Francis Marshall vs William Gomis Prediction UFC Picks 4/22

Francis Marshall vs William Gomis Prediction UFC Picks 4/22

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Fight Preview: Francis Marshall vs William Gomis

Two featherweights are set to clash in a highly anticipated bout at UFC Fight Night: Pavlovich vs Blaydes on April 22, 2023. Francis Marshall, who boasts an undefeated record of 7-0-0, takes on William Gomis, who has an impressive MMA record of 11-2-0. Marshall, standing at 5'9" with a reach of 72", is known for his striking accuracy of 42% and significant strikes landed per minute of 6.26. He also has a takedown average of 4.95 and takedown accuracy of 53%. Marshall has won his last three fights, two of which were by way of knockout. On the other hand, Gomis, who stands at 6'0" with a reach of 73", is a southpaw with a striking accuracy of 45% and significant strikes landed per minute of 2.13. He has a takedown average of 3.00 and takedown accuracy of 60%. While Gomis does not have the same striking prowess as Marshall, he has a perfect takedown defense of 100% and holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This matchup promises an exciting battle between a striker and a submission specialist. Marshall will look to keep the fight on the feet and utilize his superior striking, while Gomis will aim to bring the fight to the ground and submit his opponent. Don't miss this featherweight showdown at UFC Fight Night: Pavlovich vs Blaydes.


Francis Marshall's Striking: 

Francis Marshall, with a record of 7-0-0, has established himself as a prominent figure in the MMA world. One of his strongest assets is his striking game, which has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. With a significant strikes landed per minute rate of 6.26 and a significant striking accuracy of 42%, Francis Marshall has displayed his proficiency in delivering damaging strikes. He has absorbed only 4.95 significant strikes per minute, indicating solid striking defense. In terms of takedowns, Francis Marshall has an impressive takedown accuracy of 53%, which has allowed him to land an average of 4.95 takedowns per 15 minutes. His opponents have not been successful in taking him down, as his takedown defense rate stands at 0%. Francis Marshall's striking power was on full display in his KO/TKO victory over Marcelo Rojo in UFC Fight Night: Thompson vs. Holland. In the second round of the fight, Francis Marshall connected with a powerful punch that caused Rojo to fall to the canvas, resulting in Francis Marshall's victory. In his upcoming matchup against William Gomis, Francis Marshall's striking game will likely be a key factor in securing a win. As an undefeated fighter with an impressive striking record, Francis Marshall is undoubtedly a fighter to keep an eye on in the MMA world.

Francis Marshall: 

Francis Marshall is a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts, with an impressive record of 7-0-0. Standing at 5'9" and weighing 145lbs, Marshall is known for his exceptional wrestling skills that have left his opponents in awe. With a reach of 72", Marshall uses his long arms to his advantage, making it difficult for his opponents to close the distance. He fights from an orthodox stance and was born on March 3, 1999. Marshall's career statistics are fascinating. He lands an average of 6.26 significant strikes per minute and has a striking accuracy of 42%. He absorbs an average of 4.95 significant strikes per minute, but his significant strike defense is 53%. Marshall's takedown average is 4.95, and he has a takedown accuracy of 53%. However, his takedown defense is 0%, meaning Marshall has never been taken down in a fight. His average submission attempts per fifteen minutes are 0.0. Marshall's impressive statistics and flawless record have made him a formidable opponent in the octagon. In his last fight against Connor Matthews, Marshall won by unanimous decision in a grueling match that lasted 35 minutes. On April 22, 2023, Marshall is set to face William Gomis in UFC Fight Night: Pavlovich vs. Blaydes. Gomis, standing at 6'0" and weighing 145lbs, is known for his southpaw stance and has an impressive record of 11-2-0. In his last fight, Gomis won by unanimous decision against Jarno Errens. The matchup between Marshall and Gomis is highly anticipated, with both fighters known for their wrestling skills. It will be interesting to see how each fighter strategizes to gain the upper hand in the fight. Overall, Marshall's undefeated record and wrestling skills make him a fighter to watch in the near future. As he continues to climb the ranks, fans can expect to see more of his impressive skills in the octagon.


William Gomis Striking:

William Gomis is known for his exceptional striking abilities. With a record of 11-2-0, he has displayed his striking skills in numerous fights in his career. Gomis has a southpaw stance and a reach of 73", which gives him an advantage over his opponents. In his professional MMA career, Gomis has an average of 2.13 significant strikes landed per minute with a striking accuracy of 45%. His significant strike defense is impressive at 62%, which means that his opponents' strikes have little chance of landing. Gomis has a tendency to go for takedowns, securing an average of 3.00 takedowns landed per 15 minutes with a takedown accuracy of 60%. He has a perfect takedown defense, which means that his opponents have not been able to take him down in his career. When it comes to submissions, Gomis has not attempted any submission in his career so far. However, he has the potential to go for submissions if the opportunity arises. In his upcoming matchup against Francis Marshall at UFC Fight Night: Pavlovich vs. Blaydes on April 22, 2023, Gomis will need to rely on his striking skills to secure a win. With his exceptional striking abilities and takedown defense, Gomis has the potential to dominate the fight and emerge victorious. William Gomis is another rising star in the featherweight division, with a record of 11-2-0. He stands at 6 feet tall, which gives him a sizeable advantage over most of his opponents. Gomis is known for his powerful striking, especially with his left hand, as he is a southpaw fighter. However, his grappling skills are equally impressive as he boasts a 60% takedown accuracy and has a 100% takedown defense. In his last fight, Gomis showcased his skills and defeated Jarno Errens by unanimous decision in UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Tuivasa. He was able to control his opponent's movements and utilize his reach advantage to land significant strikes throughout the fight. Gomis has shown that he has the ability to finish fights with his striking, but he is also comfortable going the distance. Gomis is set to face off against Francis Marshall in UFC Fight Night: Pavlovich vs Blaydes. This will be a true test for both fighters as they both have impressive records and are coming off recent victories. If Gomis can utilize his reach and striking accuracy while defending Marshall's takedowns, he has a good chance of adding another win to his record. In conclusion, William Gomis is a fighter to keep an eye on in the featherweight division. He possesses strong striking and grappling skills and has the ability to finish fights. As he continues to climb the ranks, we can expect to see some exciting matchups from the young fighter.


How Francis Marshall Can Win Against William Gomis

Francis Marshall has an undefeated record of 7-0-0 with impressive career statistics, including a significant striking accuracy of 42% and takedown accuracy of 53%. To win against William Gomis, Francis Marshall should utilize his strengths and exploit Gomis' weaknesses. Firstly, Francis Marshall should focus on striking and utilize his significant striking accuracy to land more significant strikes than Gomis. He should keep a safe distance from Gomis, who has a reach advantage, and strike from the outside, using his footwork and head movement to avoid Gomis' strikes. Francis Marshall should also aim for the head, as Gomis has a lower significant striking defense of 53%. Secondly, Francis Marshall should use his superior takedown accuracy to take Gomis down to the ground, where he has a higher chance of winning the fight. He should use his wrestling skills to secure takedowns and control Gomis on the ground, using ground-and-pound strikes and submission attempts to finish the fight. Finally, Francis Marshall should maintain his stamina throughout the fight and avoid getting tired, as Gomis has a higher average takedown landed per 15 minutes. He should pace himself and conserve his energy, using his explosive strength when necessary. In conclusion, Francis Marshall can win the fight against William Gomis by utilizing his significant striking accuracy, superior takedown accuracy, and maintaining his stamina throughout the fight.

How William Gomis Can Win Against Francis Marshall

William Gomis can win against Francis Marshall by utilizing his strengths in the fight. Gomis is a skilled southpaw fighter who has a great takedown accuracy of 60% and a 100% takedown defense. To beat Marshall, Gomis needs to exploit Marshall's weaknesses, which include his low takedown accuracy of 53% and his zero percent takedown defense. Gomis should aim to take Marshall down and control the fight on the ground. He can use his vast experience in grappling to dominate Marshall and keep him pinned down. Gomis should also be careful not to take too many punches on his way in for a takedown. If the fight stays on the feet, Gomis needs to use his superior movement and striking accuracy to land his shots and avoid Marshall's attacks. He should also stay out of the range of Marshall's devastating strikes while waiting for an opportunity to take him down. In summary, William Gomis can win against Francis Marshall by: - Utilizing his strong wrestling skills and taking Marshall down. - Controlling the fight on the ground with his grappling experience. - Avoiding Marshall's powerful strikes while waiting for a chance to counter. - Capitalizing on Marshall's weak takedown defense. - Staying composed and focused throughout the fight. If Gomis can execute this game plan, he has a good chance of winning against the undefeated Francis Marshall.



In the upcoming fight between Francis Marshall and William Gomis, it's likely that Francis Marshall will come out on top. With a record of 7-0-0 and impressive statistics like 42% significant striking accuracy and 53% takedown accuracy, Francis Marshall has proven himself to be a formidable opponent in the octagon. While William Gomis also has a strong record of 11-2-0, his statistics in comparison to Marshall's are not as impressive. 


Pick: Francis Marshall (Moneyline).

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