Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya 2 Prediction UFC Picks 4/8

Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya 2 Prediction UFC Picks 4/8

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Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya: Fight Preview

The much-anticipated rematch between kickboxing legends Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya is set to take place on April 8, 2023, at UFC 287. These two fighters have a storied history, dating back to their two previous kickboxing matches. Adesanya won the first match, while Pereira avenged his loss in their second meeting. Pereira comes into the fight with a record of 7-1-0, with his only loss coming to Adesanya in kickboxing. He is known for his striking prowess and has a significant striking rate of 5.23 SLpM, with a striking accuracy of 59%. Pereira is also proficient in takedowns, with an average of 0.33 takedowns per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 100%. On the other hand, Adesanya has a record of 23-2-0 and is known as "The Last Stylebender." He is a former kickboxing champion and is famous for his unique striking style. Adesanya has a significant striking rate of 3.93 SLpM, with a striking accuracy of 50%. He is also proficient in takedowns, with an average of 0.06 takedowns per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 14%. The first encounter between these two fighters ended in Adesanya's favor, with a TKO victory in the first round. However, Pereira avenged his loss in their second meeting with a unanimous decision victory. This matchup is expected to be a highly competitive one, with both fighters looking to prove their dominance. Pereira's striking power and accuracy will be a significant factor in this fight. Adesanya will need to utilize his unique striking style and quick footwork to counter Pereira's offense. Both fighters possess excellent takedown defense, so it will be interesting to see if either can take the other to the ground. Overall, this fight promises to be a high-level striking showcase between two highly skilled fighters. The winner of this rematch could potentially earn a shot at the UFC middleweight championship, making this a crucial fight for both Pereira and Adesanya.


Alex Pereira Striking: A Force to Be Reckoned With

Alex Pereira's striking is undoubtedly one of his biggest strengths. The Brazilian fighter has a professional kickboxing record of 34-6 with 20 knockouts, and he's a two-time Glory middleweight champion. His striking is crisp and accurate, and he throws a variety of strikes with power and precision. In his MMA career, Pereira has a significant striking accuracy of 59%, landing an average of 5.23 significant strikes per minute. He has excellent defense as well, with an impressive 53% significant strike defense, meaning that more than half of his opponents' strikes don't land. Pereira's striking was on full display in his UFC debut against Andreas Michailidis, where he landed a devastating flying knee knockout in the first round. This performance earned him a Performance of the Night bonus and immediately put the UFC middleweight division on notice. In his rematch with Israel Adesanya, Pereira will undoubtedly look to use his striking to gain an advantage. Adesanya is known for his striking prowess as well, so this will be a battle of two elite strikers. If Pereira is able to use his striking to his advantage, he could become the first fighter to hand Adesanya a loss in the UFC. Alex Pereira Wrestling: A Look at the Brazilian's Record and Stats Alex Pereira is a Brazilian MMA fighter who has become well-known for his striking skills. With a record of 7-1-0, he has earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous strikers in the middleweight division of the UFC. However, to be a complete MMA fighter, one must have a strong wrestling game. In this section, we will take a closer look at Pereira's wrestling record and stats. Pereira's wrestling stats may not be as impressive as his striking, but he has shown that he is no slouch in this department. With an average of 0.33 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 100%, Pereira has demonstrated that he can take his opponents down and control them on the ground when he needs to. Despite his relatively low number of takedowns landed, Pereira's takedown defense is also noteworthy at 73%. This means that he has successfully defended against nearly three-quarters of his opponents' takedown attempts, which is a strong indicator of his ability to stay on his feet and avoid being taken down. It's also worth noting that Pereira has not attempted a single submission in his MMA career, with an average of 0.0 submission attempts per 15 minutes. This suggests that he prefers to focus on striking and wrestling to win fights rather than grappling. Pereira's upcoming rematch with Israel Adesanya at UFC 287 will no doubt be a showcase of both fighters' striking skills. However, if the fight goes to the ground, Pereira's wrestling may give him an advantage over Adesanya. In conclusion, Alex Pereira may not be known for his wrestling, but his stats show that he is a competent wrestler who can hold his own against opponents looking to take him down. As he continues to develop as an MMA fighter, we may see him integrate more grappling into his game to become an even more well-rounded fighter.


Israel Adesanya's Striking Prowess

Israel Adesanya, also known as "The Last Stylebender," is widely considered one of the best strikers in MMA today. Adesanya's background in kickboxing and boxing has allowed him to develop a unique striking style that is both precise and powerful. Adesanya utilizes his long reach to perfection, often keeping his opponents at bay with his jab and kicks. He is known for his lightning-fast combinations, which he throws with surgical precision. Adesanya's striking accuracy is also impressive, as he lands nearly 50% of his significant strikes. In addition to his precise striking, Adesanya has shown excellent footwork and head movement in the octagon. He is adept at evading his opponent's strikes and countering with his own. Adesanya's striking defense is also solid, as he blocks over half of his opponent's significant strikes. Adesanya's striking has been on full display in his recent fights, particularly in his title wins over Robert Whittaker and Paulo Costa. In both fights, he was able to use his striking to pick apart his opponents before finishing them with devastating knockouts. In his rematch against Alex Pereira at UFC 287, Adesanya will once again have the chance to showcase his striking skills. Given his impressive resume and track record, it's safe to say that Adesanya will come into the fight looking to establish his dominance on the feet once again. Israel Adesanya Wrestling: A Key to Victory in Rematch against Alex Pereira Israel Adesanya's striking skills and technical acumen have been the cornerstones of his successful MMA career so far. However, in his upcoming rematch against Alex Pereira, Adesanya might need to rely on his wrestling skills to secure another win. Adesanya has a modest statistical record in terms of takedowns and takedown accuracy. He averages only 0.06 takedowns per 15 minutes with a low takedown accuracy of 14%. However, in his last fight against Jan Blachowicz, Adesanya showed glimpses of his grappling prowess, attempting four takedowns and landing two of them. Against Pereira, Adesanya's wrestling skills could prove to be a valuable asset. Pereira is known for his striking power and has a record of seven wins and one loss, all via knockout. Adesanya, who defeated Pereira via decision in 2018, would be looking to avoid the Brazilian's striking range and take him down to the ground where he can control the fight. In the lead-up to the rematch, Adesanya has already hinted at his improved grappling skills. "I've got some other tricks up my sleeve," he said in an interview with UFC Arabia. "I've been working on my grappling, my ground game. I'm excited to showcase that." If Adesanya can effectively mix in his improved grappling skills with his striking, he could emerge victorious once again over Pereira. The Nigerian-born fighter has the experience and the skills to adapt to any situation, and his wrestling skills could prove to be the decisive factor in this highly-anticipated rematch. In conclusion, Israel Adesanya's wrestling skills could be the key to securing another win over Alex Pereira. While the Nigerian fighter's striking skills remain his biggest asset, his wrestling could be the difference-maker in this rematch. Fans can expect an exciting fight between two highly-skilled fighters, and it will be interesting to see how Adesanya's grappling skills will impact the outcome.


Alex Pereira: How he can win against Israel Adesanya

To win against Israel Adesanya, Alex Pereira needs to utilize his superior striking skills and power. Pereira has a record of 7-1-0, with an impressive 59% significant striking accuracy and 53% significant strike defense. He also has a 100% takedown accuracy and a 73% takedown defense. These stats showcase his strong striking ability, which can be the key to victory against Adesanya. Pereira needs to be cautious of Adesanya's switch stance and his effective counter-striking ability. He can use his reach advantage of 79 inches to keep Adesanya at bay and attack with powerful strikes. Pereira has shown in his previous fights that he can end the fight with one punch, which can be the case in the fight against Adesanya. Pereira needs to stay composed and pick his shots carefully as Adesanya is known to be very tricky and unpredictable in the octagon. He needs to use his excellent footwork to evade Adesanya's strikes and counter with powerful punches and kicks. In their previous meeting in UFC 281, Adesanya emerged victorious with a KO/TKO in the second round. Pereira needs to learn from that fight and make adjustments to his game plan to avoid the same outcome. In summary, Alex Pereira can win against Israel Adesanya by utilizing his superior striking skills, power, reach advantage, and excellent footwork. He needs to stay composed and pick his shots carefully while being cautious of Adesanya's counter-striking ability. With the right game plan and execution, Pereira can emerge victorious in their rematch.


How Israel Adesanya can win against Alex Pereira

Israel Adesanya, also known as The Last Stylebender, has a record of 23-2-0 and has proven to be a formidable opponent in the Octagon. In order to win against Alex Pereira, a fighter with a record of 7-1-0, Adesanya will need to utilize his striking abilities and rely on his strong defensive skills. Adesanya's significant striking rate of 3.93 per minute with a striking accuracy of 50% will give him an edge in the fight. He will need to focus on landing significant strikes and avoiding any strikes from Pereira. Adesanya's strong defensive skills, with a strike defense of 58% and a takedown defense of 77%, will also prove vital in avoiding any damage from Pereira's strikes or takedowns. Adesanya should also rely on his switch stance to keep Pereira guessing and make it harder for him to anticipate Adesanya's movements. He will need to maintain his composure and not let Pereira's taunts and trash-talk distract him from his game plan. If Adesanya can use his striking and defensive skills effectively, while staying composed and focused, he has a good chance of winning the fight and defending his title against Alex Pereira.


Prediction: Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya 2

In this highly anticipated rematch, it's difficult to predict a clear winner. Both fighters are elite strikers with impressive records and skills. Alex Pereira, with a record of 7-1-0, has shown impressive accuracy and striking power, while Israel Adesanya, with a record of 23-2-0, has shown a dynamic range of striking techniques and footwork. However, based on their previous fight, which ended in Adesanya winning by knockout in the second round, it's likely that he has the advantage in this match. Adesanya's flashy and unpredictable striking can keep Pereira guessing and off-balance, which could lead to another knockout victory. That being said, Pereira has improved since his last fight with Adesanya and could potentially pull off an upset victory. His striking accuracy and power could catch Adesanya off-guard and lead to a knockout victory of his own. Despite Adesanya's impressive record and dynamic striking, Pereira has shown significant improvement since their last meeting and could potentially surprise Adesanya with a knockout victory. As such, the pick is Alex Pereira for the moneyline.


Pick: Alex Pereira ML +120 

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