Alexandr Romanov vs Blagoy Ivanov Prediction UFC Picks 7/1

Alexandr Romanov vs Blagoy Ivanov Prediction UFC Picks 7/1

Alexandr Romanov vs Blagoy Ivanov: Fight Preview

This upcoming matchup between Alexandr Romanov and Blagoy Ivanov is set to be an explosive heavyweight clash. Both fighters have a proven track record in the octagon and will be looking to make their mark in this highly anticipated fight. Alexandr Romanov, known as "King Kong," has an impressive record of 16 victories and only 2 losses. Standing at 6'2" and weighing 262lbs, Romanov possesses immense power and strength, making him a force to be reckoned with in the division. His southpaw stance and reach of 75" allow him to control the distance and land devastating strikes from various angles. Romanov also boasts an exceptional takedown average of 4.96 per 15 minutes, showcasing his ability to dominate the fight on the ground. Blagoy Ivanov, nicknamed "Baga," brings his own set of skills and experience to the table. With a record of 19 wins, 5 losses, and 1 no contest, Ivanov has proven himself as a tough and durable fighter in the heavyweight division. Despite being slightly shorter at 5'11" and weighing 250lbs, Ivanov compensates with his excellent striking accuracy, landing significant strikes at a rate of 40%. His strong takedown defense of 70% also makes it challenging for opponents to bring the fight to the ground. Fans can expect a thrilling battle between two heavyweights who possess knockout power and grappling prowess. Romanov's relentless pressure and ability to control the fight with his striking and takedowns will pose a significant challenge for Ivanov, who will need to rely on his striking accuracy and defensive skills to overcome his opponent. 


Alexandr Romanov: 

Alexandr Romanov, also known as "King Kong," is a heavyweight fighter in the UFC with a record of 16-2-0. Standing at 6'2" and weighing 262lbs, Romanov possesses immense power in his strikes. His southpaw stance gives him an advantage, as it is less commonly seen in the heavyweight division. With a reach of 75", Romanov can utilize his long limbs to land powerful strikes from a distance. He has showcased a significant striking accuracy of 50%, indicating his ability to connect with his opponents effectively. Romanov tends to land an average of 3.62 significant strikes per minute, demonstrating his constant aggression and activity in the octagon. In terms of defense, Romanov has shown a solid strike defense rate of 46%. This means that almost half of his opponents' strikes fail to connect, highlighting his skills in avoiding incoming damage. However, his striking defense does leave some room for improvement, as he absorbs an average of 2.00 significant strikes per minute. Romanov must focus on his defensive abilities to minimize the damage taken during his fights. While Romanov's striking statistics are notable, his overall game heavily relies on his ground game. With an average of 4.96 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, Romanov has an impressive takedown accuracy rate of 52%. This indicates his ability to take the fight to the ground, where he has a significant advantage over most opponents. His takedown defense, however, stands at 20%, suggesting that his opponents have found some success in stopping his takedown attempts. Romanov's ground game is where he truly shines. With an average of 1.1 submissions attempted per 15 minutes, he possesses a dangerous submission game that can quickly end fights. He has secured submissions such as keylock and arm triangle, showcasing his versatility in grappling techniques. In his upcoming match against Blagoy Ivanov, Romanov's striking skills will play a crucial role in determining the outcome. Ivanov, known for his solid striking defense and durability, will pose a significant challenge for Romanov. It will be intriguing to see how Romanov utilizes his striking to create openings and potentially finish the fight. Overall, Alexandr Romanov has proven himself to be a formidable striker in the heavyweight division. With his power, accuracy, and aggressive approach, he has the potential to deliver devastating strikes that can change the course of a fight. However, he must also be mindful of his defensive skills to avoid unnecessary damage. In the upcoming fight against Ivanov, Romanov's striking will be a pivotal factor in his pursuit of victory.


Blagoy Ivanov 

Blagoy Ivanov is known for his powerful striking abilities inside the octagon. Standing at 5'11" and weighing 250lbs, Ivanov possesses the strength and size to deliver devastating strikes to his opponents. With a significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) of 3.29 and a significant striking accuracy of 40%, Ivanov's striking game is impressive. He has the ability to land significant strikes with precision and accuracy, causing damage to his opponents. Ivanov's striking defense is also noteworthy, with a significant strike defense rate of 54%. This means that he is adept at evading and blocking his opponent's strikes, minimizing the damage he takes during a fight. Although Ivanov's average takedowns landed per 15 minutes (TDAvg.) is relatively low at 0.78, his focus is primarily on striking. He prefers to keep the fight standing and rely on his striking skills to secure victories. One aspect in which Ivanov could improve is his takedown accuracy (TDAcc.), which currently stands at 40%. Increasing his takedown accuracy would allow him to diversify his game and potentially surprise his opponents with unexpected takedowns. Overall, Blagoy Ivanov's striking abilities make him a dangerous opponent in the octagon. With his power, precision, and defensive skills, he has the potential to deliver knockout blows and secure victories against even the toughest opponents. Blagoy Ivanov is a skilled wrestler with a solid record of 19-5-0 (1NC). Standing at 5'11" and weighing 250lbs, Ivanov possesses a strong physical presence in the Octagon. His reach of 73" and southpaw stance give him a unique advantage in his matches. Ivanov's career statistics reflect his wrestling prowess. He has an average of 0.78 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, displaying his ability to execute takedowns effectively. His takedown accuracy of 40% and takedown defense rate of 70% highlight his defensive capabilities and ability to avoid being taken down by his opponents. In terms of striking, Ivanov lands an average of 3.29 significant strikes per minute with a striking accuracy of 40%. His striking defense is also commendable, with a 54% rate of opponents' strikes not landing. Ivanov's ground game is not his strongest suit, as he has an average of 0.1 submission attempts per 15 minutes. However, his defensive skills and ability to control his opponents on the ground compensate for this weakness. Looking at Ivanov's recent fights, he faced Marcin Tybura in a closely contested match, resulting in a loss. However, he showcased his wrestling skills and defensive capabilities throughout the fight. In a previous fight, he defeated Marcos Rogerio de Lima, displaying his ability to control and dominate his opponents in the Octagon. In his upcoming matchup against Alexandr Romanov, Ivanov will need to rely on his wrestling skills to secure a victory. Romanov has a height advantage over Ivanov, standing at 6'2", and possesses a solid record of 16-2-0. However, with his experience and proven skills, Ivanov has the potential to outwit and outmaneuver his opponent. In conclusion, Blagoy Ivanov is a formidable wrestler with a diverse skill set. His wrestling abilities, defensive prowess, and striking skills make him a dangerous opponent in the Octagon. Although he faces a tough challenge in Alexandr Romanov, Ivanov has the potential to emerge victorious with his tactical approach and strong wrestling background. 


How Alexandr Romanov can beat Blagoy Ivanov

To win against Blagoy Ivanov, Alexandr Romanov should focus on the following strategies: 1. Utilize his reach advantage: With a reach of 75 inches, Romanov should keep Ivanov at a distance and use his long arms to land effective strikes. He can use jabs, straight punches, and teep kicks to keep Ivanov on the outside. 2. Exploit Ivanov's striking defense: Ivanov's significant strike defense is at 54%, meaning there are opportunities for Romanov to find holes in his defense. By analyzing Ivanov's previous fights, Romanov can identify techniques that have been successful against him and use them to his advantage. 3. Implement a strong ground game: Romanov's average takedowns landed per 15 minutes is 4.96, with a takedown accuracy of 52%. He should work on bringing Ivanov to the ground and utilize his submission skills to secure a victory. Romanov has an average of 1.1 submission attempts per 15 minutes, making him a threat on the ground. 4. Wear Ivanov down: Ivanov has a history of going to decision in several of his fights. Romanov should focus on maintaining a high pace throughout the fight, constantly pressuring Ivanov and forcing him into uncomfortable positions. By doing so, Romanov can exhaust Ivanov and increase his chances of securing a finish. 5. Avoid Ivanov's grappling: While Romanov is known for his ground game, he should be cautious of Ivanov's takedown defense, which stands at 70%. Romanov should be prepared to defend against Ivanov's takedowns and work on controlling the fight in the stand-up. By implementing these strategies, Alexandr Romanov can increase his chances of defeating Blagoy Ivanov and securing a victory in their matchup.

How Blagoy Ivanov can win the fight

Blagoy Ivanov can win against Alexandr Romanov by utilizing his experience and superior striking skills. 1. Exploit Striking Advantage: Ivanov should focus on using his striking skills to overwhelm Romanov. With a higher striking accuracy and significant strikes landed per minute, Ivanov should aim to keep Romanov on his toes by constantly pressuring him with well-timed punches and kicks. 2. Utilize Takedown Defense: Despite Romanov's impressive takedown average, Ivanov boasts a 70% takedown defense. Ivanov should work on maintaining a strong defensive position to prevent Romanov from taking him down and controlling the fight on the ground. 3. Maintain Distance: Ivanov has a slight reach advantage over Romanov. He should use his reach effectively by staying on the outside and not allowing Romanov to close the distance. By keeping the fight at range, Ivanov can dictate the pace and avoid getting caught in Romanov's powerful strikes. 4. Mix in Clinch Work: Although primarily a striker, Ivanov can also utilize his clinch work to wear down Romanov. By incorporating dirty boxing techniques and effective clinch control, Ivanov can limit Romanov's movement and control the pace of the fight. 5. Avoid the Ground Game: Romanov has a formidable ground game, with a high takedown accuracy and submission average. Ivanov should focus on avoiding being taken down and engaging in a ground battle. By keeping the fight standing, Ivanov can exploit his striking advantage and increase his chances of winning. Overall, Blagoy Ivanov can win against Alexandr Romanov by utilizing his superior striking skills, maintaining distance, defending takedowns, and avoiding the ground game. With a well-rounded game plan and smart tactics, Ivanov can secure victory in this matchup.



In this heavyweight matchup between Alexandr Romanov and Blagoy Ivanov, Romanov holds the advantage in terms of height, weight, reach, and overall career statistics. With a record of 16-2-0, Romanov has showcased his dominance in the octagon, utilizing his southpaw stance and impressive striking accuracy. He has also proven his ground game, with a high takedown average and submission average. On the other hand, Ivanov has a record of 19-5-0 (1NC) and possesses a southpaw stance as well. Although he has a lower striking accuracy and takedown average, Ivanov has shown resilience in his fights, with several wins by decision. He also has a strong takedown defense, with a 70% success rate. Considering their statistics and past performances, it is expected that Alexandr Romanov will come out on top in this matchup. However, it is important not to always choose the favorite, as upsets can happen in MMA. Therefore, the pick for this fight would be Alexandr Romanov (Moneyline).


Pick: Alexandr Romanov ML -140

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