Cynthia Calvillo vs Loopy Godinez Prediction UFC Picks 4/8

Cynthia Calvillo vs Loopy Godinez Prediction UFC Picks 4/8

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Cynthia Calvillo vs Loopy Godinez: Fight Preview

On April 8th, 2023, Cynthia Calvillo and Loopy Godinez will face off in the UFC 287 event. Calvillo holds a record of 9-5-1 and stands at 5'4" with a weight of 125lbs. With a reach of 64", Calvillo's stance is Orthodox. In terms of statistics, Calvillo has a SLpM of 4.16 with a striking accuracy of 39%. Her SApM is 3.95, and her striking defense is 65%. Calvillo's TDAvg. is 1.88 with a takedown accuracy of 44% and a takedown defense of 75%. Her average submissions attempted per 15 minutes is 0.9. On the other hand, Loopy Godinez has a record of 8-3-0, stands at 5'2" with a weight of 115lbs, and has a reach of 61". Like Calvillo, her stance is Orthodox. Godinez has a SLpM of 2.97 with a striking accuracy of 48%. Her SApM is 2.47, and her striking defense is 59%. Godinez's TDAvg. is 4.54 with a takedown accuracy of 45% and a takedown defense of 81%. Her average submissions attempted per 15 minutes is 0.8. Both fighters have had some notable fights in the past. Calvillo has fought against Nina Nunes, Andrea Lee, and Jessica Andrade, among others. Godinez has faced Angela Hill, Ariane Carnelossi, and Loma Lookboonmee, to name a few. The upcoming fight between Calvillo and Godinez is sure to be an exciting one. Both fighters have impressive records and skills, and the fight could really go either way. Will Calvillo be able to utilize her takedown accuracy and submission attempts, or will Godinez's striking accuracy be too much for her opponent to handle? Only time will tell.


Cynthia Calvillo's Striking Ability

Cynthia Calvillo has a well-rounded skill set that includes striking, grappling, and submissions. While her striking statistics might not be the most impressive, her striking ability has improved tremendously over the years. Calvillo has an average of 4.16 significant strikes landed per minute with a 39% significant striking accuracy. She absorbs an average of 3.95 significant strikes per minute with a significant strike defense of 65%. Calvillo's striking defense has improved greatly since her earlier fights in the UFC. The most notable fight that showcased Calvillo's striking ability was against Andrea Lee at UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs Rodriguez. In this fight, Calvillo landed a vicious head kick that stunned Lee and led to a TKO victory. This was a significant win for Calvillo, as Lee is known for her striking ability in the flyweight division. Calvillo's striking will be a key element in her upcoming fight against Loopy Godinez. She will need to use her striking to maintain distance and keep Godinez at bay. Calvillo's kicks, in particular, will be crucial in this fight as she has shown in previous fights that she can execute powerful and accurate kicks. In conclusion, while Calvillo's striking statistics might not be the most impressive, her striking ability has improved tremendously over the years, and she has shown that she is capable of finishing fights with her striking. Her ability to strike and maintain distance will be crucial in her upcoming fight against Loopy Godinez.

Cynthia Calvillo's Wrestling Abilities

Cynthia Calvillo is known for her impressive wrestling abilities. Throughout her career, she has landed an average of 1.88 takedowns per 15 minutes, with a takedown accuracy of 44%, and a takedown defense of 75%. These statistics indicate just how dominant she can be when it comes to controlling her opponents on the ground. In several of her fights, Calvillo has utilized her grappling skills to secure victories. One such example was her win over Cortney Casey at UFC Fight Night: Ngannou vs. Velasquez, where she earned a unanimous decision after landing six takedowns throughout the fight. However, Calvillo's wrestling abilities were not enough to secure a win in some of her recent fights. In her last two fights, she suffered back-to-back losses to Jessica Andrade and Katlyn Chookagian, respectively. Despite landing takedowns in both fights, Calvillo was unable to capitalize on them and was ultimately defeated by her opponents. As she prepares for her upcoming fight against Loopy Godinez at UFC 287, fans can expect to see Calvillo rely heavily on her wrestling prowess once again. However, she will need to be cautious and strategic in her approach, as her opponent's takedown defense is quite impressive with an 81% rate. Overall, Cynthia Calvillo's wrestling abilities make her a formidable opponent in the octagon. If she can effectively employ her grappling skills, she has a good chance of securing a victory against Loopy Godinez and continuing to climb the ranks in the flyweight division.


Loopy Godinez Striking

Loopy Godinez is known for her aggressive striking style, often pushing forward and throwing a high volume of strikes. Her total strike accuracy sits at around 48%, meaning she lands just under half of the significant strikes she throws. She absorbs around 2.47 significant strikes per minute and has a striking defense of 59%, meaning just over half of her opponents' significant strikes fail to land. While her striking output is impressive, her success in fights often comes from her grappling skills. Loopy Godinez averages 4.54 takedowns landed per 15 minutes with a takedown accuracy of around 45%. She also has a takedown defense of 81%, meaning her opponents have struggled to take her down. In her most recent fight, Loopy Godinez suffered a decision loss to Angela Hill. However, she rebounded with a win against Ariane Carnelossi in August 2022. It will be interesting to see how she approaches her upcoming fight against Cynthia Calvillo at UFC 287 in April 2023.

Loopy Godinez: A Rising Star in the World of Wrestling

Loopy Godinez is a name that has been making waves in the world of wrestling. With a record of 8-3-0, and standing at 5'2", she may not be the biggest athlete in the ring, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in skill and tenacity. One of Loopy Godinez's biggest strengths is her ground game. With an average of 4.54 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 45%, she is a force to be reckoned with in this area of the sport. Her opponents will need to be careful not to let her get them down to the mat, as her sub average of 0.8 submissions attempted per 15 minutes and her 81% takedown defense show that she is very effective at controlling the ground game. Despite her strengths on the ground, Loopy Godinez is also a talented striker. With a significant striking accuracy of 48% and a significant strikes landed per minute of 2.97, she can hold her own in a stand-up fight as well. Her striking defense of 59% shows that she can also take a hit and keep moving forward. Looking at her fight history, Loopy Godinez has had a mix of wins and losses, but her recent performances have gained her a lot of attention. Her wins against Ariane Carnelossi and Angela Hill, and her performance against Loma Lookboonmee, have shown that she is a rising star in the sport. In her upcoming matchup against Cynthia Calvillo, Loopy Godinez will have a chance to prove herself against a tough opponent with a record of 9-5-1. Calvillo's ground game and takedown accuracy will provide a challenge for Loopy Godinez, but if she can capitalize on her striking and control the ground game, she has a chance to come out on top. All eyes will be on Loopy Godinez as she continues to climb up the ranks in wrestling. With her skills and determination, she has the potential to become a dominant force in the sport in the years to come.


How Cynthia Calvillo Can Win

Cynthia Calvillo can win the fight against Loopy Godinez by taking advantage of her superior grappling skills. Calvillo has a strong wrestling background and a high takedown accuracy percentage. She should look to take the fight to the ground and control the pace from there. Calvillo should also utilize her striking to keep Godinez on the defensive and set up her takedowns. She has a slightly higher striking accuracy than Godinez and should make use of that to control the stand-up exchanges. Additionally, Calvillo needs to be mindful of Godinez's takedown defense and not force too many attempts. Instead, she should wait for opportunities and look for the right moments to secure takedowns. Overall, Calvillo should use a well-rounded approach that takes advantage of her strengths while staying cautious of Godinez's skills. With a smart game plan and disciplined execution, Calvillo can come out on top and secure the victory.


How Loopy Godinez can win

Loopy Godinez can win against Cynthia Calvillo by utilizing her strong takedown skills and control on the ground. With an impressive takedown average of 4.54 per 15 minutes and a 45% takedown accuracy, Loopy Godinez can take Calvillo down and keep her there, where she can land significant strikes and look for submission opportunities. Additionally, Loopy Godinez should focus on her striking defense, which is currently at 59%, in order to avoid significant strikes from Calvillo, who has a striking accuracy of 39%. By avoiding Calvillo's strikes and taking the fight to the ground, Loopy Godinez can control the pace of the fight and secure a victory. Although Cynthia Calvillo has a strong grappling game with a 44% takedown accuracy and 75% takedown defense, Loopy Godinez's superior takedown skills and control on the ground give her an advantage in this matchup.


Prediction: Cynthia Calvillo vs. Loopy Godinez

For this matchup, I am predicting that Cynthia Calvillo will come out on top. While both fighters have impressive records and statistics, Calvillo has a proven track record of performing well against top-level competition. Additionally, she has a higher striking accuracy and takedown defense than Godinez. That being said, upsets happen in MMA and Godinez certainly has the ability to pull off the win. Therefore, my pick for this fight is Cynthia Calvillo.


Pick: Cynthia Calvillo 

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