Bellator 292: Cass Bell vs Josh Hill - Striking vs Wrestling

Bellator 292: Cass Bell vs Josh Hill - Striking vs Wrestling


As the date for the highly-anticipated Bellator 292 event draws closer, MMA fans around the world eagerly await the much-awaited bantamweight bout between Cass Bell and Josh Hill. Both fighters are widely regarded as some of the best in their weight class, and their upcoming clash promises to be a thrilling display of martial arts prowess.

Cass Bell, hailing from Arcata, California, has quickly made a name for himself in the MMA world with his impressive fighting style and dominant performances in the cage. With a professional record of 6 wins and only 2 losses, Bell has proven himself to be a formidable opponent and a rising star in the sport. His last fight against Raufeon Stots was a hard-fought battle that ended in a unanimous decision victory for Stots, but Bell is looking to bounce back and prove his mettle once again.

Meanwhile, Josh Hill, the Canadian fighter from Hamilton, Ontario, is also no stranger to the MMA scene. With a record of 20 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw, Hill has amassed an impressive resume of victories throughout his career, including notable wins over top-tier fighters like Marlon Moraes and Eric Perez. Hill's experience and versatility make him a challenging opponent for any fighter, and he will undoubtedly bring his A-game to the cage when he faces off against Bell.

As the MMA world eagerly awaits this upcoming bout, both fighters are undoubtedly hard at work in the gym, perfecting their techniques and strategizing for their opponent. The Bellator 292 event promises to be a memorable one, and the Cass Bell vs. Josh Hill bout is just one of the many exciting fights that fans can look forward to. With so much on the line, both fighters will undoubtedly give it their all and leave it all in the cage come fight night.

Cass Bell

Cass Bell, also known as "The Mean Green Fighting Machine," is a professional MMA fighter from Arcata, California, United States. Bell has a record of 6-2-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) and is known for his impressive grappling skills. He has won three fights via submission and has a 50% submission win rate.


Despite not being known for his striking, Cass Bell has shown significant improvements in his stand-up game. His striking style is precise and calculated, relying on quick and accurate combinations to keep his opponents at bay. Bell is known for his ability to close the distance and land his strikes with accuracy, making him a dangerous opponent for anyone in the bantamweight division.

One of Bell's standout striking performances came in his fight against Isaiah Batin-Gonzalez in 2021, where he showcased his boxing skills with a series of crisp jabs, hooks, and uppercuts that kept Batin-Gonzalez on the back foot. Bell also displayed his ability to use feints to set up his strikes, which makes him unpredictable and difficult to counter.

Another aspect of Bell's striking game that stands out is his kicking ability. He utilizes a variety of kicks, including low kicks, high kicks, and spinning kicks, to keep his opponents guessing and off balance. Bell's kicks are powerful and precise, often causing significant damage to his opponents.

Although Bell has only won one fight via KO/TKO, he has demonstrated the potential to finish fights with his striking skills. His ability to set up his strikes with feints and his power in his kicks make him a threat to anyone in the bantamweight division. Bell's striking game has undoubtedly improved since his early fights, and fans can expect him to continue to develop and showcase his skills in the future.


Bell's wrestling background has been instrumental in his success in MMA. He was a standout wrestler in high school, where he won multiple state championships. Bell's wrestling skills have translated well into the cage, where he has showcased his ability to take down opponents and control the fight on the ground.

One of the key aspects of Bell's wrestling is his exceptional takedown defense. He has proven to be difficult to take down, and opponents often struggle to get him to the ground. This has allowed Bell to keep the fight standing, where he can utilize his striking skills and pick apart his opponents.

On the offensive side, Bell is also a skilled wrestler. He has a variety of takedowns in his arsenal and can take his opponents down from different angles. His wrestling ability allows him to dictate where the fight takes place, and he can take the fight to the ground when it suits him.

In addition to his takedown ability, Bell's control on the ground is also impressive. He has a strong top game and can dominate his opponents with his ground and pound. Bell is patient and methodical on the ground, and he looks for openings to advance his position and secure a submission.

Overall, Bell's wrestling is a major strength that sets him apart from his opponents. He has used his wrestling to control fights and win by decision, and it will be interesting to see how he utilizes his wrestling skills against his upcoming opponent, Josh Hill.

Path to victory:

To increase his chances of victory, Bell may also want to look for opportunities to strike on the feet. While he is not known for his striking ability, he can use his strikes to set up takedowns or to keep Hill at bay. This could also help to wear down Hill over the course of the fight, making it easier for Bell to take him down and control him on the ground.

In summary, Bell's path to victory in this fight would be to take the fight to the ground and use his superior grappling skills to control the fight. While this strategy is not without its risks, it plays to Bell's strengths and gives him the best chance of coming out on top.

Josh Hill

Josh Hill, also known as "Gentleman," is a professional MMA fighter from Stoney Creek, Ontario. Hill has a record of 21-5-0 (Win-Loss-Draw) and is known for his striking ability. He has won five fights via KO/TKO and has a 24% KO/TKO win rate.


Josh Hill is known for his impressive striking skills, which have played a crucial role in his success in MMA. His striking game is incredibly versatile, and he has shown the ability to strike from different angles and distances. Hill is a technically sound striker, with excellent footwork, timing, and speed. His striking combinations are precise and effective, and he can mix them up with feints and footwork to confuse his opponents.

Hill's striking arsenal includes a variety of strikes, including punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. His punches are crisp and powerful, and he can throw them in rapid succession. Hill's kicks are equally devastating, with his leg kicks being particularly noteworthy. He is also adept at landing powerful knees and elbows in the clinch.

Hill's striking ability has been on full display in his fights, and he has five KO/TKO victories to his name. In his last fight, Hill showcased his striking skills by landing a beautiful head kick that knocked out his opponent in the second round. Hill's striking is undoubtedly his most potent weapon, and he will look to use it to his advantage in the upcoming fight against Bell.

However, Hill's striking game is not without its weaknesses. He has been vulnerable to counter-strikes in the past, and he can sometimes leave himself open while throwing punches or kicks. Hill will need to be cautious and disciplined in his striking approach, especially when facing an opponent like Bell, who is known for his wrestling and ground game.


While Hill's wrestling is not his strongest attribute, he is no slouch in the grappling department. Hill has a solid wrestling base, and he can take his opponents down when needed. However, he prefers to keep the fight on the feet and utilize his striking skills.

One of Hill's strengths in wrestling is his ability to defend takedowns. He has shown excellent takedown defense in his fights, and opponents have found it challenging to take him down. This skill allows Hill to dictate where the fight takes place and keep the fight standing.

Although Hill has only won one fight via submission, his wrestling skills have helped him control fights and win via decision. He has a 56% decision win rate, which is impressive, given that his opponents often try to take him down and nullify his striking.

In summary, while Hill's wrestling may not be his primary focus, he has developed a solid wrestling base and can defend takedowns effectively. His wrestling skills allow him to dictate where the fight takes place and keep the fight standing, where he can utilize his striking skills to win the fight.

Path to victory:

He will need to use his striking skills to keep Bell at bay and avoid getting taken down to the ground. Hill will need to utilize his footwork to avoid being taken down and use his striking to control the distance and pace of the fight.

If Hill can control the center of the cage and use his speed and power to land significant strikes, he can wear down Bell and potentially secure a KO/TKO victory. Hill's striking accuracy and volume will be crucial in landing effective strikes and avoiding Bell's takedown attempts.

However, Hill will need to be cautious not to overcommit with his striking, as Bell's grappling skills can be dangerous on the ground. Hill will need to maintain a balanced approach and avoid getting caught in Bell's submission attempts.

In summary, Hill's path to victory lies in his striking skills, but he will need to be mindful of Bell's grappling abilities. Hill will need to maintain a balanced approach, avoid getting taken down, and use his striking to control the fight's pace and distance to secure the win.


The odds for this fight currently stand at Alexander Shabliy -145 and Tofiq Musayev +125.


This fight promises to be an exciting match-up between two talented fighters. However, Hill's striking ability gives him an advantage in this fight. Hill will keep the fight standing and use his striking ability to win the fight via decision. Therefore, my pick for this fight is Josh Hill (spread). iOS and Android app:

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