Andrei Arlovski vs Don'tale Mayes Prediction UFC Picks 6/3

Andrei Arlovski vs Don'tale Mayes Prediction UFC Picks 6/3

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Andrei Arlovski vs Don'Tale Mayes: Fight Preview

Andrei Arlovski, also known as "The Pitbull," will be facing off against Don'Tale Mayes, who goes by "Lord Kong," in the upcoming UFC Fight Night event. Arlovski has a professional record of 34-21-0 (2NC) and stands at 6'3" weighing 240lbs. He boasts a striking accuracy of 45% with a significant strike landed per minute of 3.79. Mayes, on the other hand, has a record of 9-5-0 (1NC) and stands at 6'6", weighing in at 260lbs. He has an average takedown landed per 15 minutes of 0.96 and a takedown accuracy of 50%.

This fight is expected to showcase excellent striking skills from both fighters, with Arlovski's experience and expertise in striking giving him an edge over Mayes. However, Mayes' size and reach advantage could make it challenging for Arlovski to find openings. It will be a test of endurance as well, with both fighters known for their ability to go the distance.

Arlovski's recent fights have been against tough opponents such as Jared Vanderaa, Carlos Felipe, and Tanner Boser. He has managed to win most of his recent matches, with his most recent loss being against Tom Aspinall. Mayes, on the other hand, has fought against fighters like Augusto Sakai and Ciryl Gane, with a mix of wins and losses in his recent fights.

The clash between Arlovski and Mayes promises to be a thrilling fight with both fighters looking to prove their abilities. Arlovski will be looking to use his striking expertise to his advantage and secure another win, while Mayes will be hoping to use his size and reach advantage to dominate the fight.


Andrei Arlovski's Striking

Andrei Arlovski is known for his striking abilities in the octagon. With a significant strike landed per minute rate of 3.79 and a striking accuracy of 45%, he has a lethal striking game that has made him a feared opponent for many fighters. Arlovski's significant strike defense is also impressive, with a rating of 57%. This means that he is able to avoid a significant number of strikes from his opponents, which is crucial in maintaining his striking advantage and avoiding damage. While Arlovski's takedown average is not particularly high, with only 0.40 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, he still has a reasonable takedown accuracy of 36% and a high takedown defense rate of 76%. Arlovski's striking game has helped him win several fights in the UFC, including victories against quality opponents such as Jake Collier, Jared Vanderaa, and Carlos Felipe. However, he has also suffered losses to some of the best fighters in the division, including Alistair Overeem, Stipe Miocic, and Francis Ngannou. As he prepares to face Don'Tale Mayes, Arlovski's striking abilities will undoubtedly be a key factor in the fight. Mayes will need to be careful not to get caught by his devastating punches and kicks, while Arlovski will need to use his striking skills to nullify Mayes' attacks and secure a victory.

Andrei Arlovski Wrestling

Andrei Arlovski is a former UFC heavyweight champion who has a strong wrestling background. He was a member of the Belarusian national wrestling team and has competed in various wrestling events throughout his career. Arlovski has used his wrestling skills to dominate opponents in the UFC and control the pace of fights. Arlovski's takedown average may seem low at 0.40 per 15 minutes, but his takedown accuracy and defense percentages show that he is a skilled wrestler. He has a takedown accuracy of 36% and a takedown defense of 76%, which means he is able to successfully take down opponents and defend against takedowns himself. In his recent fights, Arlovski has relied more on his striking abilities and has not focused as much on wrestling. However, he may choose to utilize his wrestling skills against Don'Tale Mayes, who also has a wrestling background. Mayes has a higher takedown average and accuracy than Arlovski, but Arlovski's experience and defense may give him an advantage in the grappling department. Overall, Arlovski's wrestling skills make him a well-rounded fighter who is capable of dominating fights both on the feet and on the ground. It will be interesting to see if he chooses to use his wrestling against Mayes in their upcoming matchup.


Don'Tale Mayes Striking

Don'Tale Mayes is a skilled striker with an impressive record of 9-5-0 (1NC). He has a significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) of 3.41 and a significant striking accuracy of 45%. Mayes has shown that he can be dangerous on the feet with his significant strikes absorbed per minute (SApM) at 3.80 and a significant strike defense of 43%. Mayes also has a decent takedown game, with an average of 0.96 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 50%. His takedown defense stands at 56%. However, Mayes is not known for his submission game, with an average of only 0.0 submissions attempted per 15 minutes. In his last fight, Mayes showed off his striking ability with a KO/TKO victory over Josh Parisian at UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Daukaus in December 2021. However, in his next fight at UFC Fight Night: Muniz vs. Allen in February 2023, he suffered a unanimous decision loss to Augusto Sakai. Overall, Mayes' striking ability makes him a dangerous opponent for anyone in the heavyweight division.

Don'Tale Mayes Wrestling

Don'Tale Mayes is a professional mixed martial artist who competes in the heavyweight division. While he's known for his striking abilities, he's also no slouch in the wrestling department. With an average of 0.96 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, Don'Tale Mayes has demonstrated a solid takedown game in his MMA career. He also has a 50% takedown accuracy and a 56% takedown defense, indicating that he's equally adept at both securing takedowns and defending them. While his submission game isn't as strong as some other heavyweights, with an average of only 0.0 submissions attempted per 15 minutes, Mayes has shown that he has some submission skills in his arsenal. In his fight against Rodrigo Nascimento, Mayes was able to secure a rear-naked choke submission in the second round. Overall, Don'Tale Mayes has a well-rounded skill set that includes wrestling, striking, and submission offense. It will be interesting to see how he utilizes these skills in his upcoming matchup against Andrei Arlovski.


Andrei Arlovski: How He Can Win

Andrei Arlovski has a lot of experience in the Octagon, and his record reflects that. In order to win his upcoming fight against Don'Tale Mayes, Arlovski will need to rely on his striking accuracy and defense, as well as his takedown defense. Arlovski's significant striking accuracy of 45% is higher than Mayes', and his striking defense of 57% means he can withstand more strikes than his opponent. If he can land more significant strikes than Mayes while limiting the amount of strikes he takes in return, he can win the fight on the feet. Arlovski also has solid takedown defense, with a rate of 76%. If Mayes tries to take the fight to the ground, Arlovski will need to effectively defend those takedown attempts and keep the fight standing. Overall, Arlovski's experience and well-rounded skills give him a good chance to win this fight. If he can out-strike Mayes while defending takedowns, he can secure the victory.

Don'Tale Mayes' Path to Victory Against Andrei Arlovski

1. Use his size advantage: Don'Tale Mayes is taller and heavier than Andrei Arlovski, so he should use this to his advantage and keep the fight at a distance. He should use his long reach to keep Arlovski at bay and look to land strikes from the outside. 2. Utilize his striking: Mayes is a skilled striker, with a significant strikes landed per minute rate of 3.41. He should use this to his advantage and look to out-strike Arlovski with his superior technique and accuracy. 3. Avoid the ground game: Although Mayes has a decent takedown defense rate of 56%, he should avoid grappling with Arlovski, who has a higher takedown accuracy rate of 36%. Mayes should keep the fight standing and avoid going to the ground at all costs. 4. Stay patient: Arlovski is a veteran fighter with over 50 professional fights under his belt, so Mayes should stay patient and not get taken out of his game plan by Arlovski's experience and tactics. Overall, Mayes can win this fight by using his size advantage, striking skills, and staying patient and avoiding the ground. If he can execute these strategies, he has a good chance of defeating the more experienced Arlovski.



Don'Tale Mayes has a chance to win the fight against Andrei Arlovski. Mayes possesses a size advantage and solid striking skills, which he can utilize to his advantage. He should aim to keep the fight at a distance, utilizing his reach and striking technique to outperform Arlovski. Mayes' ability to avoid grappling exchanges with Arlovski will be crucial. If he can effectively implement his game plan and capitalize on his strengths, Mayes has a good chance of securing a victory over the more experienced Arlovski.


Pick: Mayes ML -150

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