Carlos Hernandez vs Denys Bondar Prediction UFC Picks 6/17

Carlos Hernandez vs Denys Bondar Prediction UFC Picks 6/17

Carlos Hernandez vs Denys Bondar: Fight Preview

On June 17, 2023, Carlos Hernandez and Denys Bondar are set to face off in an exciting matchup at UFC Fight Night: Vettorivs.Cannonier. With a record of 8-2-0, Carlos Hernandez brings a height of 5'8" and a weight of 125lbs, along with a reach of 67" and an orthodox stance. His career statistics include an impressive SLpM of 4.93 and a Str.Acc. of 47%, while his SApM is 4.12 and his Str.Def. is 45%. His TDAvg. is 0.90 and his TDAcc. is 11%, while his TDDef. is 66%. His Sub.Avg. is 0.5. On the other side of the ring, Denys Bondar brings a record of 16-4-0, a height of 5'6", and a weight of 125lbs, along with a reach of 69" and an orthodox stance. His career statistics include an SLpM of 2.93 and a Str.Acc. of 80%, while his SApM is 2.20 and his Str.Def. is 72%. His TDAvg. is 10.98 and his TDAcc. is 100%, while his TDDef. is 0%. His Sub.Avg. is 0.0. This matchup promises to be an unpredictable and exciting fight, with both fighters bringing their unique sets of skills and styles. Carlos Hernandez is known for his impressive striking accuracy, while Denys Bondar is a master of takedowns and ground control. Fans can expect a fast-paced and intense fight, with both fighters looking to secure a win and move up in the ranks. Don't miss Carlos Hernandez vs Denys Bondar at UFC Fight Night: Vettorivs.Cannonier on June 17, 2023.


Carlos Hernandez's Striking Skills

Carlos Hernandez is a skilled striker who has displayed his abilities in his previous fights. He has an impressive significant strike landed per minute (SLpM) of 4.93, with a significant striking accuracy (Str. Acc.) of 47%. Hernandez's ability to absorb significant strikes (SApM) is also noteworthy, with a rate of 4.12 per minute. His significant strike defense (Str. Def.) is at 45%, indicating that he is good at avoiding opponent's strikes. In terms of takedowns, Hernandez has an average of 0.90 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy (TDAcc.) of 11%. He has a takedown defense (TDDef.) of 66%, which is impressive considering the number of attempted takedowns against him. Hernandez's average submission attempts per 15 minutes (Sub. Avg.) is 0.5, indicating that he relies more on his striking skills than his grappling abilities. On the upcoming UFC Fight Night event on June 17, 2023, Hernandez will face Denys Bondar, a skilled fighter with a record of 16-4-0. With a significant striking accuracy (Str. Acc.) of 80%, Bondar is a dangerous opponent, but Hernandez's impressive significant strike defense (Str. Def.) and takedown defense (TDDef.) may prove to be crucial in their matchup. Fans can expect a thrilling and intense fight when these two skilled fighters face each other in the octagon.

Carlos Hernandez Wrestling: A Look at His Stats and Matches

Carlos Hernandez is a rising star in the world of MMA, known for his impressive wrestling skills and formidable record of 8-2-0. Standing at 5'8" and weighing in at 125lbs, Hernandez has a reach of 67" and fights in the orthodox stance. In terms of his career statistics, Hernandez has a SLpM (significant strikes landed per minute) of 4.93 and a striking accuracy of 47%. His SApM (significant strikes absorbed per minute) is 4.12 and his striking defense stands at 45%. When it comes to his grappling, Hernandez has an average of 0.90 takedowns landed per 15 minutes with a takedown accuracy of 11%. His takedown defense is an impressive 66% and he has an average of 0.5 submissions attempted per 15 minutes. Looking at his recent matches, Hernandez faced off against Denys Bondar in UFC Fight Night: Vettori vs. Cannonier on June 17, 2023. Unfortunately, Hernandez lost to Bondar in this matchup. Previously, he had a submission victory over Allan Nascimento in UFC Fight Night: Strickland vs. Imavov on January 14, 2023. He also scored a split decision win over Daniel Barez in DWCS 5.6 on October 5, 2021 and a split decision victory over Victor Altamirano in UFC Fight Night: Makhachev vs. Green on February 26, 2022. In his upcoming fights, Hernandez will undoubtedly continue to showcase his impressive wrestling skills and determination in the octagon. Fans and analysts alike will be eagerly watching to see where his career takes him next.


Denys Bondar Striking

Denys Bondar is a skilled striker who is known for his speed and technique. He has a significant striking rate of 2.93 strikes landed per minute with a striking accuracy of 80%. He has absorbed only 2.20 significant strikes per minute, showcasing his impressive striking defense. In his last fight against Malcolm Gordon at UFC Fight Night: Hermansson vs. Strickland, Denys Bondar displayed his striking skills by knocking out his opponent in the first round. He landed powerful punches and kicks, overwhelming his opponent with his striking prowess. With a reach advantage of 69 inches, Denys Bondar has the ability to keep his opponents at bay and land strikes from a distance. He is also quick on his feet and has excellent footwork that enables him to move in and out of range swiftly. Against Carlos Hernandez, Denys Bondar will need to utilize his striking skills to keep his opponent at distance and avoid getting caught in close range. Carlos Hernandez has a significant striking rate of 4.93 strikes landed per minute and a striking accuracy of 47%. Therefore, Denys Bondar will need to be vigilant and avoid unnecessary exchanges. In conclusion, Denys Bondar's striking abilities make him a dangerous opponent for anyone who steps into the octagon with him. With his speed, technique, and accurate striking, he can finish a fight in a matter of seconds.

Denys Bondar: An Overview of His Wrestling Skills

Denys Bondar is a talented UFC fighter with a record of 16-4-0. He is known for his exceptional wrestling skills, and this has helped him win many fights in the past. In this section, we will take a closer look at his wrestling skills and how he uses them in fights. Bondar has an average of 10.98 takedowns per 15 minutes, which is an impressive statistic. He has a 100% takedown accuracy, meaning that he has successfully landed every takedown attempt he has made in the UFC. This is an incredible feat, and it shows just how talented he is when it comes to wrestling. His opponents have been unable to defend his takedowns, as he has a takedown defense rate of 0%. This means that when Bondar makes a takedown attempt, he is almost guaranteed to succeed. This has given him a significant advantage in many of his fights. Bondar's wrestling skills are not just limited to takedowns. He also has a good ground game and has attempted an average of 0.0 submissions per 15 minutes. While this statistic may seem low, Bondar is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and is very dangerous on the ground. He has submitted two of his opponents in the past, and his opponents would be wise not to underestimate his ground game. In conclusion, Bondar is a highly skilled wrestler, and his opponents should be ready to defend against his takedown attempts. His record speaks for itself, and he has proven time and time again that his wrestling skills are hard to beat. If he continues to use his wrestling to his advantage, he could become a top contender in the UFC in the future.


How Carlos Hernandez Can Win Against Denys Bondar

Carlos Hernandez can win the upcoming fight against Denys Bondar by capitalizing on his striking abilities and maintaining a strong defense against Bondar's takedown attempts. Hernandez has a higher significant striking accuracy and lands more strikes per minute compared to Bondar. He should use his reach advantage to keep Bondar at bay and avoid getting taken down. Additionally, Hernandez should use his impressive takedown defense skills to avoid being taken down by Bondar, who has a 100% takedown accuracy. If Hernandez manages to keep the fight standing, he can deliver devastating strikes to Bondar and potentially finish the fight via knockout or technical knockout. Hernandez should also mix up his striking techniques and avoid becoming predictable to catch Bondar off-guard. His superior conditioning and submission average can also provide him an advantage if the fight goes the distance or goes to the ground. In summary, Carlos Hernandez can win the fight against Denys Bondar by utilizing his striking abilities, maintaining a strong defense, and keeping the fight standing.

How Denys Bondar can Win Against Carlos Hernandez

Denys Bondar is up against Carlos Hernandez in the UFC Fight Night: Vettorivs.Cannonier on June 17, 2023. While Carlos Hernandez has a good record of 8-2-0, Denys Bondar is not one to be underestimated with a record of 16-4-0. Here are some strategies that Denys Bondar can use to win against Carlos Hernandez: 1. Utilize his takedown skills: Denys Bondar has an impressive takedown average of 10.98 per 15 minutes with a 100% takedown accuracy. He needs to use this skill to take Carlos Hernandez to the ground and dominate him with his grappling expertise. 2. Capitalize on his opponent's weaknesses: Carlos Hernandez has a low takedown accuracy of only 11%. Denys Bondar needs to take advantage of this weakness and use his takedown skills to gain control of the fight. 3. Improve his striking game: While Denys Bondar has a high significant striking accuracy of 80%, his significant strikes per minute are only at 2.93. He needs to increase his striking output and mix it up with his takedowns for a well-rounded attack. 4. Avoid Carlos Hernandez's submissions: Carlos Hernandez has a high submission average of 0.5 per 15 minutes. Denys Bondar needs to avoid getting caught in Carlos Hernandez's submissions and use his grappling skills to dominate him on the ground. In conclusion, Denys Bondar has the skills and strategy to win against Carlos Hernandez. With his impressive takedown skills, strategic striking, and grappling expertise, he can emerge victorious in this fight.



This fight between Carlos Hernandez and Denys Bondar promises to be an exciting one. Both fighters come into this bout with impressive records and have the skills to get the job done. Hernandez is known for his striking ability, while Bondar is a grappling specialist. However, I believe that Hernandez will have the edge in this fight. He has shown improved takedown defense in his previous bouts and has the striking power to keep Bondar at bay. While Bondar's grappling skills can't be underestimated, I think Hernandez will be able to stuff his takedown attempts and keep the fight on the feet.


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