How it Works

Kingpin PRO sports picks subscription

What's included for free

The Kingpin PRO Sports Subscription allows you to:
  • View the Sharp Pick for upcoming games
  • View upcoming expert picks by game
  • View every upcoming pick from every expert
  • Follow an expert by adding them to "My Kingpins"
  • Track the experts you follow and quickly and easily access their upcoming picks
  • Receive instant pick notifications from experts you follow
Every user has the ability to:
  • Chat with sports picks experts
  • Place picks to become ranked and win a share of the $1,000 monthly pot
  • Track your betting and view your statistics by sport and time period
  • View live odds for upcoming games
  • View pick history from every expert
  • View statistics from every expert

Kingpin monthly competition - get paid to pick


Rank in the top 10 and get paid part of the $1,000 monthly pot
  • Kingpins are ranked according total winnings and last 30 days' winnings to balance monthly performance and overall performance
  • Rankings are updated daily and shown on "Top Kingpins"
  • The top 10 ranked Kingpins share in the $1,000 monthly pot
    • #1 ($300), #2 ($225), #3 ($150), #4 ($100), #5 ($75), #6 ($50), #7 ($40), #8 ($30), #9 ($20), #10 ($10)
  • The distribution of the monthly pot is based on the rankings at the end of every month
  • To rank, you need a minimum of 50 total bets and a minimum of 20 bets in the last 30 days
  • Users with negative last 30 days' winnings may be ranked, but will not receive payment
  • Users may "bet" between $50 - $1000 of imaginary money
  • Only one bet can be placed per match, per line.  If the line changes, another bet may be placed
  • Individuals are allowed to have multiple accounts. However, each individual will only be paid for their highest ranking account per month
Cash out your Kingpin winnings with Venmo or Zelle
  • will make a payment into the accounts of the top 10 Kingpins the following day, the first day of the next month
  • Cash-out under "My Profile"
  • Payments are made within 30 days via Venmo or Zelle
  • Please note you must be 18 years or older to compete in the competition
  • A completed 1099 and valid government ID must be submitted prior to being paid out any money