Dustin Jacoby vs Azamat Murzakanov Prediction UFC Picks 4/15

Dustin Jacoby vs Azamat Murzakanov Prediction UFC Picks 4/15

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Dustin Jacoby vs Azamat Murzakanov Fight Preview

The stage is set for an exciting showdown as Dustin Jacoby and Azamat Murzakanov prepare to clash in the octagon. With a combined record of 30-6-1, these two fighters showcase a range of impressive skills that will surely make for a thrilling fight.


Dustin Jacoby: 

Dustin Jacoby is a UFC light heavyweight fighter with an impressive record of 18-6-1. Known as "The Hanyak," he stands at 6'3" and weighs 205 lbs, with a reach of 76". The orthodox fighter has a striking accuracy of 46% and a significant striking rate of 5.58 strikes landed per minute. His striking defense is also impressive at 60%. In terms of takedown statistics, Dustin Jacoby has an average of 0.34 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, with a takedown accuracy of 30%. He also has a takedown defense rate of 58%. Throughout his career, Dustin Jacoby has faced some tough opponents and has come out victorious in most of those fights. In his latest fight, which took place in October 2022, he faced Khalil Rountree Jr., and won through split decision after a grueling 35-minute fight. On April 15, 2023, Dustin Jacoby is set to face Azamat Murzakanov, a southpaw fighter with an impressive record of 12-0-0. Known as "The Professional," he stands at 5'10" and weighs 205 lbs, with a reach of 71". In his latest fight, he won through a knockout (punch) against Devin Clark in August 2022. The matchup between Dustin Jacoby and Azamat Murzakanov is bound to be an exciting fight. With both fighters's impressive striking and knockout power, fans can expect to see an intense and exciting matchup in the octagon. However, based on Dustin Jacoby's experience and dominant streak in recent fights, he may have the upper hand and emerge as the victor.

Dustin Jacoby Striking

Dustin Jacoby is known for his excellent striking skills, having a significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) of 5.58 and a significant striking accuracy of 46%. He is also known for his effective significant strike defense, with opponents only landing 60% of their strikes. Jacoby has a record of 18 wins, 6 losses, and 1 draw, with notable wins over DaWoon Jung, Michal Oleksiejczuk, and Darren Stewart. In his most recent fight against Khalil Rountree Jr., Jacoby lost via split decision. In his upcoming fight against Azamat Murzakanov, Jacoby will need to utilize his striking skills to secure a victory. Murzakanov, on the other hand, has a significant strikes landed per minute of 4.63 and a significant striking accuracy of 60%, with notable wins over Devin Clark and Tafon Nchukwi. This matchup will be exciting to see, as both fighters are known for their striking abilities and will likely keep the fight standing. It is anybody's game, but if Jacoby can effectively use his striking and defense, he may be able to secure a win over Murzakanov.


Azamat Murzakanov's Striking Ability

Azamat Murzakanov is an undefeated fighter with a perfect record of 12-0-0. He has showcased impressive striking abilities in his previous fights, with an average of 4.63 significant strikes landed per minute and 60% significant striking accuracy. His opponents have found it difficult to land significant strikes on him, with 62% significant strike defense. Murzakanov's southpaw stance gives him an advantage over orthodox fighters, and he uses it well to land powerful strikes. He has a reach of 71", which allows him to keep his opponents at bay and evade their strikes. He is also capable of delivering devastating knockout blows, with his last three fights ending in KO/TKO victories. Despite being a striker, Murzakanov has a decent takedown average of 0.60 per 15 minutes, although his takedown defense stands at 0%. He has not attempted any submissions in his professional career, but he has shown a willingness to engage in grappling exchanges. In his upcoming fight against Dustin Jacoby, Murzakanov will be looking to use his striking prowess to secure another victory and maintain his unbeaten record. Jacoby will need to be careful not to get caught with one of Murzakanov's powerful strikes, and he may look to use his reach advantage to keep Murzakanov at bay. Overall, Azamat Murzakanov is a dangerous striker who has the potential to become a top contender in the light heavyweight division.

Azamat Murzakanov Wrestling: 

Azamat Murzakanov is a rising star in the world of MMA, with an unbeaten record of 12-0-0. Murzakanov is known for his fierce wrestling skills, which have helped him dominate his opponents in the octagon. Murzakanov has a Takedown Average of 0.60 and Takedown Accuracy of 14%. These stats might seem low compared to some other wrestlers, but Murzakanov has a unique style of wrestling that involves using his striking to set up his takedowns. He has great control on the ground and is able to keep his opponents down. In his last fight against Tafon Nchukwi, Murzakanov demonstrated his wrestling prowess. He was able to take Nchukwi down multiple times and control him on the ground. In the third round, Murzakanov caught Nchukwi with a knee and knocked him out cold. Murzakanov's next opponent is Dustin Jacoby, who has impressive striking skills but lacks the same level of wrestling ability. This could be a huge advantage for Murzakanov, who will likely look to take Jacoby down and control him on the ground. Overall, Murzakanov's wrestling skills make him a force to be reckoned with in the octagon. His ability to control his opponents on the ground and set up strikes from top position make him a dangerous fighter. Fans can expect to see more of Murzakanov's wrestling prowess on display in future fights.


How Dustin Jacoby can win against Azamat Murzakanov

Dustin Jacoby has an impressive record of 18-6-1 and has proven to be a dangerous striker with the ability to finish fights. In order to defeat Azamat Murzakanov, he will need to utilize his striking skills and keep the fight on the feet. Murzakanov is a southpaw and has a slightly shorter reach. This gives Jacoby an advantage in being able to land strikes from a distance. Jacoby should look to use his jab and kicks to keep Murzakanov at bay and prevent him from closing the distance. Jacoby's takedown defense is also strong, with a 58% TD defense rate. If Murzakanov does try to take the fight to the ground, Jacoby should use his defensive skills to prevent him from getting the takedown. In terms of striking, Jacoby's significant strike accuracy rate of 46% is impressive and he should use this to his advantage. He should look to land clean shots on Murzakanov and use his power to finish the fight. Overall, if Jacoby can keep the fight standing and use his striking skills to his advantage, he has a good chance of defeating Murzakanov and adding another win to his record.

How Azamat Murzakanov could win against Dustin Jacoby

Azamat Murzakanov enters this fight with an unbeaten record of 12-0-0, and he has shown great striking accuracy with a significant strike rate of 60%. His takedown ability is also a key attribute, averaging 0.60 takedowns landed per 15 minutes with a takedown accuracy rate of 14%. To win against Dustin Jacoby, Azamat Murzakanov needs to utilize his striking prowess to outpace and outscore Jacoby. With a higher accuracy rate, Murzakanov needs to land more significant strikes than Jacoby per minute. Azamat Murzakanov can also use his takedown ability to control the fight and keep Jacoby on the ground. Jacoby has a takedown defense rate of 58%, which means there is a chance for Murzakanov to take him down and control the fight. In conclusion, for Azamat Murzakanov to win this fight, he needs to utilize his striking accuracy and takedown ability to control the fight and outscore Jacoby in significant strikes. His unbeaten record is a testament to his ability, and he needs to use that to his advantage to secure the victory.



This is going to be an interesting matchup between two fighters who are both skilled in striking. Dustin Jacoby has been in the UFC for a while now and has shown tremendous improvements in his game. However, Azamat Murzakanov is a rising star who has been undefeated and has been knocking out his opponents. Both fighters are tough, but I think that Azamat Murzakanov will come out on top in this matchup. He has an impressive record and has been winning fights dominantly. He has also shown that he has the power to put his opponents to sleep with his striking.


Pick: Azamat Murzakanov (Moneyline) +140

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