Aiemann Zahabi vs Aoriqileng Prediction UFC 289 Picks 6/10

Aiemann Zahabi vs Aoriqileng Prediction UFC 289 Picks 6/10

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Aiemann Zahabi vs Aoriqileng Fight Preview

On June 10, 2023, Aiemann Zahabi and Aoriqileng will go head to head in what promises to be an exciting fight. Zahabi comes into the fight with a record of 9-2-0, while Aoriqileng has a record of 24-9-0. Zahabi has a height advantage of one inch, but Aoriqileng has a reach advantage of one inch. Both fighters have an orthodox stance and are known for their striking abilities. Zahabi's significant striking accuracy is 43%, while Aoriqileng has a striking accuracy of 48%. Both fighters have similar significant strikes landed per minute, with Aoriqileng having a slight edge. When it comes to takedowns, Aoriqileng has a higher takedown accuracy, while Zahabi has a better takedown defense. Both fighters have an average of 0.0 submissions attempted per 15 minutes. In their most recent fights, Zahabi won by unanimous decision against Ricky Turcios at UFC Fight Night: Dos Anjos vs. Fiziev, while Aoriqileng won by unanimous decision against Jay Perrin at UFC 278: Usman vs. Edwards. This fight promises to be a closely contested battle between two skilled fighters. Will Zahabi be able to use his height advantage to keep Aoriqileng at bay, or will Aoriqileng's striking accuracy give him the edge? Tune in on June 10, 2023, to find out.


Aiemann Zahabi Striking: What to Expect in His Next Fight Against Aoriqileng

Aiemann Zahabi is known for his crisp striking skills, which have earned him many victories in his MMA career. He has an impressive record of 9-2-0, with a significant strike accuracy of 43%. He has an average of 3.01 significant strikes landed per minute, and he has a striking defense of 72%. In his upcoming fight against Aoriqileng, Aiemann Zahabi will likely rely on his striking skills to secure a victory. He will need to be accurate with his strikes to avoid getting caught by Aoriqileng's counter strikes. Aiemann Zahabi has shown good footwork and movement in his previous fights, which should help him to avoid Aoriqileng's power strikes. Aiemann Zahabi has good power in his punches and has shown an ability to finish fights with his striking skills. In his previous fight against Ricky Turcios, he was able to land a significant punch that hurt his opponent and set up the victory. He will need to use his power strikes carefully against Aoriqileng, who has a solid chin and can withstand punishment. Overall, Aiemann Zahabi's striking skills will be a key factor in his upcoming fight against Aoriqileng. He will need to be accurate, patient, and pick his spots carefully to secure a victory. If he can maintain his composure and showcase his striking skills, he should have a good chance of coming out on top.

Aiemann Zahabi's Wrestling: What to Expect

Aiemann Zahabi is a well-rounded fighter who has shown impressive skills in both striking and grappling. However, his wrestling game is what really sets him apart from some of his opponents. Zahabi has a solid wrestling foundation, which allows him to control where the fight takes place. Zahabi's takedown average is 0.25 per 15 minutes, but he has a takedown accuracy of 16% and a takedown defense of 75%. This means he can take his opponents down when he chooses to, but he is also difficult to take down himself. In his upcoming fight against Aoriqileng, Zahabi's wrestling skills will likely be on full display. Aoriqileng is a well-rounded fighter with a strong striking game, so Zahabi may look to take the fight to the ground where he can have more control. However, Aoriqileng has a solid takedown defense and a takedown average of 1.57 per 15 minutes, so the wrestling aspect of this matchup could be very interesting. Overall, Zahabi's wrestling abilities give him a significant advantage in many fights. With his takedown accuracy and defense, as well as his ability to control opponents on the ground, he could be a force to be reckoned with in the bantamweight division.


Aoriqileng's Striking: A Force to be Reckoned With

Aoriqileng, also known as "The Mongolian Murderer," is a force to be reckoned with in the striking department. With a career record of 24-9-0, Aoriqileng has proven time and again that his striking skills are top-notch. Aoriqileng's statistics speak for themselves. He lands an impressive 6.07 significant strikes per minute with a striking accuracy of 48%. He also absorbs 7.18 significant strikes per minute, but his significant strike defense is equally impressive at 48%. Aoriqileng's takedown game is also strong, with an average of 1.57 takedowns landed per 15 minutes and a takedown accuracy of 45%. His takedown defense may not be as high as his striking defense at 55%, but it's still a respectable number. In his recent fights, Aoriqileng has showcased his striking power with knockouts and TKO victories over opponents such as Cameron Else and Jay Perrin. Even in losses, such as his last fight against Cody Durden, Aoriqileng's striking game was still impressive. In his upcoming match against Aiemann Zahabi, Aoriqileng's striking skills will undoubtedly be put to the test. Zahabi is also a skilled striker, but Aoriqileng has an edge with his impressive striking output and accuracy. Overall, Aoriqileng is a dangerous opponent in the cage and his opponents would be wise to avoid his striking game as much as possible. 

Aoriqileng's Wrestling Skills

Aiorqileng, whose nickname is "The Mongolian Murderer," is known for his impressive wrestling skills. With a record of 24-9-0, he has a TDAvg. (average takedowns landed per 15 minutes) of 1.57, which is higher than Aiemann Zahabi's TDAvg. of 0.25. Aiorqileng's TDAcc. (takedown accuracy) is also higher than Zahabi's, at 45%, meaning he is more likely to successfully execute takedowns. Additionally, his TDDef. (takedown defense) is at 55%, which means he is reasonably good at defending against an opponent's takedown attempts. These wrestling skills have been evident in several of Aiorqileng's fights, such as his win against Cameron Else in UFC Fight Night: Lemos vs. Andrade, where he was able to take his opponent down and deliver ground strikes resulting in a TKO victory. Overall, Aiorqileng's wrestling skills make him a formidable opponent, especially for fighters who are less experienced in defending against takedowns. It will be interesting to see how he uses his wrestling expertise in his upcoming matchup against Zahabi.


How Aiemann Zahabi Can Win

Aiemann Zahabi can win the fight against Aoriqileng by utilizing his strong striking accuracy and defensive capabilities. He should aim to control the center of the octagon and use his reach advantage to keep Aoriqileng at bay. If Aoriqileng attempts to take the fight to the ground, Aiemann Zahabi should use his impressive takedown defense to stay on his feet. He can also look for opportunities to counter and land significant strikes, which could potentially lead to a knockout victory. Aiemann Zahabi should also remain calm and composed throughout the fight, avoiding any reckless or aggressive moves that could leave him vulnerable to Aoriqileng's attacks. Overall, Aiemann Zahabi has the tools and skills necessary to secure the win over Aoriqileng, and he can achieve victory by staying disciplined and executing his game plan effectively.

How Aoriqileng can win against Aiemann Zahabi

Aoriqileng, also known as "The Mongolian Murderer," has a record of 24-9-0, with excellent striking accuracy and takedown skills. To win against Aiemann Zahabi, Aoriqileng needs to utilize his strengths and execute the following strategies: 1. Dominating the striking game - Aoriqileng is known for his superior striking and should use it to his advantage. He should aim to land significant strikes, which can do major damage to his opponent. With a striking accuracy of 48%, Aoriqileng has an advantage over Zahabi, who has a striking accuracy of 43%. 2. Capitalizing on takedown opportunities - Aoriqileng has an average of 1.57 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, with a takedown accuracy of 45%. Zahabi, on the other hand, has a takedown accuracy of 16%. Aoriqileng should use his takedown skills to take Zahabi down, where he can use his ground and pound to win the fight. 3. Maintaining distance - Zahabi has a reach advantage of 68", while Aoriqileng has a reach advantage of 69". Aoriqileng should use his reach advantage to keep Zahabi at bay to avoid getting hit with a significant strike. Additionally, Aoriqileng should use his footwork to move around the octagon and avoid getting trapped in the clinch. By executing these strategies, Aoriqileng can win the fight against Aiemann Zahabi at UFC 289: Nunes vs. Aldana on June 10, 2023.



In this bantamweight matchup, Aiemann Zahabi will face off against Aoriqileng. Zahabi has a record of 9-2-0 and has a striking accuracy of 43%. Aoriqileng, on the other hand, has a record of 24-9-0 and a takedown accuracy of 45%. This match has the potential to be an exciting back-and-forth between two skilled fighters. However, I predict that Aiemann Zahabi will come out on top with his precise striking and solid takedown defense.


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