Bellator 292 Preview: Linton Vassell vs Valentin Moldavsky

Bellator 292 Preview: Linton Vassell vs Valentin Moldavsky

Bellator 292 is shaping up to be an exciting night of fights, with several matchups pitting top fighters against each other. But perhaps the most highly anticipated bout of the evening is the heavyweight clash between Linton Vassell and Valentin Moldavsky.

Linton Vassell:

Vassell's Striking:

Linton Vassell's striking ability is one of his strongest attributes, and it has been showcased in many of his past fights. He has a significant amount of knockouts and technical knockouts to his name, making him a dangerous opponent for anyone in the heavyweight division.

Vassell's striking is characterized by his powerful punches, which he delivers with precision and speed. He possesses an excellent understanding of distance and timing, allowing him to land significant strikes on his opponents while avoiding their counterattacks. His aggressive fighting style is another key factor in his success, as he constantly puts pressure on his opponents and never lets them rest.

In addition to his punching power, Vassell also has solid kicking and kneeing techniques that he uses to great effect. His leg kicks are particularly devastating, as they can quickly wear down an opponent's mobility and stamina. Vassell's striking game is well-rounded and versatile, making him a dangerous opponent from any range.

One of Vassell's most notable performances was against Francis Carmont at Bellator 165 in November 2016. In that fight, Vassell was able to effectively use his striking to outmaneuver Carmont and secure a unanimous decision victory. He showed impressive head movement, footwork, and striking accuracy throughout the fight, keeping Carmont guessing and unable to mount an effective offense.

Another impressive display of Vassell's striking skills was his TKO victory over Blake Grice at Bellator 277 in April 2022. In that fight, Vassell showcased his power and accuracy, landing a barrage of punches that ultimately led to the stoppage.

Overall, Linton Vassell's striking ability is a major factor in his success as a heavyweight fighter. His punching power, aggressive fighting style, and versatility make him a dangerous opponent for anyone in the division. Fans can expect to see Vassell's striking skills on full display in his upcoming fight against Valentin Moldavsky at Bellator 292.

Vassell's Wrestling:

Linton Vassell's wrestling skills have played a critical role in his success as a mixed martial artist. He has an impressive grappling background and is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Vassell has used his wrestling to control the pace of many of his fights, and his ground game has been a significant factor in his wins. He has won 36% of his fights by submission, which is a testament to his technical grappling ability.

Vassell's wrestling style is heavily influenced by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and he has a unique approach to the ground game. He is skilled at setting up takedowns and transitions with his strikes, often using his striking to open up opportunities for takedowns. Once on the ground, Vassell is an expert at controlling his opponents and seeking out submission opportunities.

One of Vassell's most notable wrestling performances came in his fight against former Bellator light heavyweight champion Liam McGeary. Vassell was able to control McGeary on the ground and eventually secured a submission victory via arm-triangle choke in the third round. His grappling skills were also on display in his fight against Emanuel Newton, where he secured a unanimous decision victory by controlling the fight on the ground.

Vassell's Strengths:

Linton Vassell is a well-rounded fighter who possesses a wide range of skills and techniques. His striking ability is a significant asset, as he has displayed time and again the ability to land heavy blows that can take down his opponents. His 16 KO or TKO wins in his career are a testament to his power and precision in striking.

Vassell's grappling skills are another one of his strengths. He has shown his proficiency in wrestling and jiu-jitsu, which allows him to take the fight to the ground and control his opponents. His grappling techniques are not limited to just takedowns, but he also has excellent ground and pound and submission skills that make him a formidable opponent. Vassell has eight submission victories, showcasing his ability to finish fights from different positions on the ground.

Another strength of Vassell is his durability and endurance. He has proven his ability to withstand punishment from his opponents and still come back to win the fight. This was evident in his fight against Liam McGeary in 2017, where he was able to withstand McGeary's barrage of strikes and come back to win the fight via submission in the third round. His conditioning and stamina are also impressive, allowing him to maintain his pace throughout the fight and outlast his opponents.

In addition, Vassell's experience in the cage is also one of his strengths. He has been competing in MMA since 2008, accumulating over 30 professional fights in his career. This extensive experience has provided him with the necessary tools to overcome adversity and make adjustments in the middle of the fight, making him a tough opponent to beat.

Finally, Vassell's mental toughness is one of his biggest assets. He possesses a warrior spirit that allows him to push through pain and discomfort, stay focused, and overcome adversity. This mental toughness has helped him secure victories even when he was an underdog in the fight.

In conclusion, Linton Vassell's strengths in striking, grappling, durability, experience, and mental toughness make him a formidable opponent in the cage. His ability to finish fights and overcome adversity has earned him numerous victories in his career, making him a highly respected fighter in the world of MMA.

Vassell's Weaknesses:

Linton Vassell is an experienced fighter with a well-rounded skill set, but he has some weaknesses that he will need to address in his upcoming fight against Valentin Moldavsky. One of his primary weaknesses is his striking, which can be somewhat reckless and lacking in accuracy. Vassell has a tendency to swing for the fences and throw wild haymakers, which can leave him open to counterattacks from his opponents.

If Vassell is not careful, Moldavsky could take advantage of this weakness and land some powerful counter shots that could potentially knock him out. In addition to his striking, Vassell also tends to tire out in later rounds, which could be a significant problem against Moldavsky, who is known for his endurance and stamina.

Vassell will need to pace himself and conserve his energy throughout the fight if he wants to have a chance at winning. This means being strategic with his strikes and avoiding unnecessary risks that could lead to him gassing out early. Vassell's cardio and conditioning will be put to the test in this fight, and he will need to be in top shape if he wants to go the distance with Moldavsky.

Another potential weakness for Vassell is his takedown defense. While he is a skilled wrestler in his own right, he has shown some vulnerabilities when defending against takedowns from his opponents. This could be a significant problem against Moldavsky, who is a talented wrestler with excellent takedown skills.

If Vassell cannot defend against Moldavsky's takedowns, he could find himself on his back for much of the fight, struggling to get back to his feet. This would put him at a significant disadvantage and make it difficult for him to land any significant strikes or score points on the judges' scorecards.

Valentin Moldavsky:

Valentin's Striking:

Valentin Moldavsky is a well-rounded mixed martial artist, with a technical striking style that has helped him achieve success inside the Bellator cage. Although he may not have the same knockout power as some of his heavyweight counterparts, he more than makes up for it with his striking accuracy and precision.

Moldavsky's striking game is built around his footwork, head movement, and timing. He moves around the octagon with ease, using his quick footwork to cut angles and create openings for his strikes. His head movement is also a key part of his striking defense, as he often slips and weaves away from incoming strikes while countering with his own.

One of Moldavsky's most notable striking performances came in his fight against Javy Ayala at Bellator 239. Throughout the fight, he landed a high volume of strikes, using a variety of punches, kicks, and knees to keep his opponent at bay. His precision and accuracy were on full display, as he consistently found his target with his strikes, wearing down Ayala over the course of the fight.

In addition to his striking technique, Moldavsky also has a strong understanding of fight strategy. He knows when to pick his spots and when to push the pace, and he's not afraid to adjust his game plan mid-fight if necessary. This adaptability has served him well in his career, allowing him to overcome adversity and emerge victorious in close fights.

Overall, Valentin Moldavsky's striking game is a key part of his success as a fighter. While he may not have the one-punch knockout power of some of his heavyweight counterparts, his technical skill, accuracy, and precision make him a dangerous opponent for anyone in the division. Fans can expect to see more of his striking prowess on display when he steps into the cage against Linton Vassell at Bellator 292.

Valentin's Wrestling:

Valentin Moldavsky's wrestling skills have been honed over many years of dedicated training and competition. As an athlete, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to dominate on the mat and execute various grappling techniques with precision. His experience in the sport has given him a deep understanding of the nuances of wrestling and how it can be used to gain an advantage over an opponent.

One of the key elements of Moldavsky's wrestling game is his ability to take down his opponents with ease. He has excellent timing and technique, often catching his opponents off guard with quick shots and explosive takedowns. Once on top, Moldavsky's wrestling skills really shine as he relentlessly pursues the submission or keeps his opponents pinned down to rack up points.

Moreover, Moldavsky's wrestling is not just limited to takedowns and submissions. He is also adept at controlling the pace of the fight on the ground, using his superior grappling skills to keep his opponents in check. He has shown an uncanny ability to stifle his opponent's offense, all while setting up his own attacks and opportunities.

In addition, Moldavsky's proficiency in wrestling has made him an incredibly well-rounded fighter. He is comfortable in all areas of the game, and can easily transition between striking, grappling, and wrestling. His diverse skill set makes him a formidable opponent for anyone in the heavyweight division, and a challenge that fighters should not take lightly.

In conclusion, Moldavsky's wrestling skills are a major asset to his fighting style. His ability to take down opponents, control the pace of the fight on the ground, and execute submissions are all testament to his years of hard work and dedication. As he steps into the octagon for Bellator 292, fans can expect to see a masterful display of his wrestling prowess as he takes on Linton Vassell.

Valentin's Strengths:

Valentin Moldavsky has established himself as one of the most talented fighters in the heavyweight division with his impressive set of skills. His strengths are a combination of excellent striking and grappling techniques, as well as his ability to adapt to different fighting styles.

When it comes to his striking, Moldavsky is a technical fighter who is very precise with his strikes. He has great footwork, and he can quickly close the distance between himself and his opponent. He utilizes his jab effectively and uses his punches to set up his kicks. His punches are powerful, but he's careful not to overcommit, making him difficult to counter.

In addition to his striking, Moldavsky has impressive grappling skills. He has excellent takedown defense and can effectively avoid getting taken down. However, he's not just a defensive fighter. He has an excellent takedown game himself and can take his opponents down to the ground when needed. Once on the ground, he is dangerous with his submissions, particularly his guillotine choke.

Moldavsky's ability to adapt to different fighting styles is also a significant strength. He can adjust his game plan depending on his opponent's strengths and weaknesses. If he's fighting someone with good striking skills, he can focus more on his grappling, while if he's fighting someone with strong grappling skills, he can focus more on his striking. His adaptability allows him to stay ahead of his opponents and come out on top.

Valentin's Weaknesses:

Valentin Moldavsky is undoubtedly one of the most talented fighters in the Bellator heavyweight division. His record speaks for itself, with 11 wins, 2 losses, and one no-contest. He has beaten some of the best fighters in the world, including Roy Nelson, Javy Ayala, and Linton Vassell, whom he will face again at Bellator 292.

However, as with any fighter, Moldavsky has his weaknesses. One of his most significant weaknesses is his tendency to be too defensive at times. This can lead to him losing rounds on the judges' scorecards, especially against aggressive opponents who can pressure him and keep him on the back foot.

Moldavsky's defensive approach to fighting can also leave him vulnerable to counterattacks. This was evident in his loss to Ryan Bader at Bellator 273, where Bader was able to catch him with a few significant shots while he was backing up. Moldavsky will need to work on his footwork and head movement to avoid these kinds of situations in the future.

Another potential weakness for Moldavsky is his grappling defense. While he is an accomplished wrestler himself, he has shown vulnerability to submissions in the past. In his fight against Linton Vassell at Bellator 218, Vassell was able to take him down and control him for long periods of time. Moldavsky was eventually able to get back to his feet and win the fight on the judges' scorecards, but he will need to improve his grappling defense if he wants to avoid being taken down and controlled by Vassell again.


The current odds for this fight have Moldavsky as the favorite at -303 and Vassell as the underdog at +250.


When it comes to predicting the outcome of a fight, there are many factors to consider, including each fighter's skillset, their past performances, and their current form leading up to the fight. In the case of Linton Vassell versus Valentin Moldavsky at Bellator 292, there are many reasons to believe that Moldavsky has the edge.

Firstly, Moldavsky has a solid background in striking, having trained with some of the best coaches and fighters in the world. He has shown that he can be a proficient striker, with his technical skills allowing him to deliver accurate and powerful strikes while minimizing the risk of being hit. In contrast, Vassell's striking has been known to be somewhat unrefined, relying heavily on his natural power rather than technique.

Additionally, Moldavsky has excellent grappling skills, which are essential in the heavyweight division. He has a well-rounded ground game, which includes the ability to take his opponents down and control them on the ground. His submission skills are also noteworthy, with a third of his wins coming by way of submission. In contrast, Vassell's grappling skills are not as polished as Moldavsky's, with a third of his wins coming by way of knockout.

Another factor that could play a role in the fight's outcome is Vassell's age. At 39, he is well into his career and may not have the same physical abilities as he did in his prime. In contrast, Moldavsky is only 31 and has shown consistent improvement in his recent fights, suggesting that he may be hitting his peak.

Pick: Moldavsky

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