Edson Barboza vs Billy Quarantillo Prediction UFC Picks 4/15

Edson Barboza vs Billy Quarantillo Prediction UFC Picks 4/15

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Edson Barboza vs Billy Quarantillo: Fight Preview

Edson Barboza and Billy Quarantillo are set to square off in an explosive featherweight contest at UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs Allen on April 15, 2023. Both fighters come into this matchup with contrasting styles, making for an intriguing clash of techniques.


Edson Barboza

With a record of 22-11-0 and a reach of 75 inches, Barboza is known for his powerful striking ability, evident from his impressive 44% significant striking accuracy. The Brazilian also boasts a solid takedown defense, making it difficult for his opponents to take the fight to the ground. Barboza has suffered some recent losses, but his experience and talent make him a tough opponent for anyone in the division.


Edson Barboza is known for his exceptional striking skills and is considered one of the most dangerous strikers in the featherweight division. His striking accuracy is at 44%, and he lands an impressive 3.96 significant strikes per minute. Barboza has a unique style of striking that involves a lot of leg kicks, and he is known for his devastating spinning kicks as well. Barboza has a reach of 75 inches, which he utilizes well to keep his opponents at bay with his jab and straight punches. He also possesses excellent footwork, which allows him to move in and out of striking range quickly. Barboza's striking defense is at 58%, which indicates that he has a good ability to avoid and block incoming strikes. Barboza has 12 knockout victories to his name, and his striking power is undeniable. He is also proficient in mixing up his strikes and utilizing various combos to keep his opponents guessing. Barboza's ability to strike from various angles and stances makes him a technical fighter that is hard to predict. In his last fight against Giga Chikadze, Barboza showcased his striking skills by landing a beautiful liver shot that dropped his opponent to the ground. Barboza's striking will be a key factor in his upcoming fight against Billy Quarantillo, and he will look to utilize his experience and skills to finish the fight with his striking.


While Edson Barboza is primarily known for his striking, his wrestling skills should not be overlooked. He has a Takedown Accuracy of 44%, meaning he successfully lands a takedown almost half the time he attempts it. Additionally, his Takedown Defense is an impressive 75%, indicating that he is difficult to take down himself. Barboza's submission game is not his strongest suit, with an average of only 0.1 submissions attempted per 15 minutes. However, he has managed to secure a submission victory in the past, showing that he is not entirely helpless on the ground. Overall, Barboza's wrestling abilities give him another tool in his arsenal and allow him to control where the fight takes place. Against Billy Quarantillo, Barboza may look to utilize his wrestling to keep the fight standing where he can best utilize his striking skills.


Billy Quarantillo

Quarantillo is a rising star in the featherweight division with a record of 17-4-0. He has a high significant strikes landed per minute rate of 7.88 and is comfortable on the ground with an average submissions attempted per 15 minutes of 1.2. Quarantillo has a slight reach disadvantage, but his relentless pace and pressure could see him cause problems for Barboza.

Striking Ability

Billy Quarantillo has a striking style that is hard to ignore. He is an aggressive fighter who is always moving forward and looking to put pressure on his opponents. His striking accuracy is outstanding, with a 58% success rate. Quarantillo is also very effective at avoiding strikes thrown by his opponents, with a significant strike defense rate of 40%. Quarantillo is a high-volume striker who lands an average of 7.88 significant strikes per minute. He has a diverse striking arsenal that includes punches, kicks, and knees. His striking power is also impressive, with most of his wins coming by way of knockout or technical knockout. One of Quarantillo's greatest strengths is his ability to adapt to his opponents' style. He can switch up his striking approach to match his opponent's strengths and weaknesses, making him a difficult fighter to gameplan against. In his upcoming fight against Edson Barboza, Quarantillo will need to use his striking prowess to outmatch the more experienced Barboza. Barboza is known for his striking ability, so Quarantillo will need to be aggressive while also keeping his guard up to avoid any damaging counterstrikes from his opponent. If Quarantillo is able to utilize his striking skills effectively, he has a good chance of coming out on top in this fight.


Billy Quarantillo may not rely on wrestling as his primary method of attack, but he has shown solid skills in this area throughout his career. With an average of 1.55 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, Quarantillo has demonstrated the ability to take his opponents down and control them on the ground. However, his takedown accuracy is only 24%, which suggests that he may need to work on his shot selection and timing. Quarantillo's takedown defense of 58% is also a bit lower than desirable, putting him at risk of being taken down by skilled wrestlers. Nevertheless, Quarantillo's submission average of 1.2 per 15 minutes is an indicator that he is comfortable in grappling exchanges and is capable of finishing fights on the ground. Quarantillo's ability to mix up his striking and wrestling has made him a well-rounded fighter and a difficult opponent to prepare for. In his upcoming matchup against the experienced Edson Barboza, Quarantillo's wrestling skills could prove to be an asset. Barboza has struggled against strong wrestlers in the past, and Quarantillo may be able to take advantage of this weakness. However, he will need to be careful not to get caught with Barboza's powerful striking as he looks to impose his wrestling game.


How Edson Barboza Can Win

To win against Billy Quarantillo, Edson Barboza needs to utilize his striking abilities and impose his will on the fight. Barboza is known for his devastating leg kicks, which he can use to weaken Quarantillo's legs and limit his movement. Additionally, Barboza's boxing skills should not be underestimated, and he should look to land punches and combinations to keep Quarantillo on the defensive. Barboza should also use his takedown defense to keep the fight standing, as Quarantillo has shown his grappling prowess in previous fights. If the fight does go to the ground, Barboza's submission defense should be on point to avoid being submitted. Ultimately, Barboza's experience and ability to adapt to his opponent's style should give him the edge in this matchup. He should stay patient, pick his shots, and use his superior striking to earn a victory.

How Billy Quarantillo Can Win Against Edson Barboza

Billy Quarantillo can win against Edson Barboza by utilizing his superior striking accuracy and significant strikes landed per minute. He should focus on using his reach advantage to keep Barboza at bay and avoid getting hit by Barboza's powerful strikes. Quarantillo should also look to utilize his takedown defense to keep the fight standing and avoid being taken down by Barboza. If the fight goes to the ground, Quarantillo has a solid submission game and should look to take advantage of any opportunities to secure a submission victory. Overall, Quarantillo should look to out-strike and outwork Barboza over the course of the fight to earn a decision victory or potentially finish the fight with strikes or submissions.



Quarantillo has a higher significant strikes landed per minute rate than Barboza, indicating that he could out-strike Barboza. Additionally, Quarantillo's striking accuracy and high-volume striking style, along with his ability to adapt to his opponents' style, make him a difficult fighter to gameplan against. Quarantillo also has solid wrestling skills, with an average of 1.55 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and an ability to finish fights on the ground. This could be advantageous against Barboza, who has struggled against strong wrestlers in the past. On the other hand, Barboza's primary weapon is his exceptional striking ability, with a significant striking accuracy of 44% and devastating leg kicks. However, Quarantillo's significant striking defense rate of 40% suggests he could withstand Barboza's strikes. Overall, Quarantillo's well-rounded skill set, high-volume striking style, and ability to adapt to his opponent's style make him a dangerous opponent for Barboza. Therefore, based on these factors, it can be argued that Billy Quarantillo has a good chance of winning his upcoming fight against Edson Barboza.


Pick: Billy Quarantillo (Moneyline) -175

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