Alex Morono vs Tim Means Prediction UFC Picks 5/13

Alex Morono vs Tim Means Prediction UFC Picks 5/13

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Fight Preview: Tim Means vs Alex Morono

In this UFC welterweight matchup, Tim Means (32-14-1) aka "The Dirty Bird" will take on Alex Morono (22-8-0) aka "The Great White". The fight will take place on May 13th, 2023, at UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik vs. Almeida. Tim Means is known for his striking accuracy, with 48% of his significant strikes landing. He also has a solid takedown defense of 65%. In his last fight, Means lost by split decision to Max Griffin in a closely contested matchup. Alex Morono is entering this fight on a two-fight winning streak, most recently defeating Santiago Ponzinibbio by TKO. Morono has a well-rounded game with good striking and grappling skills. He will look to utilize his striking and defend against Means' takedown attempts. Both fighters have a lot to prove in this matchup and will be looking to get a victory. Means will be looking to bounce back from his recent loss, while Morono will be looking to continue his winning streak and climb the welterweight rankings. This promises to be an exciting matchup for fans of UFC's welterweight division.


Tim Means Striking

Tim Means is known for his striking skills, with a significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) of 4.91 and a striking accuracy (Str. Acc.) of 48%. He absorbs an average of 3.58 significant strikes per minute (SApM), but his significant strike defense (Str. Def.) is higher at 60%, meaning he successfully defends himself against most of his opponents' strikes. Means also has a decent takedown average (TDAvg.) of 1.13 per 15 minutes, with a takedown accuracy (TDAcc.) of 41%. His takedown defense (TDDef.) is even higher at 65%, indicating his ability to stop takedown attempts from his opponents. Overall, Means' striking is his strongest attribute, and he is expected to utilize his skills to outstrike his opponents and secure victories.

Tim Means Wrestling: 

His takedown average of 1.13 and takedown accuracy rate of 41% may not seem very impressive on paper, but it's his ability to defend takedowns that sets him apart. With a takedown defense rate of 65%, Means is able to keep his fights standing where he is most comfortable. In his last fight against Nicolas Dalby, Means was able to stuff all four of Dalby's takedown attempts while also landing a takedown of his own. This wrestling success helped Means earn a unanimous decision victory. In his upcoming fight against Alex Morono, Means will need to utilize his wrestling once again. Morono may not have the strongest wrestling game, with an average of only 0.30 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy rate of 20%, but he has demonstrated strong submission skills with an average of 0.3 submissions attempted per 15 minutes. If Means is able to take Morono down and control him on the ground, he could potentially neutralize Morono's submission threat while also racking up points with ground and pound. In conclusion, Tim Means' wrestling game is a key component to his success in MMA fights. With his ability to defend takedowns while also landing takedowns of his own, Means can control the pace of a fight and secure victories. His upcoming fight against Alex Morono will be no different, as Means will look to use his wrestling to earn another victory.


Alex Morono Striking

Alex Morono is known for his impressive striking skills inside the octagon. He has a significant striking rate of 5.22 strikes landed per minute, with a striking accuracy of 42%. What makes Morono a dangerous striker is his ability to land significant strikes while also avoiding his opponent's strikes. He has a significant strike defense rate of 57%, meaning more than half of his opponent’s strikes don’t land. Morono is not only a striker but also a well-rounded fighter who can take the fight to the ground. He has an average takedown rate of 0.30 per 15 minutes with a takedown accuracy rate of 20%. Though not his strength, he can also defend takedowns with a takedown defense rate of 53%. In his last fight against Santiago Ponzinibbio, Morono delivered a stunning KO victory with punches in the first round. He will be looking to continue his striking dominance when he meets Tim Means in their upcoming fight. With his superior striking skills, Morono has the tools to end the fight with his hands, delivering another highlight-reel performance and putting the welterweight division on notice.

Alex Morono and his Wrestling Skills

Alex Morono, also known as "The Great White," has built a reputation as a well-rounded fighter with exceptional wrestling skills. He has a record of 22-8-0 (1NC) and an impressive 53% takedown defense rate. Morono's wrestling has been on display in several of his fights, where he has successfully taken down his opponents and controlled them on the ground. He has a solid top game, with good ground-and-pound and submission skills. Morono also has the ability to transition from striking to wrestling seamlessly, which makes him difficult to predict. In his most recent fight, Morono faced Santiago Ponzinibbio at UFC 282. Despite being on the receiving end of a brutal knockout in the first round, Morono showcased his toughness and wrestling skills by attempting several takedowns in the second round before eventually succumbing to another knockout. Morono's next opponent, Tim Means, also has a background in wrestling. This matchup has the potential to be a back-and-forth battle between two skilled wrestlers. However, Morono's ability to mix in striking with his takedowns may give him the edge in this fight. Overall, Morono's wrestling skills have proven to be a valuable asset in his fights. If he can continue to improve and evolve his game, he has the potential to become an even more dominant force in the UFC's welterweight division.


How Tim Means Can Win Against Alex Morono

To win against Alex Morono, Tim Means needs to utilize his superior striking skills and take advantage of Morono's weaknesses. Means has a higher significant striking accuracy and lands more significant strikes per minute, so he must work to keep the fight on his feet and use his range advantage to pick Morono apart from the outside. Means should also look to defend the takedown attempts of Morono, who has a lower takedown accuracy. If Morono is unable to take Means down, this will force him to stand and strike with Means, which is where Means has the advantage. Means is also a skilled submission artist, with an average of 0.2 submissions attempted per 15 minutes. If the fight goes to the ground and Means finds himself in a dominant position, he should look to use his submission skills to finish the fight. Ultimately, if Means can stay on his feet, out-strike Morono, defend takedowns, and capitalize on any opportunities for submissions, he has a good chance of winning the fight.

How Alex Morono Can Win against Tim Means

Alex Morono can win this fight by utilizing his superior striking accuracy and defense. While Means has a higher significant strikes landed per minute average, Morono's higher accuracy and defense could allow him to out-strike Means and avoid taking too many significant strikes himself. Morono should also look to take advantage of Means' lower takedown defense percentage and attempt to take him down and potentially look for a submission. However, Morono should be cautious when attempting takedowns, as Means has a higher takedown average. Overall, Morono should focus on out-striking Means and potentially looking for a submission on the ground. If he can avoid taking too many significant strikes himself, Morono has a good chance of winning this fight.



This welterweight bout is sure to be an exciting one as both fighters are known for their striking abilities. However, I believe that Alex Morono will come out on top in this matchup. While Tim Means has a notable record of 32-14-1 (1NC), his recent fights have been a mix of wins and losses, with his last win coming back in 2020. On the other hand, Alex Morono has been on a hot streak with three consecutive wins, including a dominant performance against Donald Cerrone. Morono's striking accuracy and defense are slightly better than Means', and he also has a higher submission average, which could come into play if the fight goes to the ground.


Pick: Alex Morono (Moneyline) -225

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