Houston Astros vs St. Louis Cardinals Prediction:MLB March 6

Houston Astros vs St. Louis Cardinals Prediction:MLB March 6

As the 2023 MLB season draws near, both the Houston Astros and the St. Louis Cardinals are looking to fine-tune their skills in the Spring Training games. The Astros, who finished with an impressive record of 95-67 last season, are eager to build on their success and make a run for the World Series title. Meanwhile, the Cardinals are hoping to bounce back from a lackluster 2022 season and compete for a playoff spot this year.

This upcoming game between the Astros and the Cardinals promises to be an exciting matchup, with both teams boasting talented players and a strong lineup. As the players take to the field at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium in Sarasota, Florida, fans around the world will be tuning in to see who comes out on top.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at both teams and provide insights into their strengths and weaknesses. We'll also examine the latest betting trends and public betting data, giving fans a better understanding of how the odds are stacking up. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or a casual fan, this article will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on the outcome of the game. And, as always, be sure to download the KingPin.pro iOS and Android app to stay up-to-date with all the latest MLB news and betting odds.

Houston Astros

The Astros' lineup boasts a lot of depth, with several players capable of producing offensively. Marty Costes has also been a standout, boasting a .571 batting average with a .571 on-base percentage and a .571 slugging percentage. J.J. Matijevic has also been impressive, driving in six runs with one home run and hitting .500 in the process.

On the pitching side, the Astros have seen some great performances from their starters, including Zack Greinke and Luis Garcia. The team has also had a strong showing from their bullpen, with several relievers stepping up to the challenge.

Despite their early success, the Astros still have room for improvement. The team has struggled with consistency at times, and with key players out due to injury, they'll need other players to step up and fill the void. However, the Astros have a solid foundation and a winning mentality, making them a formidable opponent for any team this season.

Astros Hitting

The Houston Astros have had a strong start to the 2023 spring training season, with several players contributing to their success. As of March 6th, outfielder Marty Costes leads the team with a batting average of .571, while catcher Cameron Stubbs has an on-base percentage of .625. Outfielder Justin Dirden has hit two home runs, and first baseman J.J. Matijevic leads the team with six RBIs.

Looking at the individual batting stats for all players with at least one plate appearance, outfielder Kyle Tucker leads the team with six hits in 13 at-bats, followed closely by third baseman Rylan Bannon with four hits in 10 at-bats. In terms of power, several players have hit two home runs, including Justin Dirden, Korey Lee, and Bligh Madris.

It's worth noting that it's just spring training, with most players having only played a handful of games. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see which players continue to perform at a high level and which ones may struggle. Overall, the Astros' hitting has been a strong point for the team thus far in the season.

Astros Pitching

The Houston Astros pitching staff has been an important factor in the team's success. They have a number of solid starters, including Jose Urquidy and Framber Valdez, who have performed well in recent seasons. The team's bullpen also features several effective pitchers, such as Ryan Pressly and Cristian Javier.

Brandon Bielak has led the team in wins, but he has been used primarily as a relief pitcher. Jose Urquidy has been the team's most reliable starter, with a 2.25 ERA in two starts. He has struck out six batters in eight innings of work.

The team has used a number of different pitchers in both starting and relief roles, but overall they have been effective at limiting runs scored by their opponents. They have allowed just 26 runs in 71.2 innings pitched, for a team ERA of 3.27. They have also struck out 74 batters, while allowing just seven home runs.

Overall, the Astros pitching staff has been a strength of the team, and will be a key factor in their success this season.

Astros Fielding

The fielding stats provided show the number of games played (GP), games started (GS), total chances (TC), putouts (PO), assists (A), fielding percentage (FP), errors (E), double plays turned (DP), range factor (RF), and defensive wins above replacement (DWAR) for each player on the Houston Astros roster.

Overall, it is difficult to draw any significant conclusions about the Astros' fielding performance as a team based solely on these stats. It is important to note that fielding performance can vary widely depending on the position played and the individual player's abilities.

However, some notable players on the Astros with high fielding percentages include Scott Schreiber (1B), Cameron Stubbs (C), Will Wagner (2B), and Jose Altuve (2B). In addition, outfielders Jake Meyers and Kyle Tucker both have perfect fielding percentages in the limited number of games they have played.

It is worth noting that the Astros have been known for their strong offensive performance in recent years, but solid fielding is also a crucial component of a successful team.

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals also have a strong bullpen, with several solid relievers who can shut down opposing teams late in the game. Freddy Pacheco, who is currently out with an injury, is one of their key relievers and his absence could be felt in the upcoming game.

Offensively, the Cardinals have been performing well, averaging .298 at the plate, which is one of the best averages in the league. They have scored a total of 44 runs this spring, with 14 of those runs coming from home runs.

Dylan Carlson, their center fielder, is day-to-day with an injury, and his absence could also be a factor in the upcoming game. However, the Cardinals have enough depth in their lineup to cover his absence, with players like Brendan Donovan stepping up to deliver key hits and runs.

Overall, the Cardinals are a solid team with a good mix of offense and defense, and they will be looking to continue their winning ways in this matchup against the Astros.

Cardinals Hitting

The St. Louis Cardinals have had some standout performances from their hitters this spring training. Jordan Walker has been one of their top performers, hitting three home runs and driving in six runs. Matthew Koperniak has also been impressive, batting a perfect 1.000.

In terms of overall team performance, the Cardinals have a team batting average of .298, an on-base percentage of .349, and a slugging percentage of .527. They have hit 14 home runs and driven in 43 runs in their 258 at-bats this spring.

Other notable performances include Nolan Arenado, who has hit two home runs and driven in three runs, and Dylan Carlson, who has hit one home run and driven in two runs. Tyler O'Neill and Alec Burleson have also hit one home run each.

Overall, the Cardinals' hitters have been productive this spring, and the team will look to continue their success in the regular season.

Cardinals Pitching

Looking at the pitching stats for the St. Louis Cardinals, it seems that the team has a mixed bag of performance from their pitchers so far.

Starting pitchers Dakota Hudson and Adam Wainwright have both made two starts each, with Wainwright recording a loss and Hudson not yet earning a decision. Hudson has a solid 1.80 ERA over 5 innings pitched, while Wainwright has struggled a bit more with a 7.20 ERA over the same number of innings.

The relief pitchers have a variety of roles, with some pitchers earning holds and saves and others coming in for short stints. Genesis Cabrera has been a standout in the bullpen, earning two holds and a 0.00 ERA over 3 innings pitched. Chris Stratton and Giovanny Gallegos have also performed well in relief, each earning a hold and not allowing an earned run over their appearances.

Overall, the Cardinals' pitching staff has allowed 67 hits and 29 earned runs over 63 innings pitched, resulting in a 4.14 ERA. While there have been some solid performances, there is certainly room for improvement as the season continues.

Cardinals Fielding

One important statistic to look at is fielding percentage (FP), which measures the number of defensive opportunities a player has and how many of those were successfully converted into outs. A high FP is generally a good indicator of a player's defensive skills. In the table, we can see that most of the players have a perfect 1.000 FP, meaning they have successfully converted all their opportunities into outs.

Another important metric is defensive runs saved (DRS), which measures how many runs a player saved through their defensive efforts compared to an average player at the same position. Unfortunately, DRS is not included in the table you provided, so we can't analyze that aspect of the Cardinals' fielding performance.

Overall, the table shows that the Cardinals have a number of players with perfect fielding percentages, which is a positive sign for the team's defensive abilities. However, it's important to note that these statistics only provide a snapshot of a player's performance and don't necessarily tell the whole story. It's also worth looking at other factors, such as a player's range, arm strength, and ability to turn double plays, to get a more comprehensive understanding of their defensive abilities.


This is a tough matchup to call, as both teams have been playing well this spring and are evenly matched. However, we believe that the St. Louis Cardinals have a slight edge in this matchup, thanks to their home-field advantage and solid batting lineup.

Pick: St. Louis Cardinals

In conclusion, this MLB Spring Training game between the Houston Astros and St. Louis Cardinals promises to be an exciting matchup, with both teams looking to build momentum early in the season. Be sure to download the KingPin.pro iOS and Android app to stay up-to-date with all the latest MLB news and betting odds.

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