Joet Gonzalez vs. Jose Enrique Vivas Prediction Boxing Fight

Joet Gonzalez vs. Jose Enrique Vivas Prediction Boxing Fight


On April 1, 2023, boxing fans will witness a highly anticipated fight between Joet Gonzalez and Jose Enrique Vivas. The bout promises to be an exciting clash between two highly skilled boxers in the featherweight division. Both fighters have impressive records, and their styles make for an interesting matchup. Gonzalez has a record of 25-3-0, while Vivas boasts a record of 22-2-0. In this article, we will take a closer look at each fighter's history, their fighting styles, and why Joet Gonzalez is poised to emerge victorious.

Joet Gonzalez:

Joet Gonzalez, also known as "Benny," is a Mexican-American boxer born in Glendora, California, in 1993. He grew up in a boxing family, and his father and two brothers are professional boxers. Joet Gonzalez has been boxing since the age of six and turned pro in 2012. Gonzalez is known for his excellent technical skills, ring IQ, and relentless pressure on his opponents. He has a 70-inch reach, which he uses to keep his opponents at bay, and his jab is one of his strongest weapons. Gonzalez has won 25 of his 28 professional fights, with 15 wins coming by way of knockout.

Gonzalez's last fight was in July 2022, where he faced Isaac Dogboe, which he lost by a split decision. However, he had previously beaten notable fighters such as Emanuel Navarrete, Rodrigo Guerrero, and Rafael Rivera. Gonzalez's losses have come against Shakur Stevenson, who is considered one of the best boxers in the featherweight division, and Isaac Dogboe, a former WBO super bantamweight champion. Despite the losses, Gonzalez remains a formidable opponent in the featherweight division.

Jose Enrique Vivas:

Jose Enrique Vivas, also known as "El Ejecutor," is a Mexican boxer born in Texcoco, Mexico, in 1994. He currently fights out of Montebello, California, and turned pro in 2018. Vivas has a record of 22-2-0, with 11 wins coming by way of knockout. Vivas is known for his aggressive style, and he likes to pressure his opponents with constant movement and heavy punches. He has a 66.5-inch reach and is considered a power puncher in the featherweight division.

Vivas has faced notable opponents such as Luis Coria, John Vincent Moralde, and Ruben Villa. However, he has also suffered losses against Daniel Vega and Ruben Villa, which showed that he still has room for improvement.


Although Jose Enrique Vivas is a strong and aggressive boxer, Joet Gonzalez has a style that can counter his opponent's aggressiveness. Gonzalez's technical skills and ring IQ will allow him to control the pace of the fight and keep Vivas at bay. Gonzalez's height and reach advantage will also make it difficult for Vivas to get inside and land heavy punches. Gonzalez has shown resilience in his previous fights and has a history of going the distance, which means he can endure the pressure from Vivas.

In conclusion, Joet Gonzalez is the favorite to win the upcoming fight against Jose Enrique Vivas. Gonzalez's technical skills, ring IQ, height, and reach advantage make him a formidable opponent in the featherweight division. Vivas has the power and aggression to pose a threat to Gonzalez, but his lack of technical skills and tendency to be predictable will make it difficult for him to get the upper hand in the fight.

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