Jason Moloney vs Vincent Astrolabio Prediction Boxing 5/13

Jason Moloney vs Vincent Astrolabio Prediction Boxing 5/13



In the thrilling world of professional boxing, every fight brings anticipation and excitement. On the horizon, we have an upcoming clash between Jason Moloney and Vincent Astrolabio that promises to ignite the boxing arena. As the anticipation builds, fans and enthusiasts are eager to unravel the outcome of this showdown. In this comprehensive prediction article, we delve into the strengths, weaknesses, and fight history of both fighters to provide you with expert insights. Join us as we analyze this bout and reveal our prediction for the Jason Moloney vs. Vincent Astrolabio fight.


Jason Moloney:

Jason Moloney, with a commendable professional boxing record of 25 wins and 2 losses, has proven his mettle inside the ring time and time again. Hailing from Mitcham, Victoria, Australia, Moloney has showcased tremendous skill, precision, and determination throughout his career. At the age of 32, he possesses invaluable experience that can make a significant impact on his performance against Astrolabio.

Moloney's boxing style is a testament to his dedication and training. His foundation in boxing has allowed him to develop exceptional footwork, defensive maneuvers, and a powerful punch. With a reach of 65.0" and standing at 5'5" tall, Moloney possesses the physical attributes necessary to dominate his opponents. Furthermore, his impressive career earnings of $0 USD demonstrate his commitment and hunger for success.


Vincent Astrolabio: The Rising Contender

Vincent Astrolabio, also known as "Asero," enters this bout with a professional boxing record of 18 wins and 3 losses. Born in General Santos City, Cotabato del Sur, Philippines, Astrolabio brings his own set of skills and determination to the ring. At the age of 26, he represents the new generation of boxers eager to make their mark in the sport.

Astrolabio's fighting style centers around his foundation in boxing. While his reach information is not disclosed, his height of 5'5" allows him to establish a balanced stance and utilize his agility effectively. Although his career earnings stand at $0 USD, Astrolabio has shown his potential and hunger for success in his previous bouts.


Fight History: Moloney vs. Astrolabio

When it comes to analyzing a boxing match, studying the fighters' fight history provides valuable insights into their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Let's take a closer look at the notable fights of both Jason Moloney and Vincent Astrolabio.

Moloney has faced formidable opponents throughout his career, including renowned boxers such as Emmanuel Rodriguez, Naoya Inoue, and Joshua Greer Jr. His victories over Joshua Greer Jr., Leonardo Baez, and Dixon Flores showcase his ability to secure wins against tough competitors. Although he suffered a loss against Naoya Inoue, Moloney displayed resilience and determination throughout the bout.

Astrolabio's fight history includes notable encounters with fighters such as Guillermo Rigondeaux and Yuki Strong Kobayashi. His impressive victory over Guillermo Rigondeaux demonstrates his skill and resilience in the ring. While he faced seems to have a promising trajectory, it's important to note that Astrolabio's level of competition and experience doesn't quite match up to the caliber of opponents that Moloney has faced.



After carefully analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, and fight history of both fighters, it becomes evident that Jason Moloney holds the advantage in this matchup. Moloney's experience, technical skills, and ability to adapt to different fighting styles give him the upper hand against Astrolabio.

Moloney's boxing prowess, honed through years of dedication and training, will enable him to dictate the pace of the fight. His footwork, defensive maneuvers, and powerful punches will likely frustrate Astrolabio and limit his opportunities to counter effectively. Additionally, Moloney's experience against higher-caliber opponents will provide him with the composure and mental fortitude needed to navigate the ring with confidence.

While Astrolabio has shown his potential in previous fights, the level of competition he has faced doesn't quite match up to the challenges Moloney has overcome. The disparity in experience and quality of opposition will likely become a determining factor in the outcome of this bout.

Our prediction for the Jason Moloney vs. Vincent Astrolabio fight is that Moloney will secure victory. Expect him to dominate the ring with his superior skills, strategic approach, and unwavering determination. While Astrolabio may put up a valiant effort, Moloney's experience and technical prowess should ultimately lead him to a well-deserved triumph.


Pick: Jason Moloney ML -160


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