Bellator 293 Prediction: Mandel Nallo vs Adam Piccolotti

Bellator 293 Prediction: Mandel Nallo vs Adam Piccolotti


On March 31, 2023, the Bellator 293 event at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, CA, will witness a lightweight bout between Adam "The Bomb" Piccolotti and Mandel "Rat Garbage" Nallo. This fight has been highly anticipated by fans of mixed martial arts (MMA), and for good reason. Both fighters have impressive records and are well-respected in the sport. In this article, we will provide an extensive review of each fighter and explain why we believe Nallo will emerge victorious. We will also highlight the features of the iOS and Android app, which is an excellent tool for MMA enthusiasts looking for UFC picks and parlays, Bellator fight predictions, UFC picks tonight, and Bellator picks.

Adam Piccolotti

Adam "The Bomb" Piccolotti is a 34-year-old fighter from Half Moon Bay, California, with a professional MMA record of 13-5-0. He is affiliated with Raul Castillo Martial Arts and has been fighting for Bellator since 2015. Piccolotti is a versatile fighter who has won fights by KO/TKO, submission, and decision.

Piccolotti's last fight was on October 29, 2022, in BFC, where he suffered a loss. He will be looking to bounce back from that defeat when he steps into the cage against Nallo. Piccolotti has shown in the past that he can adapt to his opponent's style and fight effectively, no matter the circumstances.

Piccolotti's Strengths

Piccolotti is a well-rounded fighter with a variety of skills. He has excellent striking and grappling abilities, which he can use to control the pace of the fight. Piccolotti is also known for his durability and ability to take punishment without giving up.

Piccolotti's Weaknesses

Piccolotti has shown in the past that he struggles against aggressive strikers. He can be overwhelmed by their striking ability and may struggle to defend against powerful strikes. Additionally, Piccolotti can be predictable in his game plan, which can make him vulnerable to counterattacks.

Mandel Nallo

Mandel "Rat Garbage" Nallo is a 33-year-old fighter from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with a professional MMA record of 9-2-0. He is affiliated with Tristar Gym and has been fighting for Bellator since 2017. Nallo is a striker who has won fights by KO/TKO and submission.

Nallo's last fight was on June 24, 2022, in BFC, where he won by a devastating counter right that knocked out his opponent Bryce Logan in just over a minute. Nallo's striking ability is his biggest weapon, and he has shown that he can finish fights in a matter of seconds.

Nallo's Strengths

Nallo's striking ability is his biggest strength. He has excellent footwork, hand speed, and power, which he uses to overwhelm his opponents. Nallo has a striking accuracy of 46%, meaning he lands nearly half of his significant strikes. His boxing skills are superb, and he can use combinations to set up his kicks and knees effectively. Additionally, Nallo is a dangerous counter-puncher and can land devastating shots when his opponents get too aggressive. His ability to fight well in the clinch is also worth noting, as he can land some damaging knees and elbows from there.

Another strength of Nallo is his grappling skills. He has a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and has won several of his fights via submission. Nallo's grappling skills are underrated, and he can surprise his opponents with takedowns and submissions when they least expect it. He has an impressive takedown accuracy of 66%, which means he can take his opponents down with relative ease.

Nallo's Endurance and Conditioning

Nallo is known for his impressive endurance and conditioning. He has gone the distance in several fights, and his cardio is top-notch. He can maintain a high pace throughout the fight and can wear down his opponents with his relentless pace. This is a significant advantage, especially against fighters who are not known for their conditioning.

Nallo's Weaknesses

While Nallo has several strengths, he also has some weaknesses. One of his most significant weaknesses is his defense. Nallo tends to get hit a lot, and his striking defense is not the best. He has been knocked out twice in his career, and his tendency to get hit could be a significant disadvantage against a striker like Piccolotti.

Additionally, Nallo can be too patient at times, which could work against him. He can be too focused on waiting for the right opportunity to strike and can give his opponents too much time to build momentum. Against a fighter like Piccolotti, who is known for his aggression, this could be a significant disadvantage.


Final Prediction

While both fighters have their strengths and weaknesses, I predict that Mandel Nallo will win the fight. Nallo's striking ability, grappling skills, and impressive endurance give him the edge over Piccolotti. Additionally, Piccolotti's tendency to get hit could be his downfall against a striker like Nallo.

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