Gerald Meerschaert vs Joe Pyfer UFC Fight Predictions 4/8

Gerald Meerschaert vs Joe Pyfer UFC Fight Predictions 4/8

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Fight Preview: Gerald Meerschaert vs Joe Pyfer

Two middleweight fighters will face each other in the Octagon at UFC 287: Pereira vs Adesanya 2 on April 8, 2023. Gerald Meerschaert, with a record of 35-15-0, will go up against Joe Pyfer, with a record of 10-2-0. Meerschaert, also known as "GM3," stands at 6'1" and weighs 185lbs. He has a reach of 77" and fights in the southpaw stance. With a striking accuracy of 43% and a significant strikes landed per minute of 3.11, Meerschaert has shown he can stand and trade with his opponents. He also has a takedown accuracy of 37% and has an impressive 1.7 average submissions attempted per 15 minutes. On the other hand, Pyfer, also known as "Bodybagz," stands at 6'2" and weighs 185lbs. He fights in the orthodox stance and has a reach of 75". Pyfer has a striking accuracy of 44% and a significant strikes landed per minute of 3.49. He also has a takedown accuracy of 100% and an average submission attempted per 15 minutes of 1.0. With both fighters having impressive grappling skills, it will be interesting to see if the fight will go to the ground. However, with Meerschaert having more experience and a wider arsenal of submission moves, Pyfer must be careful not to fall into a submission hold. Pyfer's striking skill may come in handy as he tries to keep the fight standing. Overall, this will be an exciting middleweight matchup between two skilled fighters, and fans should not miss it.


Gerald Meerschaert Striking Preview

Gerald Meerschaert has proven to be a well-rounded fighter, with strong skills in both striking and grappling. In terms of striking, he possesses a significant striking rate of 3.11 strikes landed per minute with an accuracy of 43%. Meerschaert also boasts a striking defense of 52%, meaning more than half of his opponent's strikes fail to land. While Meerschaert is not known for his knockout power, he has still managed to accumulate three knockouts in his 35 career wins. He has a diverse array of striking techniques at his disposal, including devastating kicks and heavy hands. His most recent victory over Dustin Stoltzfus showcased Meerschaert's striking abilities as he secured a submission victory with a rear-naked choke after inflicting damage through his striking. Meerschaert has also earned wins by technical knockout and unanimous decision through his striking. In his upcoming matchup against Joe Pyfer, Meerschaert will have a significant reach advantage with a reach of 77 inches compared to Pyfer's 75 inches. This could allow Meerschaert to maintain distance and pick apart Pyfer with his striking prowess. Overall, Meerschaert's striking skills should not be underestimated, and he has the potential to earn another knockout victory in his upcoming fight.

Gerald Meerschaert's Wrestling

Gerald Meerschaert is a veteran fighter with a record of 35-15-0, boasting impressive grappling abilities with an average of 2.17 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 37%. Meerschaert's southpaw stance can make it difficult for opponents to find their rhythm with striking, while his 77" reach allows him to maintain distance or capitalize on opportunities to shoot for takedowns. In his last five fights, Meerschaert has displayed his submission skills, earning four out of his five wins by way of submission, including a rear-naked choke victory over Makhmud Muradov and a guillotine choke win against Bartosz Fabinski. However, his last two losses were both by knockout, showing the potential vulnerability in his striking defense. As he faces Joe Pyfer, Meerschaert will likely aim to take the fight to the ground, where he can use his strong grappling skills to control and potentially submit his opponent. Pyfer, on the other hand, is a relatively new name in the UFC with a record of 10-2-0 and a perfect takedown accuracy of 100%, making him a potentially dangerous opponent for Meerschaert. In this matchup, fans can expect Meerschaert to look for opportunities to take Pyfer down and control the fight on the ground. If he can avoid Pyfer's striking and secure a takedown, Meerschaert could potentially finish the fight with a submission. However, Pyfer's heavy hands and impressive takedown defense could make it difficult for Meerschaert to implement his game plan. It will be interesting to see how this matchup plays out and whether Meerschaert can utilize his grappling skills to earn a victory.


Joe Pyfer Striking 

Joe Pyfer is a well-rounded fighter with a dangerous striking game. He has a record of 10-2-0 and a significant strike rating of 3.49 per minute with a striking accuracy of 44%. Pyfer also showed an impressive knock-out power as he finished two of his fights with a punch to the head. He throws punches and kicks with speed and precision, making it difficult for his opponents to dodge them. Pyfer also excels in counter-striking, both with punches and kicks. He can quickly move out of his opponents' range and then explode with a counter-strike that can quickly end the fight. Another impressive aspect of Pyfer's striking is his ability to mix it up. He can throw a variety of strikes, including jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, and kicks, which keep his opponents guessing and makes it difficult for them to predict his next move. In addition, Pyfer has a solid defense with a significant strike defense rating of 55%. He can effectively dodge his opponents' strikes and use head movement to avoid getting hit. Pyfer's quick reflexes allow him to quickly move out of the way or block his opponents' strikes, giving him an opportunity to counter-attack. Overall, Joe Pyfer has a dangerous striking game and can be a threat to anyone in the UFC middleweight division. His ability to mix up his strikes, counter-punch skills, and defensive abilities make him a well-rounded fighter that opponents must be careful with.

Joe Pyfer's Wrestling

Joe Pyfer may only have 12 professional bouts to his name, but he has already made a name for himself in the UFC. Known as "Bodybagz," Pyfer is a dangerous athlete with a strong grappling skillset, particularly in wrestling. Pyfer has a background in wrestling, and it shows in his fights. He has landed an impressive 100% of his takedowns, which is a testament to his wrestling prowess. In his UFC debut, he scored a third-round TKO victory over Alen Amedovski with a takedown followed by ground and pound. Against Dustin Stoltzfus, Pyfer showcased his wrestling yet again as he landed five takedowns before eventually finishing the fight via KO. He also scored a takedown in his most recent outing against Ozzy Diaz, which led to a devastating KO. Pyfer's wrestling skillset has allowed him to control fights on the ground and wear down his opponents. His ability to blend in wrestling with his striking makes him unpredictable and dangerous. However, he needs to be cautious against a seasoned veteran like Gerald Meerschaert, who has shown sturdy grappling and an impressive takedown defense. If Pyfer can utilize his wrestling and control the pace of the fight, he will have a great chance of securing another victory in the UFC. Meerschaert will have to be ready to withstand Pyfer's takedowns and look for opportunities to strike or submit him. In conclusion, Joe Pyfer's wrestling will play a crucial role in his journey to the top of the UFC middleweight division. He has shown great potential in his previous fights and will look to continue his impressive run against a tough competitor in Gerald Meerschaert.


How Gerald Meerschaert can win

Gerald Meerschaert can win against Joe Pyfer by using his experience and well-rounded skills. Meerschaert has a professional record of 35-15-0 and has been in the UFC since 2016. He has a high submission average of 1.7 per 15 minutes and can take the fight to the ground with an average takedown accuracy of 37%. Meerschaert should focus on taking the fight to the ground where he can utilize his superior grappling skills. Pyfer has a 100% takedown accuracy, but Meerschaert has a 29% takedown defense which he can improve upon in this fight. On the feet, Meerschaert can use his southpaw stance and significant striking accuracy of 43% to keep Pyfer at bay. Pyfer has a higher significant strikes landed per minute but Meerschaert has a higher significant strike defense at 52%. Overall, Meerschaert can win this fight by using his grappling skills and taking Pyfer to the ground where he can finish the fight with a submission. Alternatively, he can use his striking skills to keep the fight standing and outpoint Pyfer with significant strikes.


How Joe Pyfer can win

1. Use his significant striking accuracy: Joe Pyfer has a higher significant striking accuracy than Meerschaert, which means he can land more impactful strikes.

2. Use his takedown accuracy: Joe Pyfer's takedown accuracy is impressive, and he should try to take Meerschaert down and control him on the ground.

3. Avoid getting caught in a submission: Meerschaert has a high submission average, and Joe Pyfer needs to be cautious and avoid getting caught in a submission.

4. Use his reach advantage: Joe Pyfer has a two-inch reach advantage over Meerschaert, and he should use it to keep the distance and land strikes from the outside.

5. Stay composed: Joe Pyfer needs to stay composed and not get rattled if Meerschaert lands some strikes or takes him down. He should remain focused and stick to his game plan.


Prediction: Gerald Meerschaert vs Joe Pyfer

In this matchup, Gerald Meerschaert will face Joe Pyfer. Meerschaert has a lot more experience in the octagon, with 50 professional fights under his belt. Pyfer is a newer fighter, with only 12 professional fights. Meerschaert has a higher significant striking accuracy, a better takedown defense, and a higher submission average. Pyfer's best chance in this fight is to rely on his 100% takedown accuracy and try to take Meerschaert down early and often. However, Meerschaert's experience and well-rounded game should be too much for Pyfer.


Pick: Gerald Meerschaert 

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