Jaqueline Amorim vs Sam Hughes Prediction UFC 287 Picks 4/8

Jaqueline Amorim vs Sam Hughes Prediction UFC 287 Picks 4/8

Fight Preview: Jaqueline Amorim vs Sam Hughes

The UFC 287: Pereira vs. Adesanya 2 on April 8, 2023, will feature an exciting women's strawweight bout between undefeated Jaqueline Amorim and Sam Hughes. Amorim, with a perfect record of 6-0-0, stands at 5'3" and weighs 115lbs. While she doesn't have any career statistics to show, she is known for her striking skills and has the potential to surprise her opponents with her submission skills. On the other hand, Sam Hughes has a record of 7-5-0 and stands at 5'5" and weighs 115lbs. With a significant striking rate of 3.93 SLpM and an accuracy rate of 47%, Hughes can pose a significant threat to her opponents. She also has a good takedown accuracy rate of 37%. Both fighters are of a similar height and weight, making it an even match-up. Hughes may have an advantage with her striking skills and takedown accuracy, but Amorim's unbeaten record and submission skills may give her the edge. Fans can expect an exciting and closely contested fight between these two fighters at UFC 287. Will Sam Hughes continue with her winning streak or will Jaqueline Amorim remain undefeated? Only time will tell.


Jaqueline Amorim: The Striking Phenom

When it comes to striking, few in the women's strawweight division can match the skills of Jaqueline Amorim. With a flawless record of 6-0-0, Amorim has displayed a striking accuracy rate of 100%, with every significant strike landing on her opponents. She absorbs no significant strikes and has excellent striking defense skills that make it tough for her opponents to land a strike on her. At 5'3" inches tall and weighing 115lbs, Amorim's size gives her an agility advantage in the Octagon, allowing her to move around easily and deliver devastating strikes from different angles. Her opponents are always on the lookout for her striking prowess, knowing that one mistake could lead to them hitting the canvas. With zero takedowns on her record, Amorim's striking skills are even more impressive. She relies solely on her striking ability to take down her opponent, and so far, it has worked out well for her. Her striking speed and power are so deadly that her opponents often struggle to defend against her relentless attacks. In her upcoming fight against Sam Hughes, a fellow strawweight fighter, Amorim's striking ability will no doubt be put to the test. But with her impressive record and unbeatable striking skills, it's hard not to predict that she will emerge victorious in this matchup. As the future of the women's strawweight division continues to unfold, one thing is for sure – Jaqueline Amorim will remain a dominant force in the Octagon, striking fear into the hearts of her opponents with every punch and kick she delivers.

Jaqueline Amorim's Wrestling Skills

With a perfect record of 6-0-0, Jaqueline Amorim is one of the most promising fighters in the women's 115lb division. Although her striking skills are still a work in progress, her wrestling skills are impressive enough to make her a dangerous opponent for anyone in her weight class. Amorim is a grappler at heart, and she's constantly looking for opportunities to take her opponents down to the ground. She has a decent takedown average of 0.00 and a takedown accuracy of 0%. It's clear that she favors the ground game, as she has never attempted a submission in any of her fights. Her game plan is simple, to take her opponents down to the ground, control them, and wear them down until the final bell. While Amorim's wrestling abilities are impressive, she will need to work on her striking if she wants to compete with the best fighters in the division. Thus far, she has not landed a single significant strike or defended one. This deficiency could hurt her if she encounters a striker with decent takedown defense. If Amorim can improve her striking game, she will become an even more formidable fighter who could easily dominate the competition. For now, she will need to rely on her wrestling skills to keep her record clean and continue to climb the ranks in the women's 115lb division.


Sam Hughes' Striking: A Key Factor in Her Future Fights

Sam Hughes is a skilled striker in the UFC women's division with a 7-5-0 record. Her striking statistics, with an average of 3.93 significant strikes landed per minute, at a 47% significant striking accuracy, shows her proficiency in striking. On the other hand, her 4.88 significant strikes absorbed per minute and 52% significant strike defense show room for improvement. Hughes' striking style is more technical, featuring a mix of kicks, punches, and elbows. She possesses significant power in her hands, as demonstrated by her TKO victory against Elise Reed in UFC Fight Night: Holm vs. Vieira in May 2022. However, Hughes has also been vulnerable to head strikes from opponents, particularly in her fights against Tecia Torres and Luana Pinheiro. In her upcoming fight against Jaqueline Amorim, Hughes' striking skills will be crucial. Her opponent has no recorded significant strikes landed, suggesting that Amorim is either a low-volume or a ground fighter. Hughes can utilize her striking technique to keep the fight on the feet, where she can score points. However, she must avoid becoming overly aggressive and exposing herself to takedowns. Overall, Hughes' striking is a crucial component of her fighting style. With more experience, she can fine-tune her techniques and improve her striking defense to become a dominant force in the UFC women's division.

Sam Hughes Wrestling: An Analysis

Sam Hughes is a skilled wrestler with a record of 7 victories and 5 defeats in the competitive world of MMA. Standing at 5'5" tall and weighing 115lbs, Hughes has a reach of 64 inches and fights in the Orthodox stance. In terms of statistics, Hughes has a significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) of 3.93, with a significant striking accuracy (Str. Acc.) of 47%. Her significant strikes absorbed per minute (SApM) is 4.88, and her significant strike defense (Str. Def.) is at 52%. Hughes has an average takedown rate of 1.14, with a takedown accuracy (TDAcc.) of 37% and a takedown defense (TDDef.) of 47%. Her average submissions attempted per 15 minutes (Sub. Avg.) is 0.0. Analyzing her past fights, Hughes has faced tough opponents and has lost to some of the best fighters in the industry. She has lost to fighters like Loma Lookboonmee and Tecia Torres, but she has also beaten Elise Reed and Istela Nunes in fights that have gone the distance. In her fight against Loma Lookboonmee, Hughes relied heavily on her wrestling skills but ultimately lost in a decision. She will need to take a more versatile approach in her next matchups, utilizing a combination of striking and grappling techniques. If she can effectively mix her wrestling with striking and impose her will on her opponents, she could climb up the rankings and establish herself as a top contender in the future. Overall, Sam Hughes has shown that she is a tenacious wrestler with a good work ethic and the ability to go the distance. While her record may not be perfect, Hughes has a lot of potential to improve and become a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world.


How Jaqueline Amorim Can Win Against Sam Hughes

Jaqueline Amorim has an undefeated record of 6-0-0 and is ready to face Sam Hughes in the upcoming UFC 287 event. To secure her victory, Amorim has to focus on her strengths and weaknesses while analyzing her opponent's game plan. Amorim should utilize her impeccable striking skills and aim for significant strikes with high accuracy while avoiding Hughes' strong striking game. She can also use her takedown defense skills to avoid being taken down by Hughes, who has a decent takedown average. If Hughes takes her down, she should stay calm and use her submission defense skills to avoid any submission attempts by Hughes. Furthermore, Amorim should focus on her cardio and maintain a high pace throughout the fight to wear down Hughes, who has previously lost via decision. Lastly, she should stay patient and avoid making any risky moves that could lead to her downfall. To sum it up, Jaqueline Amorim should focus on utilizing her striking skills, defending against takedowns, maintaining a high pace, and staying calm under pressure to secure a win against Sam Hughes in the upcoming UFC 287 event.

How Sam Hughes Can Win Against Jaqueline Amorim

Sam Hughes can win against Jaqueline Amorim by utilizing her significant striking and takedown abilities. With a higher significant striking accuracy and defense, Hughes can land more effective strikes and avoid being hit by Amorim. Hughes' takedown accuracy and defense can also come in handy to control the fight and prevent Amorim from using her ground game. Additionally, Hughes can take advantage of Amorim's lack of experience in the UFC. With a record of 6-0-0, Amorim has yet to face the level of competition that Hughes has encountered. Hughes has fought and defeated top-tier fighters such as Elise Reed and Istela Nunes, showing her ability to perform at the highest level. In terms of strategy, Hughes can also use her reach advantage to keep Amorim at bay and dictate the pace of the fight. By constantly moving and mixing up her strikes, Hughes can keep Amorim guessing and prevent her from establishing a rhythm. Overall, Sam Hughes can win against Jaqueline Amorim by utilizing her significant striking and takedown abilities, taking advantage of Amorim's lack of experience in the UFC, and using her reach advantage to dictate the fight.


Prediction: Jaqueline Amorim vs. Sam Hughes

For this matchup in UFC 287, I predict that Jaqueline Amorim will come out on top. While both fighters have similar height and weight, with Hughes having a slight advantage in reach, Amorim's undefeated record and lack of statistical weaknesses give her a slight edge in this bout. However, Hughes has shown that she can be a tough opponent with her striking accuracy and takedown proficiency, so it won't be an easy fight for Amorim. 


Pick: Jaqueline Amorim 

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