Chidi Njokuani vs Albert Duraev Prediction UFC 3/25

Chidi Njokuani vs Albert Duraev Prediction UFC 3/25

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Fight Preview: Chidi Njokuani vs Albert Duraev

The upcoming matchup between Chidi Njokuani and Albert Duraev is set to take place at UFC Fight Night: Vera vs. Sandhagen on March 25, 2023. Both fighters will be looking to earn a victory and move up the rankings in the middleweight division. Chidi Njokuani has an impressive record of 22-8-0 (1NC) and is known for his striking abilities, with a significant striking accuracy of 72%. His previous fights have resulted in knockout victories, including his recent win over Gregory Rodrigues. Njokuani will be looking to continue his winning streak and demonstrate his power in this matchup. Albert Duraev, with a record of 15-4-0, is a skilled wrestler with an average of 2.11 takedowns landed per 15 minutes. He will be looking to take Njokuani to the ground and dominate the fight with his grappling abilities. Duraev's recent win over Roman Kopylov showcased his impressive takedown defense and ability to control his opponent on the ground. This matchup presents an interesting clash of styles, with Njokuani's striking proficiency and Duraev's wrestling skills. It will be fascinating to see if Njokuani can defend Duraev's takedowns and maintain his striking dominance, or if Duraev can successfully take the fight to the ground and control his opponent. Fans can expect an exciting and competitive fight between these two talented middleweight competitors.

Chidi Njokuani Striking

Chidi Njokuani is known for his striking abilities and has a professional record of 22-8-0(1NC). With a height of 6'3" and reach of 80", he has a significant reach advantage over most of his opponents, which he uses to great effect in his fights. Njokuani has a striking accuracy of 72%, which means he is able to land significant strikes at a high rate. In his last five fights, Njokuani has won four fights and lost one. He has won all his four fights by KO/TKO, with three of them coming in the first round. In his last fight against Gregory Rodrigues, he won by third-round knockout delivering a devastating left cross that dropped his opponent. Njokuani has a dynamic striking style, using kicks, punches, and elbows to keep his opponents at bay. He is particularly effective with his knees, which he uses to punish his opponents who try to take him down. Njokuani's striking defense is also solid, with a significant strike defense of 52%. However, Njokuani's weakness has been his ground game. He has a takedown defense of 75%, which is good, but he has not shown much proficiency in his ground game. He has only attempted 0.4 submissions per 15 minutes, which shows that he prefers to keep the fight on the feet. In his upcoming fight against Albert Duraev, Njokuani will have to be careful not to get taken down by his opponent, who has a significant advantage in the ground game. However, if he can keep the fight on the feet, he has a good chance of securing another knockout victory.

Chidi Njokuani's Wrestling

Chidi Njokuani, known as "Bang Bang," is a Nigerian-American fighter with a professional record of 22-8-0 (1NC). He stands at 6'3" and weighs 185lbs with an 80" reach. Njokuani favors an orthodox stance in his fights and was born on December 31, 1988. In terms of his career statistics, Njokuani's significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) measure at 4.28 with a significant striking accuracy of 72%. Meanwhile, his significant strikes absorbed per minute (SApM) come in at 2.47 with a significant strike defense of 52%. Njokuani's average takedowns landed per 15 minutes (TDAvg.) is 0.00, and he has a takedown accuracy of 0%. His takedown defense (TDDef.) is 75%, which means that he has successfully stopped 75% of the takedowns attempted by his opponents. Finally, his average submissions attempted per 15 minutes (Sub.Avg.) is 0.4. Looking at Njokuani's recent fights, he faced off against Albert Duraev at UFC Fight Night: Vera vs. Sandhagen on March 25, 2023. Njokuani ended up losing this matchup against Duraev. Prior to this fight, Njokuani won four consecutive bouts, defeating Gregory Rodrigues, Dusko Todorovic, Marc-Andre Barriault, and Mario Sousa. Njokuani's style of fighting heavily involves striking, but he has shown to have solid takedown defense, as evidenced by his TDDef. of 75%. However, his TDAvg. of 0.00 suggests that he may not be actively seeking takedowns in his fights. Despite this, Njokuani's well-rounded skill set and ability to defend on the ground make him a formidable opponent for anyone he faces.

Albert Duraev's Striking

Albert Duraev has a striking game that is characterized by accuracy and power. He has a significant striking accuracy of 43%, which means that almost half of the strikes he throws are significant and land on his opponents. While his significant strikes landed per minute (SLpM) stat of 2.91 might not appear impressive, it is important to note that his strikes are precise and calculated, making them effective when they connect. Furthermore, Duraev's strike defense is solid, with opponents only landing 35% of their strikes on him. This means that he has the ability to evade his opponents' strikes and counter effectively. His striking style is also varied, ranging from punches to kicks, making him unpredictable in the octagon. In his most recent fight against Joaquin Buckley, Duraev showcased his striking skills by landing a brutal left hook that knocked his opponent out cold. While Duraev is known for his grappling skills and submissions, his striking power and accuracy make him a well-rounded fighter that can end a fight with one punch. In his upcoming matchup against Chidi Njokuani, Duraev's striking will be put to the test against Njokuani's equally impressive striking skills. It remains to be seen which fighter will come out on top in this anticipated matchup, but one thing is for sure: Duraev's striking game will be a force to be reckoned with in the octagon.

Albert Duraev - The Russian Wrestler with an Impressive Record

Albert Duraev is a Russian mixed martial artist who has made a name for himself in the world of wrestling. With a record of 15-4-0, Duraev is known for his wrestling skills and is always a tough opponent for anyone who steps into the octagon with him. Standing at 5'11" and weighing 185lbs, Duraev has a reach of 75" and fights from an orthodox stance. His striking statistics are not as impressive as his wrestling, with him landing only 2.91 significant strikes per minute at a 43% accuracy rate. However, his significant strike defense is impressive at 65%. Duraev's true strength lies in his wrestling. He averages 2.11 takedowns per 15 minutes with a takedown accuracy of 21% and a takedown defense of 50%. His average submissions attempted per 15 minutes is 1.1, showing that he's a versatile wrestler who can take his opponent down and finish the fight on the ground. In his last fight, Duraev faced Joaquin Buckley at UFC Fight Night: Kattar vs. Emmett and won via KO/TKO in the first round. Prior to that, he won a unanimous decision against Roman Kopylov at UFC 267: Blachowicz vs. Teixeira. Duraev's next opponent is Chidi Njokuani, who is known for his striking abilities. Njokuani has a record of 22-8-0 (1NC) and has won his last two fights via KO/TKO. It'll be interesting to see how Duraev approaches this fight and whether he'll try to take Njokuani down to the ground to neutralize his striking. Overall, Duraev is a formidable opponent who can take the fight to the ground and finish it with his grappling skills. His upcoming fight against Njokuani will be a test of his wrestling abilities, and fans can expect an exciting matchup between these two skilled fighters.

How Chidi Njokuani can Win Against Albert Duraev

To defeat Albert Duraev, ChidiNjokuani should rely on his striking accuracy and defense. With a significant striking accuracy of 72%, ChidiNjokuani can likely outland Duraev, who only has a 43% strike accuracy. ChidiNjokuani should also focus on keeping the fight standing, where he has the advantage. With a reach of 80", he can keep Duraev at bay and land strikes from the outside. Furthermore, ChidiNjokuani should avoid Duraev's grappling and takedowns. Duraev has a takedown accuracy of 21%, and ChidiNjokuani's takedown defense is at 75%. If ChidiNjokuani can stuff Duraev's takedowns, he can keep the fight where he wants it. In summary, ChidiNjokuani can win against Albert Duraev by relying on his striking accuracy, keeping the fight standing, and defending takedowns.

How Albert Duraev Can Win: Defeating Chidi Njokuani

Albert Duraev has a tough challenge ahead of him as he faces the experienced striker Chidi Njokuani. However, Duraev has the grappling advantage with his high takedown average and submission attempts. To win this fight, he should utilize his grappling and ground control to neutralize Njokuani's striking and work for a submission finish. Duraev must be careful not to engage in a striking battle with Njokuani, who has a higher striking accuracy and defense. He should look to close the distance, clinch up, and take the fight to the ground. From there, he can work to pass Njokuani's guard and look for submission opportunities. Njokuani may have the reach advantage but Duraev's grappling can be an equalizer. He needs to take control of the fight early on and not let Njokuani find his rhythm. If Duraev can successfully take Njokuani down and control him on the ground, he has a great chance of winning this fight via submission. The key to his victory lies in his grappling skills and ability to avoid getting caught by Njokuani's striking.

Prediction for Chidi Njokuani vs. Albert Duraev

This is going to be an exciting matchup between two skilled fighters. Chidi Njokuani is a striker with excellent accuracy, while Albert Duraev is a well-rounded fighter with impressive takedown skills. Njokuani has won four fights in a row, all by KO/TKO, showing his lethal striking power. On the other hand, Duraev has won three of his last four fights, showing his grappling skills and ability to finish fights. In this fight, it comes down to whether Njokuani can keep the fight standing and use his striking skills to his advantage, or if Duraev can take the fight to the ground and control it from there.

Pick: Albert Duraev (+150)

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