Holly Holm vs Yana Santos Prediction UFC Fight on ESPN 3/25

Holly Holm vs Yana Santos Prediction UFC Fight on ESPN 3/25

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Holly Holm vs Yana Santos: Fight Preview

Two top female bantamweights will clash as Holly Holm takes on Yana Santos in a highly anticipated matchup at UFC Fight Night on March 25, 2023. Holly Holm, also known as "The Preacher's Daughter," has a record of 14-6-0 and stands at 5'8" with a reach of 69". Known for her devastating kicks, Holm has defeated some of the best fighters in the division including former champion Ronda Rousey. Her impressive striking accuracy of 39% and significant strikes landed per minute of 3.24 make her a formidable opponent in the octagon. Yana Santos, on the other hand, has a record of 14-6-0 (1NC) and stands at 5'6" with a reach of 68". Her well-rounded skills include a striking accuracy of 56% and an average of 1.53 takedowns landed per 15 minutes. Santos has recently built momentum with a win over Ketlen Vieira and will look to carry the same energy into her fight against Holm. Both fighters possess skills that could pose a threat to one another. Fans can expect a striking battle with Santos possibly looking to take the fight to the ground to dominate there. With high stakes on the line, this bout has the potential to be an exciting and memorable one.

Holly Holm's Striking Ability

Holly Holm is one of the best strikers in women's MMA. Her background in boxing has molded her striking abilities to perfection. She has an impressive record of 14 wins and 6 losses, and her significant striking landed per minute (SLpM) is 3.24, with a striking accuracy of 39%. Her significant strikes absorbed per minute (SApM) is 2.86, and her significant strike defense is 56%. Holm possesses excellent footwork and movement, which makes it difficult for her opponents to hit her. She has a reach of 69 inches, which she uses to keep her opponents at bay while striking them from a distance. Her kicking prowess is impressive, and her head kick knockout of Ronda Rousey is one of the most iconic moments in women's MMA history. Holm's takedown average is 0.72 per 15 minutes, with a takedown accuracy of 26%. She has a high takedown defense of 78%, which makes it challenging for her opponents to take her down. Her submission average is 0.1 per 15 minutes, which shows that her focus is on striking and keeping the fight on the feet. Overall, Holm's striking ability is top-notch, and she always looks to outclass her opponents with her striking skills. Her upcoming fight against Yana Santos will be exciting to watch, and we can expect Holm to display her striking game plan to perfection.

Holly Holm Wrestling: Can She Overpower Yana Santos?

When it comes to Holly Holm's fighting style, her background in boxing and kickboxing often take center stage. However, Holm also has a solid wrestling game that should not be forgotten. In fact, as her career has progressed, Holm has shown an increasing willingness to take her opponents down and battle on the ground. In her most recent fight against Irene Aldana, for example, Holm scored four takedowns and controlled the grappling exchanges. While she wasn't able to finish the fight with a submission, the wrestling certainly paid off in terms of winning rounds on the judges' scorecards. Against Yana Santos, Holm's wrestling could again be a key factor. Santos has shown that she is comfortable on the ground, with a decent takedown average of her own. However, she has also been taken down in her last few fights, which could open the door for Holm to use her grappling skills to dominate the fight. Of course, it's worth noting that Holm's striking skills will still be a major factor in this matchup. She'll need to be careful not to get too caught up in the wrestling game and leave herself open to counters on the feet. Overall, though, Holm's well-rounded abilities and evolving wrestling game should give her a solid advantage in this fight. Look for her to mix up her attacks and keep Santos guessing, ultimately earning a decision victory.

Yana Santos Striking Predictions

Yana Santos is a skilled striker who has shown her ability to knock out opponents with her precise and powerful punches. In her last fight against Irene Aldana, she showcased her striking ability by landing a devastating KO punch in the second round. Santos' striking accuracy is at an impressive 56%, which means she lands more than half of her significant strikes. Her significant strikes landed per minute are also high at 4.28, making her a dangerous opponent on her feet. Against Holly Holm, Santos will need to bring her striking arsenal to the table, as Holm is a proficient striker as well. Holm is known for her exceptional footwork and crisp striking, which has helped her earn her 14-6-0 record. However, Santos might be able to outmatch her in the striking department, with her superior striking accuracy and high significant strikes landed per minute. Santos' striking defense is at 50%, which means she absorbs half of her opponents' significant strikes. In contrast, Holm has a striking defense of 56%, which is slightly higher than Santos'. Therefore, Holm might be able to land some significant strikes on Santos throughout the fight. Santos' takedown average is at 1.53, which means she lands an average of one to two takedowns per fight. Holm has a higher takedown defense at 78%, which means she can defend against takedowns well. Santos will need to be strategic with the use of her takedowns to avoid being taken down and controlled on the ground. Overall, Santos' striking ability gives her an advantage in the fight against Holm. However, Holm's experience and striking defense might help her stay in the fight and potentially secure a victory.

Yana Santos Wrestling

Yana Santos is a well-rounded mixed martial artist, but one of her strongest assets is undoubtedly her wrestling ability. With an average of 1.53 takedowns per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 53%, Santos isn't afraid to take her opponents down to the canvas. Santos' wrestling was on full display in her win against Ketlen Vieira at UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Lewis in February 2021. She landed four takedowns and controlled the grappling exchanges throughout the bout en route to a unanimous decision victory. However, Santos has also shown vulnerability when it comes to defending takedowns. Aspen Ladd was able to take Santos down multiple times and ultimately finish her with strikes in their fight at UFC Fight Night: Overeem vs. Rozenstruik in December 2019. In her upcoming matchup against Holly Holm at UFC Fight Night: Vera vs. Sandhagen in March 2023, Santos will need to be mindful of Holm's takedown defense, which stands at an impressive 78%. If Santos can successfully implement her wrestling and keep the fight on the ground, she could have a path to victory.

Holly Holm can win

Holly Holm has a high chance of winning her upcoming matchup against Yana Santos if she utilizes her strengths in striking and takedown defense. With a significant striking accuracy of 39%, Holm has proven to be a skilled and accurate striker. She also boasts an impressive takedown defense of 78%, making it difficult for opponents to take her down to the ground. In addition to her striking and takedown defense, Holm should look to use her reach advantage of 69" to keep Santos at bay and avoid getting caught in close range. Holm's experience in the octagon, with a record of 14-6-0, also gives her an edge over Santos, who has a record of 14-6-0 (1NC). By staying patient and sticking to her game plan, Holly Holm can come out on top in her matchup against Yana Santos.

How Yana Santos Can Win Against Holly Holm

Yana Santos can win against Holly Holm by utilizing her superior striking accuracy and takedown defense. With a significant striking accuracy of 56%, Santos can outscore Holm in the stand-up game by landing more significant strikes per minute. She also has a decent takedown defense of 50%, which can help her avoid being taken down and controlled on the ground by Holm. Santos should focus on keeping the fight on the feet and picking her shots carefully, using her reach advantage of 1 inch over Holm. She should look to land quick and accurate strikes, and counter Holm's attacks with powerful combinations. If Holm does manage to take Santos down, Santos will have to rely on her grappling skills and submission defense to stay safe and get back to her feet as quickly as possible. By sticking to her game plan and utilizing her striking accuracy and takedown defense, Yana Santos can beat Holly Holm and move up the ranks in the women's bantamweight division.

Prediction: Holly Holm vs Yana Santos

This matchup between Holly Holm and Yana Santos promises to be a high octane encounter. Both fighters have impressive records and have been in scintillating form of late. However, the former champion Holly Holm will have the edge in this fight. Holm’s striking ability and southpaw stance will be a difficult proposition for Santos. She will have to rely on her takedown ability, something she has been successful with in the past. But Holm’s takedown defense is quite solid, and she won’t be an easy opponent to take down. Despite the odds being in Holm’s favor, Santos has shown the ability to surprise her opponents. She is a tough fighter with an aggressive style that can cause her opponents to make mistakes.

Pick: Holly Holm (-222) 

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