him down and control him on the ground. Albazi's takedowns could limit Kara-France's striking ability and put him in a compromised position on the ground. However, Kara-France has shown improvement in his takedown defense, with an impressive 87% takedown defense rate. If he can keep the fight standing and use his striking prowess, he could make it a difficult night for Albazi. Overall, Albazi's wrestling skills make him a difficult matchup for any opponent. If he can utilize his takedowns and control the pace of the fight, he could come out victorious against Kara-France.


How Kai Kara-France can win

To win his upcoming matchup against Amir Albazi at UFC Fight Night, Kai Kara-France must utilize his superior striking skills. With a significant striking accuracy of 40%, he should look to keep the fight standing and pick apart Albazi with his high volume of significant strikes landed per minute (4.70). However, he must also be aware of Albazi's takedown ability, as he averages 2.47 takedowns per 15 minutes with a 50% takedown accuracy. To counter this, Kai Kara-France should focus on his impressive takedown defense (87%) and look to keep the fight in the center of the octagon. If he can successfully stuff Albazi's takedowns and avoid getting taken down himself, Kai Kara-France has the potential to earn a victory via decision or even a knockout. With his strong striking and solid takedown defense, he has the tools to come out on top in this matchup.

How Amir Albazi Can Win Against Kai Kara-France

To win against Kai Kara-France, Amir Albazi needs to rely on his superior grappling skills. With a TDAvg. of 2.47 and a TDAcc. of 50%, Albazi can use his wrestling to take Kai Kara-France to the ground and control the fight from there. He also has a Sub.Avg. of 0.8, meaning he is a threat on the ground and can finish the fight with a submission. Albazi should also use his striking to set up his takedowns. With a Str.Acc. of 43%, he can land significant strikes to make Kai Kara-France think twice about defending the takedown. Additionally, he can use his 5'5" height and 68" reach advantage to keep Kai Kara-France at a distance and avoid getting caught in striking exchanges. Overall, Amir Albazi can win against Kai Kara-France by using his wrestling to control the fight on the ground and possibly secure a submission. He can also use his striking to set up his takedowns and keep Kai Kara-France at a distance to avoid getting caught in striking exchanges.



This is going to be a close fight between two highly skilled fighters in the flyweight division. Both Kai Kara-France and Amir Albazi have impressive records and have shown their abilities inside the octagon. Kara-France has the edge in striking, with a higher significant strike accuracy and volume. On the other hand, Albazi is more proficient in grappling, with a higher takedown accuracy and submission average. It is going to come down to who can implement their game plan better. If Albazi can take Kara-France down and work his ground game, he has a high chance of winning via submission. 


Pick: Amir Albazi ML -112

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