Brandon Royval vs Matheus Nicolau Prediction UFC Picks 4/15

Brandon Royval vs Matheus Nicolau Prediction UFC Picks 4/15

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Brandon Royval vs Matheus Nicolau: Fight Preview

Two top-ranked flyweight fighters will clash in the Octagon as Brandon Royval takes on Matheus Nicolau in a highly anticipated matchup. Royval comes into this fight with a 14-6-0 record and has shown impressive skills both on the feet and on the ground. With a standout submission game, Royval has finished five of his last six fights with chokes and has a submission average of 2.4 per 15 minutes. His striking game is also solid, landing 3.32 significant strikes per minute with a striking accuracy of 36%. Nicolau, on the other hand, boasts an impressive 19-3-1 record and has a well-rounded skillset that has earned him multiple wins in the UFC. With a striking accuracy of 53%, Nicolau is a threat on the feet and is also adept at takedowns, averaging 1.52 per 15 minutes with a takedown accuracy of 45%. His takedown defense is also impressive, with a 93% success rate. Both fighters are looking to make a statement in this matchup and climb higher in the rankings. While Royval may have the edge in submissions, Nicolau's well-rounded abilities and strong takedown defense could prove to be a tough challenge. It's sure to be an exciting fight that fans won't want to miss.


Brandon Royval Striking Analysis

Brandon Royval is a skilled striker with a high output in significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM). He has an impressive accuracy score of 36% in significant strikes, indicating his precision in striking. His defense in significant strikes stands at 50%, meaning he can effectively dodge or defend incoming strikes from his opponents. Royval's striking techniques are unique and versatile as he uses a combination of strikes from different disciplines, such as Muay Thai and Taekwondo. He is known for his use of elbows and knees in tight spaces, which can catch opponents off guard. One of Royval's most potent weapons is his ability to switch stances quickly, making it hard for opponents to anticipate his attacks. He is proficient in both orthodox and southpaw stances and can fluidly move between them to confuse his opponents. In his last fight, Royval faced Matheus Nicolau, whom he defeated via submission in the first round. However, his striking performance in the short fight was not the most significant factor. Nevertheless, Royval's striking skills remain impressive, and his performance against Nicolau should not be considered an accurate indicator of his striking abilities. In conclusion, Brandon Royval is a dangerous striker with a unique and versatile striking style, making him a challenging opponent for anyone in the UFC flyweight division.

Brandon Royval Wrestling

Brandon Royval is a well-rounded fighter with a background in wrestling. Although he doesn't rely solely on his wrestling skills, it has played a crucial role in some of his victories. Royval's takedown accuracy stands at an impressive 100%, which highlights his wrestling prowess. He also has a takedown defense of 39%, which can improve with more training and experience. In his UFC debut, Royval faced Tim Elliott, a seasoned wrestler with a strong grappling game. Despite being taken down multiple times, Royval was able to showcase his grappling skills and submitted Elliott with an arm triangle choke in the second round. In his most recent fight against Rogerio Bontorin, Royval once again displayed his grappling abilities. He took Bontorin down multiple times and was able to control him on the ground. Royval eventually finished the fight with a spectacular kneebar submission in the first round. Royval may not have Olympic-level wrestling skills, but his ground game is certainly a strong asset. He has shown in his fights that he can effectively mix up his striking and grappling to create a well-rounded game plan. As he continues to develop and improve his skills, Royval could become an even more dangerous force in the UFC's flyweight division.


Matheus Nicolau Striking

Matheus Nicolau is an accomplished striker with an impressive record of 19-3-1. He has shown a high level of accuracy and defense, landing significant strikes at a rate of 3.72 per minute with a 53% accuracy, while only absorbing 3.08 per minute with a 67% defense rate. Nicolau's takedown average of 1.52 per 15 minutes, along with his 45% takedown accuracy and 93% takedown defense, make him a well-rounded fighter. Nicolau's striking skills were on display in his most recent fight against Matt Schnell, where he won via knockout with a stunning punch. Nicolau has also recently won via decision against David Dvorak and Tim Elliott, showing his ability to go the distance against tough opponents. In his upcoming fight against Brandon Royval, Nicolau will look to utilize his striking skills to control the pace of the fight and keep Royval at bay. With his high level of accuracy and defense, Nicolau will look to land significant strikes and avoid Royval's takedowns to secure the win. Overall, Matheus Nicolau is a formidable striker with a well-rounded skill set, making him a tough opponent for anyone in the flyweight division. His upcoming fight against Brandon Royval will be an exciting matchup between two talented fighters.

Matheus Nicolau Wrestling:

A Force to be Reckoned With When it comes to wrestling, Matheus Nicolau is a threat that cannot be overlooked. The Brazilian fighter boasts an impressive record of 19-3-1 and has proven time and again that he has what it takes to dominate opponents in the octagon. Nicolau's statistical analysis attests to his exceptional wrestling skills. He has an average of 1.52 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, with a takedown accuracy of 45% and a takedown defense of 93%. These numbers prove his ability to take down opponents with ease and defend against their takedown attempts almost effortlessly. Nicolau's striking game is also nothing to scoff at. He has a significant striking accuracy of 53% and absorbs an average of 3.08 significant strikes per minute, displaying his ability to strike while also avoiding damage from his opponent. His significant striking defense is an impressive 67%, meaning most of opponent's strikes don't land on him. While Nicolau's record speaks for itself, his performances in recent fights have been nothing short of spectacular. In his last fight against Matt Schnell, Nicolau delivered a stunning knockout in the first round, showcasing his striking ability. In another fight against Tim Elliott, he won via unanimous decision after a dominant wrestling-heavy performance. When he faces Brandon Royval in the upcoming match, Nicolau will undoubtedly look to use his superior wrestling skills to control the fight and take down his opponent with ease. Royval, on the other hand, will try to use his own grappling game to neutralize Nicolau's wrestling and strike from a distance. Ultimately, it's Nicolau's wrestling and striking that make him such a formidable opponent in the octagon. With his impressive record and stunning performances, he has proven time and again that he is a force to be reckoned with.          


How Brandon Royval can defeat Matheus Nicolau

To defeat Matheus Nicolau, Brandon Royval must utilize his high-volume striking and relentless grappling. Royval's significant strikes landed per minute and significant striking accuracy are lower than Nicolau's, but Royval's ability to mix up his strikes and keep his opponent guessing will be crucial in creating openings for takedowns and submissions. Once on the ground, Royval must be patient and calculated in his submission attempts, as Nicolau's takedown defense is high and his submission defense is also solid. Royval's average of 2.4 submissions attempted per 15 minutes shows his confidence in his ground game, but he must capitalize on the opportunities presented to him. On the feet, Royval's southpaw stance could give Nicolau trouble and allow Royval to land effective strikes from unorthodox angles. Royval's reach advantage could also aid in keeping Nicolau at bay and setting up takedowns. Overall, Royval's well-rounded skillset and ability to adapt to his opponent's strengths make him a formidable opponent for Nicolau. With a game plan focused on mixing up strikes to set up takedowns and submissions, Royval has a strong chance at victory.

How Matheus Nicolau Can Win Against Brandon Royval

Matheus Nicolau can win against Brandon Royval by utilizing his superior striking accuracy and significant strike defense. His takedown defense is also top-notch, which can prevent Royval from taking the fight to the ground where he is dangerous with his submission skills. Nicolau needs to capitalize on his striking skills and keep the fight standing to land significant strikes and damage Royval. He should aim to avoid getting caught in Royval's submission attempts and use his ground-and-pound skills to inflict damage if the fight goes to the ground. It is also crucial for Nicolau to maintain his cardio and pace throughout the fight, as Royval is known for his high-octane fighting style. Nicolau's experience and fighting IQ can also give him an advantage in securing a win against Royval. Overall, Matheus Nicolau can win against Brandon Royval by utilizing his striking accuracy, defense, takedown defense, and ground-and-pound skills while avoiding getting caught in Royval's submission attempts.



Nicolau has a well-rounded skill set with impressive striking accuracy, takedowns, and takedown defense, making him a formidable opponent. His wrestling prowess, backed by a takedown accuracy of 45%, takedown defense of 93%, and 1.52 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, will be hard for Royval to neutralize. Nicolau's recent knockout win and unanimous decision victory in previous fights demonstrate his dominance in both striking and grappling. Royval's standout submission game is his only advantage over Nicolau. However, Nicolau's well-rounded abilities and superior wrestling and striking skills are likely to secure his victory.


Pick: Matheus Nicolau ML -225

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