USA vs Japan Prediction WBC Final 3/21/23

USA vs Japan Prediction WBC Final 3/21/23

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WBC: USA vs Japan

On March 21, 2023, the United States and Japan will face off in the 2023 World Baseball Classic Championship at loanDepot Park in Miami, Florida. This game promises to be a thrilling matchup, with both teams featuring top-tier players. In this article, we'll review both teams' offenses, defenses, injuries, analyze their previous games, and provide an updated prediction on why the United States will win.



The United States has an exceptional offensive lineup, with players like Mookie Betts, Mike Trout, and Nolan Arenado leading the charge. The team's offensive strategy is built on power, with players like Paul Goldschmidt and Kyle Schwarber adding to the firepower. Their ability to score runs is unmatched, as they have been averaging 7.6 runs per game in the tournament.

The United States has a solid defense, with starting pitcher Taijuan Walker expected to start for the team in the finals. The team's bullpen, consisting of players like Sean Doolittle and Joe Kelly, has been exceptional, allowing only one run in the last three games.

The United States defeated Cuba 14-2 in the semifinals of the 2023 World Baseball Classic. The United States' offensive lineup was led by Trea Turner, who homered for the second straight game, and Paul Goldschmidt, who hit a two-run homer. The United States' defense was solid, with Taijuan Walker starting for the team and their bullpen consisting of players like Sean Doolittle and Joe Kelly.


The United States has been relatively injury-free throughout the tournament, with no major injuries to report. This is a significant advantage for the team, as they have been able to field their best players consistently.

Merrill Kelly is a right-handed pitcher for the United States team, and while he has only pitched one inning in the tournament so far, he has maintained a 6.00 ERA. It is unclear how much playing time he will see in the finals, but his performance will be crucial in helping the United States maintain their lead. He will need to keep his pitches under control and avoid giving up too many hits or walks.



Japan also has a strong offensive lineup, featuring players like Tetsuto Yamada and Hideto Asamura. The team's offensive strategy is based on speed and agility, with a focus on small ball tactics to score runs. However, their average runs per game is slightly lower than the United States, standing at 5.2 runs per game.


Japan's defense is also impressive, with Shun Yamaguchi expected to start for the team in the finals. The team's bullpen has been equally impressive, with players like Yuito Mori and Ryo Akiyoshi not allowing any runs in the last four games.


Japan has had some injury concerns, with starting pitcher Tomoyuki Sugano missing the entire tournament due to a shoulder injury. However, the team has been able to perform well despite this setback.

In the semifinals, Japan defeated Mexico 6-5 in a thrilling game that went down to the wire. Mexican pitcher Pablo Sandoval performed well, throwing 4.1 scoreless innings with six strikeouts, but Japan was able to rally in the later innings to secure the win. Japanese outfielder Masataka Yoshida was the hero of the game, hitting a clutch three-run home run in the seventh inning to tie the game at 3-3. After Mexico took a 5-3 lead in the eighth inning, Japan responded with a run of their own, and then took the lead in the ninth inning with a two-run double by Takuya Murakami. While Mexico fought hard and even retook the lead in the eighth inning, Japan's late-game heroics ultimately secured them a spot in the final against the United States.

Shota Imanaga is a left-handed pitcher for Japan, and he has had an impressive performance in the tournament so far. He has a 2.25 ERA and has struck out five batters in just four innings pitched. Imanaga will be a key player for Japan in the finals, as his ability to throw accurate pitches and strike out batters will be essential in keeping the United States' powerful lineup at bay. It will be interesting to see how he performs against the United States' batters, who have been in exceptional form throughout the tournament.



Based on their exceptional performance throughout the tournament, the United States is favored to win the 2023 World Baseball Classic Championship. Their powerful offense and solid defense, combined with a relatively injury-free team, give them an advantage over Japan. While Japan has also been impressive in the tournament, the United States' consistent form and star-studded lineup make them the stronger team.

In addition, the United States has had an impressive run of wins leading up to the finals, including a dominating 14-2 win over Cuba and a 9-7 victory over Venezuela. Their players have been in excellent form, with Mookie Betts and Kyle Schwarber leading the team in runs scored and home runs, respectively.

On the other hand, Japan has had a slightly more mixed performance, with a close 6-5 win over Mexico in the semifinals. While their players have shown consistency in both offense and defense, they may struggle against the United States' formidable lineup.

In conclusion, the United States is expected to win the 2023 World Baseball Classic Championship due to their strong performance throughout the tournament, powerful offense, and solid defense. While Japan has been impressive, they may struggle to keep up with the United States' star-studded lineup. It will surely be an exciting and hard-fought game, but in the end, the United States is likely to emerge as the champions.


Pick: USA 


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