Jamall Emmers vs Jack Jenkins Prediction UFC Picks 6/24

Jamall Emmers vs Jack Jenkins Prediction UFC Picks 6/24

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Fight Preview: Jamall Emmers vs Jack Jenkins

The upcoming fight between Jamall Emmers and Jack Jenkins is set to be a thrilling matchup between two highly skilled fighters. Both fighters have impressive records, with Emmers holding a record of 19-6-0 and Jenkins holding a record of 11-2-0. Emmers is known for his striking ability, with a significant strike rate of 5.28 per minute and a striking accuracy of 50%. He also has a solid takedown game, averaging 2.26 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 50%. Emmers' strengths also lie in his significant strike defence, with an impressive defence rate of 59%. Jenkins, on the other hand, is a well-rounded fighter with a significant strike rate of 4.54 per minute and a striking accuracy of 69%. He also has a dominant wrestling game, averaging 4.07 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and boasting an impressive takedown accuracy rate of 72%. Jenkins also has a strong takedown defence, with a defence rate of 80%. Both fighters have had recent victories, with Emmers defeating Khusein Askhabov and Jenkins defeating Don Shainis and Emiliano Linares. With their impressive records and skill sets, the Emmers vs Jenkins matchup is sure to be a highly competitive and exciting fight.


Jamall Emmers Striking: 

Jamall Emmers is a veteran in the featherweight division with a record of 19-6-0. Standing at 5'10" with a 74" reach, he boasts an orthodox stance and has significant striking statistics, with a significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) of 5.28 and a significant striking accuracy of 50%. His striking defense is also impressive, with 59% of his opponent's strikes not landing. Emmers also has a well-rounded game, with a takedown average of 2.26 per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 50%, along with a perfect takedown defense. He has an average number of submissions attempted per 15 minutes at 0.3, although this indicates that his main focus is on striking. In his recent fights, Emmers has had mixed results. He was able to secure a win against Khusein Askhabov in UFC Fight Night: Andrade vs Blanchfield via unanimous decision, but lost to Pat Sabatini via submission (heel hook) in UFC Fight Night: Barboza vs Chikadze. On the other hand, Jack Jenkins is a rising star in the featherweight division with a record of 11-2-0. He stands at 5'7" with a reach of 68", and has a switch stance. Jenkins has impressive takedown statistics, with an average of 4.07 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 72%, along with an 80% takedown defense. Jenkins is also a skilled striker, with a significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) of 4.54 and a significant striking accuracy of 69%. His striking defense is slightly lower than Emmers, with 58% of his opponent's strikes not landing. In his recent fights, Jenkins secured a win against Emiliano Linares in DWCS6.10 via knockout (punches), highlighting his striking power. He also secured a win against Don Shainis in UFC 284: Makhachev vs Volkanovski via unanimous decision. When these two featherweight fighters meet, it will be an exciting matchup between two fighters with impressive striking and takedown skills. Emmers' striking accuracy and defense will be put to the test against Jenkins' striking power and takedown accuracy. However, Emmers' more well-rounded game may give him an advantage in this matchup. It will be interesting to see how their styles clash and who comes out on top.

Jamall Emmers Wrestling: 

Jamall Emmers is a talented MMA fighter known for his impressive wrestling skills. With a professional record of 19-6-0, the 5'10" fighter from the USA has made a name for himself in the featherweight division with his technical ability and powerful takedowns. Emmers' career statistics reveal just how dominant he can be on the ground. He boasts an average of 2.26 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, with a takedown accuracy of 50% and a takedown defense of 100%. This means he is extremely skilled at taking his opponents down and controlling the fight from there. In addition to his wrestling prowess, Emmer's striking is also noteworthy. He lands an average of 5.28 significant strikes per minute with a striking accuracy of 50%, while his striking defense is 59%, indicating his ability to avoid his opponent's strikes. Emmers will face off against Jack Jenkins at UFC Fight Night: Emmett vs. Topuria on June 24, 2023. Jenkins is also a skilled wrestler, with a record of 11-2-0 and an impressive average of 4.07 takedowns landed per 15 minutes. However, Emmer's superior statistics in both takedowns and striking make him a formidable opponent for Jenkins. Overall, Jamall Emmers' career statistics showcase his strength as a wrestler and his ability to control the fight on the ground. As he continues to compete in the UFC, fans can expect to see his dominance in the featherweight division grow.


Jack Jenkins Striking Analysis

Jack Jenkins is a versatile fighter with an impressive record of 11-2-0. His striking ability is a key component of his fighting style. Jenkins has a high significant striking accuracy of 69%, which displays his precision and technique in his punches and kicks. Jenkins’ striking approach is dynamic and unpredictable, as he switches between orthodox and southpaw stances. He has a significant strikes landed per minute rate of 4.54, which indicates his high volume of strikes thrown during a fight. This is complemented by his impressive takedown average of 4.07 per 15 minutes. In his last fight, Jenkins showcased his striking skills with a knockout victory over Emiliano Linares in the first round. His striking accuracy was evident in the way he landed a series of powerful punches and kicks before finishing his opponent with a flurry of strikes. Jenkins’ striking ability will be a critical factor in his upcoming fight against Jamall Emmers at UFC Fight Night: Emmett vs. Topuria on June 24, 2023. Jamall Emmers is a tough opponent, but Jenkins has the skills to outclass him in the striking department. If he can maintain his striking accuracy, control the pace of the fight, and execute his game plan, he has a great chance of securing a victory.

Jack Jenkins Wrestling: A Closer Look

As we delve deeper into the upcoming matchup between Jamall Emmers and Jack Jenkins, it's important to examine each fighter's strengths and weaknesses in the different areas of the sport. While Emmers boasts an impressive takedown average of 2.26 per 15 minutes and a 50% takedown accuracy, Jenkins has an even higher takedown average of 4.07 and a 72% accuracy. Jenkins' wrestling skills have been honed over years of training and competition, evident in his record of 11-2-0. He's also shown excellent takedown defense, with opponents only successfully landing takedowns on him 20% of the time. This will undoubtedly be a key factor in the upcoming fight against Emmers, who will likely look to take the fight to the ground given his own wrestling proficiency. However, Jenkins will need to be careful not to rely too heavily on his wrestling abilities as he faces a formidable opponent in Emmers. The latter fighter has an impressive striking accuracy of 50%, and has also demonstrated a strong submission game with an average of 0.3 submission attempts per 15 minutes. Ultimately, the Emmers vs. Jenkins matchup promises to be an exciting clash of styles, with Jenkins' wrestling skills potentially squaring off against Emmers' more well-rounded approach. While it's impossible to predict the outcome of any fight with certainty, it's clear that both fighters are more than capable of putting on a thrilling performance come fight night.


Jamall Emmers' Path to Victory Against Jack Jenkins

Jamall Emmers has a tough opponent in Jack Jenkins for their upcoming fight. However, there are a few things Emmer can do to secure the win and add another victory to his impressive 19-6-0 record. Firstly, Emmer should utilize his striking accuracy and range. With a reach advantage of 6 inches over Jenkins, Emmer can keep his opponent at bay and land significant strikes at a higher rate. Emmer's striking accuracy of 50% is also higher than Jenkins' 44%, which gives Emmer an edge in the stand-up game. Secondly, Emmer should try to defend against Jenkins' takedown attempts and use his takedown defense of 100% to keep the fight standing. Jenkins' average of 4.07 takedowns landed per 15 minutes is an impressive statistic, but Emmer's takedown defense could be the key to winning the fight. Finally, Emmer should be patient and wait for his opportunity to finish the fight. Emmer's average of 0.3 submissions attempted per 15 minutes shows that he may not be looking to end the fight on the ground, but his striking power and accuracy could lead to a knockout or TKO victory. With these strategies in mind, Jamall Emmers can secure a victory against Jack Jenkins and continue his successful MMA career.

How Jack Jenkins Can Win Against Jamall Emmers

Jack Jenkins has a record of 11-2 and has an impressive set of career statistics. With his significant striking accuracy and takedown accuracy, he can bring the fight to Jamall Emmers. To win the fight, Jack Jenkins needs to use his takedowns and control the fight on the ground. He has a high takedown accuracy of 72%, and with his strong takedown defense of 80%, he can avoid any takedowns from Jamall Emmers. Once on the ground, Jack Jenkins needs to maintain control of the fight with his ground-and-pound. He is known to throw heavy punches and can finish the fight with a KO/TKO. Jamall Emmers has a reach advantage, but Jack Jenkins can use his switch stance to keep him guessing and land significant strikes. With his impressive striking accuracy of 69%, he can out-strike Jamall Emmers and get the win by a decision. In short, to win the fight against Jamall Emmers, Jack Jenkins needs to utilize his strong takedown accuracy, maintain control on the ground, and finish the fight with his heavy punches and ground-and-pound.



Based on their statistics and past performances, Emmer has a clear advantage in striking accuracy and takedown defense. Additionally, Emmer has more fight experience and has faced tougher opponents than Jenkins. While Jenkins' wrestling and takedown accuracy may pose a threat, Emmer's well-rounded skills and superior defense make him a solid pick to win this matchup.


Pick: Jamall Emmer (Moneyline) 

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