Ashlee Evans-Smith vs Ailin Perez Prediction UFC Picks 7/15

Ashlee Evans-Smith vs Ailin Perez Prediction UFC Picks 7/15

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Ashlee Evans-Smith vs Ailin Perez: Fight Preview


Fight Preview:

This exciting matchup between Ashlee Evans-Smith and Ailin Perez promises to be an intense battle in the bantamweight division. With Evans-Smith's record standing at 6-5-0 and Perez's at 7-2-0, both fighters will be looking to secure a crucial victory to climb the rankings.

Ashlee Evans-Smith, also known as "Rebel Girl," is a well-rounded fighter with strong striking and wrestling skills. With a significant strike accuracy of 34% and a remarkable takedown defense of 66%, Evans-Smith will likely look to control the fight by utilizing her technical abilities. Known for her relentless fighting style, she will push the pace and aim to dominate Perez in all areas of the fight.

On the other hand, Ailin Perez, known as "Fiona," brings a unique challenge to the table with her switch stance. Perez possesses a strong striking game, with a significant strike accuracy of 47%, making her dangerous in stand-up exchanges. Furthermore, her takedown defense of 71% suggests that she will not be an easy target for Evans-Smith's wrestling attacks. If given the opportunity, Perez will likely look to capitalize on her opponent's vulnerabilities and aim to finish the fight with her striking prowess.

Overall, this matchup has all the makings of an entertaining and closely contested fight. With contrasting fighting styles and similar records, fans can expect to see an exciting clash between Ashlee Evans-Smith and Ailin Perez, as both fighters battle for supremacy in the bantamweight division.


Ashlee Evans-Smith Striking

Ashlee Evans-Smith is a talented mixed martial artist known for her striking skills inside the octagon. Standing at 5'8" and weighing 135lbs, Evans-Smith possesses a reach of 67" and fights in an orthodox stance. Born on July 9, 1987, she has a professional record of 6 wins and 5 losses. In terms of striking statistics, Evans-Smith has an average of 4.54 significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) with a striking accuracy of 34%. She absorbs 4.69 significant strikes per minute (SApM) and has a significant strike defense of 55%. These stats indicate that Evans-Smith is an active striker who doesn't shy away from engaging in exchanges. When it comes to grappling, Evans-Smith has an average takedown rate of 1.10 per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 23%. Her takedown defense stands at an impressive 66%, which means she is difficult to take down and control on the ground. However, her submission average is 0.0, suggesting that she is not a submission specialist. Analyzing Evans-Smith's recent fights, she has had mixed results. In her most recent outing, she faced Norma Dumont and suffered a loss. Prior to that, she faced Andrea Lee and also experienced a defeat. However, in previous fights, Evans-Smith managed to secure wins against fighters like Bec Rawlings and Veronica Hardy. Going up against Ailin Perez in their upcoming matchup, Evans-Smith will need to utilize her striking skillset to overcome her opponent's strengths. Perez, who stands at 5'5" and weighs 135lbs, has a well-rounded game and possesses impressive grappling statistics. Therefore, Evans-Smith's striking ability will be crucial in dictating the pace and maintaining distance in the fight. In conclusion, Ashlee Evans-Smith is a solid striker in the women's bantamweight division. With her active striking style, she has the potential to cause damage and secure victories. However, she will need to showcase her striking prowess and keep the fight standing against opponents like Ailin Perez, who excel in other aspects of the game.

Ashlee Evans-Smith Wrestling

Ashlee Evans-Smith is a professional MMA fighter known for her impressive wrestling skills. With a record of 6-5-0, Evans-Smith has showcased her athleticism and grappling prowess in the cage. Standing at 5'8" and weighing 135 pounds, Evans-Smith possesses physical attributes that contribute to her success in wrestling. Her reach of 67" allows her to maintain distance and control her opponents, while her orthodox stance gives her a solid foundation for executing takedowns. In terms of striking statistics, Evans-Smith has a significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) average of 4.54, with a striking accuracy of 34%. On the defensive side, she boasts a 55% significant strike defense, meaning she is adept at avoiding her opponents' strikes. As for grappling, Evans-Smith has an average of 1.10 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, with a takedown accuracy of 23% and a takedown defense of 66%. Taking a closer look at her fight history, Evans-Smith has had some notable matchups. In a fight against Norma Dumont, she suffered a loss by unanimous decision at UFC Fight Night: Holm vs. Silva. Another loss came against Andrea Lee at UFC Fight Night: Smith vs. Clark, where Evans-Smith fell short in a unanimous decision. However, Evans-Smith has also experienced victories in her career. She defeated Bec Rawlings by unanimous decision at UFC 223: Khabib vs. Iaquinta and emerged victorious against Veronica Hardy with a knockout via elbows at UFC Fight Night: Arlovski vs. Barnett. These wins demonstrate her ability to dominate her opponents with her well-rounded wrestling skills. In her upcoming bout, Evans-Smith will be facing Ailin Perez. With a record of 7-2-0, Perez is also a skilled fighter with a background in striking and grappling. This matchup promises to be an exciting clash of styles, with both fighters aiming to impose their will in the wrestling department. In conclusion, Ashlee Evans-Smith has proven herself as a formidable wrestler in the MMA world. Her athleticism, technique, and ability to control her opponents through takedowns make her a force to be reckoned with. Fans of wrestling-focused fights should keep an eye on Evans-Smith as she continues to showcase her skills in the octagon.


Ailin Perez Striking

Perez has a significant striking rate of 1.62 strikes landed per minute, which showcases her precision and accuracy in landing significant strikes. Her striking accuracy stands at an impressive 47%, indicating her ability to connect with her opponents. In terms of defense, Perez has a significant strike defense rate of 31%. This means that she is effective at avoiding her opponents' strikes and minimizing the damage she takes during fights. While Perez's striking statistics are solid, she also brings other skills to the table. She has an average takedown rate of 1.52 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 33%. This suggests that she is capable of taking the fight to the ground when necessary and has the ability to control her opponents in grappling exchanges. Perez's takedown defense is also notable, with a rate of 71%. This means that she is adept at defending against her opponents' takedown attempts and keeping the fight in her preferred striking range. Although Perez has yet to secure a victory over Ashlee Evans-Smith, their upcoming matchup in UFC Fight Night: Holm vs. Silva on July 15, 2023, will provide her with an opportunity to showcase her striking skills and potentially secure a win. With her notable striking accuracy, precision, and defensive capabilities, Ailin Perez is undoubtedly a fighter to watch out for in the bantamweight division. Her upcoming fight against Ashlee Evans-Smith will test her striking abilities and determine if she can secure a victory against a tough opponent.

Ailin Perez wrestling

Perez's takedown average (TDAvg.) of 1.52 and takedown accuracy (TDAcc.) of 33% highlight her wrestling prowess. She possesses the strength and technique necessary to execute successful takedowns on her opponents. Additionally, her takedown defense (TDDef.) stands at an impressive 71%, indicating her ability to prevent her opponents from taking her down. Although Perez has yet to secure a submission victory, her well-rounded skills make her a dangerous threat on the ground. Her submission average (Sub.Avg.) of 0.0 might not reflect her true abilities, as she has shown flashes of grappling brilliance in her matches. One of Perez's notable fights was against Stephanie Egger, where she secured a victory via a rear-naked choke in the third round. This submission victory demonstrated her ability to finish fights and showcased her understanding of submission techniques. Perez's upcoming matchup against Ashlee Evans-Smith at UFC Fight Night: Holm vs. Silva has generated significant interest from fans and pundits alike. With her impressive record and growing skill set, Perez has the potential to make a name for herself in the world of professional wrestling. As Perez continues to develop and refine her skills, it will be exciting to see how she progresses in the world of professional wrestling. With her athleticism, technique, and drive to succeed, she has the tools necessary to become a top contender in her weight class. Keep an eye out for Ailin Perez as she continues to make waves in the wrestling world.


How can Ashlee Evans-Smith win vs Ailin Perez

To win the match against Ailin Perez, Ashlee Evans-Smith can employ the following strategies: 1. Utilize her height and reach advantage: Ashlee Evans-Smith has a height advantage of 3 inches and a reach advantage of 1 inch over Ailin Perez. She should use her long limbs to keep Perez at a distance, making it difficult for her opponent to close the distance and land significant strikes. 2. Maintain a strong striking game: Evans-Smith should focus on her significant striking accuracy, which stands at 34%. She should aim to land clean, accurate strikes that can accumulate damage over time. By using her striking skills effectively, she can keep Perez on the defensive and control the pace of the fight. 3. Defend against takedowns: Although Perez has a higher takedown accuracy, Evans-Smith should focus on her takedown defense, which stands at a respectable 66%. She should use her wrestling skills to prevent Perez from successfully taking her down and dominating the fight on the ground. 4. Capitalize on ground and pound opportunities: If the fight goes to the ground, Evans-Smith should look for opportunities to deliver ground and pound strikes. By staying active and aggressive in the ground game, she can maintain control and wear down Perez. 5. Stay disciplined and avoid grappling exchanges: Perez has a higher takedown average and takedown accuracy, indicating her strength in grappling exchanges. Evans-Smith should prioritize her striking game and avoid getting caught in clinches or grappling situations where Perez can utilize her strengths. By effectively utilizing her height, reach, striking skills, and takedown defense, Ashlee Evans-Smith can secure a victory over Ailin Perez in their upcoming matchup.

How can Ailin Perez win

To win against Ashlee Evans-Smith, Ailin Perez should focus on the following strategies: 1. Improve Striking Accuracy: Ailin Perez has a lower significant striking accuracy compared to Evans-Smith. Perez should work on her striking technique, footwork, and timing to increase her accuracy and land more significant strikes. 2. Utilize Her Reach Advantage: Perez has a one-inch reach advantage over Evans-Smith. She should use her reach effectively by maintaining distance and controlling the fight from the outside. This will allow her to land strikes without being caught in Evans-Smith's counterattacks. 3. Enhance Takedown Defense: Perez has a decent takedown defense percentage, but she should strive to improve it even further. By stuffing Evans-Smith's takedown attempts, Perez can keep the fight standing where she has a better chance to utilize her striking skills. 4. Capitalize on Opportunities: During exchanges or grappling situations, Perez should be proactive in capitalizing on any openings or weaknesses in Evans-Smith's defense. She should look for submission opportunities or deliver decisive strikes to secure a finish or score valuable points. 5. Stay Active and Aggressive: Perez should maintain a high work rate and keep the pressure on Evans-Smith. By staying active and dictating the pace of the fight, Perez can frustrate her opponent, disrupt her game plan, and gain an advantage on the scorecards. Overall, Ailin Perez can win against Ashlee Evans-Smith by improving her striking accuracy, utilizing her reach advantage, enhancing her takedown defense, capitalizing on opportunities, and maintaining an active and aggressive fighting style.



While Perez is not the favorite in this matchup, based on the statistics and potential advantages in striking accuracy and defense, she seems to be the better pick for this fight. However, as with any fight, there are always variables and factors that can influence the outcome, so it is essential to consider all aspects before making a final decision.

Pick: Ailin Perez (Moneyline) -140

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